Young Justice OC'S!!! omgz it's another thing for ocs so original rae

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Okay SO I have a character who writes in a diary about the people he meets and how much he hates/likes them. SO IF YOU WANT A DIARY ENTRY FILL THE FORMY THING

You can have as many as you'd like on here!

Height, weight and body type:
Appearance: Be specific, but not has-a-birthmark-in-a-secret-place-no-one-k­now­s-o­r-w­ill­-ev­er-­see specific.
Personality towards new people:
Any more info you think would be important:

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Young Justice OC'S!!! 3 ang sumagot

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GlitterPuff said…
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Height, weight and body type: 5' 4"-ish, about 115-120lb, thin but muscular

Appearance: red hair brushing against her shoulders that is layered with bangs going to the right. Fair skin with a slight tan, deep brown eyes, small nose, full-ish lips, a small tattoo on her left wrist that says love with a heart under it

Clothing: Blue crop top 3/4 sleeves, black short skater skirt, her gold collar "necklace", small gold hoop earrings, grey heeled boots about 4' high and boot goes up to her ankle, black across body strap bag where you can see papers and a computer

Personality: bubbly, happy, energetic, always smiling

Personality towards new people: kind of crazy, friendly

Any more info you think would be important: nope!

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Reeeeene <3 sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Added! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DiscordYJ said…
Height: 5'4"/ 162.56 cm

Weight: 113lbs

Body type: Slender, not many curves, BCup bewbs, short, but she is toned.

Appearance: short, pastel-blonde, hair that's about to her jaw line, with side bangs that go to HER left. She has ruby-red eyes, or a eye in this case because her left eye is missing in which she wears an eyepatch for it, which changes day by day. She has fair skin and lips that are fairly plump. Her cheeks, and across the bridge of her nose, is littered with freckles but not just there there across her whole body, everywheresss! Uhm. She does have a hardcore gnarled scar on her back that's in the shape of the letter "B"

Clothing: She wears sweaters or soft-fabric graphic t-shirts with dark skinny jeans and vans. xD Her eyepatch of course.

Personality: Teasing, platonic, stupid, funny, tries to hard to impress, immature, overzealous, a little shit, stubborn, and a total asshole when people are one to her.

Personality towards new people: Well it depends. if the person is rude she'll try just as hard to be rude back. If the person has people gawking over them she'll make snide remarks. But overall if the person is just chill she'll try to be chill which comes with being shy and awkward, then making one too many sexual jokes, trying to bite them or suck there blood , but in the end still tries to be your friend.

Any more info you think would be important: If she doesn't know you, or she hasn't told you she's a vampire, she won't smile with her teeth because she doesn't want any people to be suspicious. Uhh. She's very insecure about her body, height, and missing eye. Small insults about them cause her to either get angry or sad.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GlitterPuff said…
Calypso! (Mah Newbie ^.^)

Height, weight and body type: 4' 11", about 114 lb, skinny with slight curves

Appearance: Black hair going down her back, grey eyes (usually coated in her thick black eyeliner), light skin

Clothing: Long black skirt going to the floor, black heeled boots, a tight purple shirt tucked into her skirt, a fake black leather jacket, and black gloves

Personality: Shy, caring, doesn't normally trust others

Personality towards new people: Scared, shy

Any more info you think would be important: She can kill someone just by touching it and she it afriad of those powers, so she covers up as much as she can