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 The REAL Goodbye to Batman...
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This Young Justice OC'S!!! litrato contains sasakyang pangalangaang, anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

posted by Eclipse-YJ

The days had run out. That special araw had arrived once again. She had been siting in her car staring at the dashboard for about 20 minutos now, hands still on the wheel, trying to muster up the courage to step outside and begin her annal pilgrimage through this waste land of ash and silence. She twiddled her wedding ring around her finger and glanced over at the dark red mga rosas resting on her passenger seat.

Finally climbing out she starred at her surroundings, taking in each painful detail. The horizon was nothing but shadows, grey and black silhouettes of the past, rusting structures...
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posted by KatRox1
You guys have probably heard all of this before, but I'm posting this anyways. This is just a little update/reminder on Bella's past and where she is currently...

Bella Watson was born and raised sa pamamagitan ng a single mother, who died in a plane crash when Bella was three. She was then put into foster care and was adopted sa pamamagitan ng that same family, until they all died during an apartment apoy when Bella was nine.
It was that same apoy and the trauma of it that activated the metagene in her DNA, giving her powers that allow her to be immune to heat, as well as to create and control fire.
Following the fire,...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Sorry for posting so much, but this is it for another two or so weeks.

Ayo, so, I'm back.. Which you probably gathered that.. Well, a few characters need to go, and I'll add a few, only because they're important. I wanna write this huge tagahanga fiction with many chapters, but idk how everyone would tie and just- ((Whitney.) nevermind. Here's the listahan of who stays, who is going. Anyone who isn't listed is terminated, unless I forgot someone who was meant to live.

•Fang (bio completed and updated)
•Jaime (updated, needs posted) Jaime's kids, Parker and Finnian are also staying, but do not...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
*Giggles* R_L inspired me. :3

Mel ran around, her five-year-old self being her five-year-old self.
"Mel! Come back here!" Fang chased after her. She rolled into the cupboard, and closed the door. The toster and blender abnormally close.
"Melllllllll! Come out!" Fang sat on the counter, looking over the edge.
"Daddy is now sad." Fang said, sounding sad purposely. Mel frowned and patted the toaster.
"I'll see you tomorrow, Mr. Toaster." She whispered softly. She rolled out of the cupboard, onto the floor.
"Hello my darling!" Fang picked up Mel.
"Our darling." Devin came from behind Fang, halik Mel...
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“ So you talked to Jet? “ he muttered taking a sip of his pop and placing it back on the counter, she nodded “ I had only come back an oras later Bent, I found you in the Nervegear and Jet had sent you a message. I knew Jet knew about this so i made him tell me what the heck you were doing….” Aryess sinabi gripping her glass of water on the counter with both hands, Bentley sighed “ Jet….he couldn’t even keep a stupid promise……”. Aryess perked up “ meaning? “ , “ I told him to do all he could to keep you from coming after me……but as you can see he did a bang up...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
Random tanong for the OC's. From my Creator.

For Fang:


2.) Is your name Fang because you're secretly a vampire? o.O

3.) Will you give me back my eyeliner anytime soon?

4.) Why does Mel chew on you all the time?

5.) Can I touch your wings in exchange for your live daughter? ~Overly~Attached~Girlfriend~Face~

6.) Would you halik the floor instead of me?


9.) Did you realize I skipped eight?

10.) Do you know Ciel raped Mel?

11.) Nah he didn't, just wanted to...
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posted by Robin_Love

“Please Mr. Wayne? Pleasepleasepleaseplease? PLEASE?”
Devin followed the billionaire around the mansion, begging for his approval. He finally turned to her, his face set in stone.
“Give me a reason that you can back up.”
“The team has had major problems the past months from missions or personal lives. This is the ability to let them relax and have fun after all the hard work they've put in.”
Devin's no-nonsense face matched his. He studied for a time.
“You'll be in set-up, clean-up, and any thing else responsible for this.”
“I promise! It will all be...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Jessie Bennett
Jessie Bennett
Name: Jessie Bennett
Alias: None
Powers: Healing, combat
Occupation: Doctor
Weakness/Limits: Unknown
History: Jessie Bennett came from a long line of pure-blood healers. Her race is unknown, despite how human she looks. Her ibingiay name has been forgotten. She came to Earth much like the Man of Steel. But she was found sa pamamagitan ng a traveling caravan in an Arabian desert. She grew up among them and immediately took a fondness to medicine. sa pamamagitan ng accident, she found out her inhuman abilities when she was five. Almost immediately, she was sent away, to America. She spent almost a taon in a facility, learning English....
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posted by SilverWings13
December 15, 2016 10:10 pm
Louisiana, U.S.A.
Somewhere in the Bayou

