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 What is up guys?! I never promised anything!
What is up guys?! I never promised anything!
I woke up and headed to the Dinning room in Batmans house I was surprised to see breckfeast already there and it had my name and a note i read the note and it said:

uy Babe,

After you eat brekfeast come meet me at MT.Justice
I have a surprise for you.


Better not keep him waiting.I rushed over to Mt.Justice and everyone was arguing.
I said:What`s up guys whats with the fighting?
Artemis came and took my arm:Tell them how your comming with me to practice archery!
Wally said: No shes comming with me we are having a speed contest!
M`gann also said:NO she`s comming with me we`re cooking together!
"No she`s comming with me! she`s my Girlfriend!"Aded Robin
"No!we have combat practice together she`s comming with me!!!"roared Superboy.

Now im a little scrared! "STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!"I roared.
What`s up with you guys I never promised anything the only warning I got was from Robin that he had a surprise for me.
Why don`t we go all together and do what I supposudley promised huh?Now quit arguing and lets go.
Since Artemis came first Archery,thenSpeed contest,cooking,combat practice after that Robin and I have something todo okay?

Okay,Now when you`re holding the bow never lose concentration and always carry enogh arrows and an extra bow for if the bad guy snaps you`res in half.
After 2 hours of Archery came the speed contest sigh.
Okay,Speed eating and Speed swiming.
Hold on M`gann and I will cook the pagkain and you get everything ready okay?
Lets cook 20 mansanas pies for me and 20 for Wally okay.
After 1 oras of making pies the contest started,
Hahaha!!! laughed Artemis when I beat Wally.
Lets skip the swiming im done.

Okay combat practice,Superboy.
Okay first remember the TCWPA.
"Whats that?"Said Superboy wwith a confused expresion.
Target=Pay attention to his movements
Control=Never let them tick you off
Weakness=Find it and use it aganst them
Plan=plan you`re attck with combo moves
Attack=Leave the battle on you`re terms

Got it Superboy?
"Yeah Thanks!"Said I never tought i`d see the araw he actually thanked me and smiled.
Okay we`re done.Let`s go Robin
"First change into this i`ll wait for you outside okay?"Said Robin with a Huge smile.

I opened the box and it was a beutifull kulay-rosas dress with white gloves and kulay-rosas heels!
After I put the dress on I went outside to find Robin in a Tux and a limo,Okay I asked What`s up?
We`re going someplace special don`t worry I got in the limo and we went to a bangka It looked like a dance.
The moon was right behind me and it looked kulay-rosas he gave me a coursage I turned my face so that he would`nt see me blush.
We went to the bangka it was beautyfull and we ordered and ate then they started playing romantic songs.
Robin standed up and sinabi streching out his arm:Can i have this dance?
I replied:Yes you may
We danced to our hearts content it was midnight and we headed tahanan after that I took a long bath what a araw when I went to my kama there was a little box with a DIAMOND RING!
It had an engraving To the Girl of my life and Dreams:FireBlaster.
I also left him a present.
 The moon was kulay-rosas and he gave me a coursage I turned my face blushing.
The moon was pink and he gave me a coursage I turned my face blushing.
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 "The birthday girl!"
"The birthday girl!"
I flew into the familiar greenish mountain and found my teammates in the Mission Room, along with Batman and Red Tornado.
"The birthday girl!" Robin greeted as I came up beside him.
Batman looked at the computer screen. "The daughter of wealthy company owner, Jack Nelson, is the susunod target for the League of Shadows. We have word that they are sending an assassin after her." He looked firm. "In the susunod few hours, the team is to watch her every step, just in case. Can you handle that?"
Superboy scoffed. "With my powers, I can handle anything."
Megan gave him a stern look before answering. "We...
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"The Joker escaped from Arkaham Asylum and is somewhere in the Gotham vicinity,The league has another mission so we are giving you a Legue mission.Once captured the Joker ulat back Do not mess around or Gotham is going to suffer the consequences of your actions and that goes specificly for you Kid Flash."
The Batman had his backs to us as he de-briefed.
"Im not that reckless!am I?"Wally sinabi with a mouthfull of Doritos.
You are not Wally,but you have to focus madami on the mission and less on being the best and goofing off.
No prob.I was the only one out of uniform,Something is wrong I...
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tee-hee kidflash! :D
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