"Don't be like that, Katerina. Please, I brought you a pasko present!"
"You want to give me something I would really like? How about a divorce?"
The man's dark eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "I already gave you that, over a century ago."
"Then what the HELL are you doing in my house, Wilhelm Magnus?"
He paused and raised a tentative hand in defense. The warlock facing him was fuming. She had never been known for violence, but right then, Katerina's dark eyes gleamed with murder. Her antagonist glanced around the cabin's kitchen...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Scott "Scotty" Clancy.
Reason or meaning of name: I actually have no flipping idea, to be honest.
Eye Color: Blue!
Hair Style/Color: It's white and...... jagged?
Height: Uhhhhhhh, 6 foot something, not that much shorter than Fang. (You're 6'1, Scotty.) Oh! Okay, I'm 6'1 apparently.
Clothing Style: I really like flannels.
Best Physical Feature: My unusual hair.

Your Fears: Losing people I'm close to.
Your Guilty Pleasure: ...I eat icing from a tube....
Your Ambition...
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Source: Narae Lee (I think?)
posted by XxKFforeverXx
I am outside
And I've been waiting for the sun

Fang sat on the green chair. hands clasped, eyes never leaving the floor. He swallowed at the sound of the door opening, fully expecting Black Canary to be in front of him. “There wasn’t any you could have done, Fang.” Only, it wasn’t the voice of Canary, but someone much younger. The half-avian looked up briefly, watching the white soro tail swish back and forth. “Shouldn’t you be elsewhere, Scotty?” Fang’s voice was hoarse, his fingers digging into his hands, shifting his feet. "No.. Canary and Bats thought I could madami out of you...
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posted by Robin_Love
As the time grew closer, she paced and grew worried. Part of her wanted him there when she left. It would help her more. But another part wanted him to stay away when she left. It would only break her puso more. Either way, she knew she would go. The team had many strong members, but there was only so much they could do against Satstruiku and his power.
And his vampire followers. She had told him to come alone, but she knew he wouldn't. He never did. Nevertheless, he was the strongest creature she had ever faced. And she knew in her puso that he was too powerful for any evil or good that...
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posted by Obscurity98
Name: Sy

Gender: female

Species: Tiger

Relationship to team: Harleys pet

Super strength, change color from white to orange, Sonic roar, can grow to extreme sizes. agile, all the Tiger like abilities.mental link with Harley within a 5 mile radius.

Note: Doesn't like men. likes other cat girls,and will like guys with Cat DNA , doesn't like Skylar, or any other canine/meta human

Harley found the large cat while on a mission in India, where she found it being tortured sa pamamagitan ng men, and receiving experimental drugs to enhance its molecular structure's. Harley saved her, and sa pamamagitan ng accidently touching her while unhooking her, they gained a mental/ telepathic link.
posted by Robin_Love
I swear, I JUST wrote this!!!

She awoke to an odd sound. Not the usual sound of the others waking up. Something else. Something....haunting. The others had taken a trip for the weekend and she thought she was the only one there. The madami it sounded, the madami she felt like she was in a trance. It was like the first time she'd watched Phantom of the Opera.
The way the girl had been so entranced with his voice....Chills crept along her skin. She got out of her kama and slowly went closer to the noise. It sounded almost paranormal. And it freaked her out. She came closer and peeked around the corner....
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posted by Eclipse-YJ
It should only be 2 parts left after this one so stay tuned :3


-Optimist or pessimist? Strangle she is an optimist just in a very pessimist way (if that makes sense XD)
-Introvert or extrovert? Introvert but not in a shy way, in madami of a distant way

-Talents (hidden or not)? Plays the piano, good story teller and if you can get her to she not half bad at singing. She helps Zero dance too as she's good at remembering dance steps and her gymnastics helps.

(Things like her fighting styles and knowledge over weapons is what I class as a skill not a talent)

-Extremely skilled at: The piano...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
At the moment, I'm only doing my main four babies: Fang, Scotty, Nudge, and Jaime. I hijacked the one that BelovedRobin posted elsewhere, and added a few elements from the website Eclipse gave us, so here ya go.

Name: Fang, all you need to know.
Reason or meaning of name: Not my birth name, but I didn't know it for the longest time, so I got to pick my own. Neato, right?
Eye Color: Some say they're "chocolate brown" But I disagree, they're just brown.
Hair Style/Color: Black, and it's down to the back of my neck I'm tempted to cut it.. used to be super long, like, butt...
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