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posted by NekoTheif
So I'm Pagsulat this story on my account on Quizilla (Google- LunariAssain1) and as I sinabi will be placing magpabago for it. So here is this update before I start because i will WRITE THIS STORY even if it kills me.

Title- Birds Of A Feather
She is a weapon. ibingiay a power she is afraid to use. She loves it and hates it. When she is rescued Hawkwoman takes her in. She refuses to use her powers and joins Young Justice. Will she hide her powers or hide them forever?

Hero Name- Angel
Secret Identity- Amelia Tor
Age- 13
Martial Arts


Shy about using powers
Prone to lashing out if pushed to hard

Protege Of Hawkwoman

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posted by BladeYJ
-Ooc: I have recently fell in pag-ibig with Harley Quinn (not like that butcha know) Ok so this is a part of Broken Traitor but its madami of an idea.. if no one likes it ill trash it and right a different part in its place so be honest about it ;) P.s. I do not own HQ And don't hate me cos this article-

She awoke..not knowing where she was.. just that she was in different clothing. Her voice echoed,"Where am I?"
Gage's voice replied cheerly,"Oh.. we had to ilipat positions your friends
were.. On to us."
She glared,"Gage! Why am I dressed like this!?"
"Oh.. 'cos.. now can i ask you something"
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posted by robinfanforever
Mt. Justice

Robin was hacking into the pentagon when the unmistakable tune to the most annoying song ever came to his ears. Robin got up and opened his door, only making the tune louder. He followed it until he came to the main room. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped in horror. In the middle of the room was Superman, in a TUTU?

"I'm a Barbie girl! In a Barbie world! Life in plastic! It's fantastic!" Superman sung into a hairbrush. Robin's eye twitched.

"What detention is this?" He asked himself.

"Oh Rob don't worry this is our dimension. Isn't it? Yes it. Yes, yes, yes. See we are agreed!"...
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posted by robinfanforever
Unkind Fate

Robin woke up and held his chest where he got hit as he sat up. He looked around and saw Wally nowhere in sight, Kaldur being hit sa pamamagitan ng some kind of beam, M'gann talking with Billy, and Zatanna holding the helmet of fate.

He stood up, ignoring the pain, and ran over to Zatanna.

"Zee, wait!" he yelled, stopping her from putting the helmet on.

Zatanna looked over and saw him coming. When he finally made it to her, he pushed her arm down a little to make sure she didn't put the helmet on. "Robin, we need him to win this battle."

"Maybe, but whoever puts the helmet on has a chance of never...
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posted by Skittles98
Artemis and Megan were walking down the hall, giggling and talking as they made their way to Megan’s room to try on the clothes they had just got from the mall when they heard something odd coming from Robin’s unofficial room. It sounded like…music? The two girls crept closer, clothes forgotten. They peered through a crack in the door. Robin, Red Arrow, Wally, Kaldur and Connor were all there, dancing to the song Sexy and I know it sa pamamagitan ng LMFAO. The two heroines watched, intrigued.

When I walk on by, girls be looking like damn he fly
I pimp to the beat, walking down the kalye in my new la...
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posted by robinfanforever
Normal POV

The team arrived in Northbra a few hours after they left the mountain. They found Haley’s Circus fairly easy when they got there and M’gann landed the bio ship in a vacant lot.

“Ok, so what’s the plan?” Artemis asked as soon as they all stepped off the bio ship, that was now invisible.

“We will go and talk to the people of the circus to see if we can find any clues as to where he would go,” Kaldur sinabi looking to her.

“Do we really think they’ll be able to help us?” Conner asked.

“We have to find him!” Wally yelled. The others all turned to him surprised. This...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The pregnancy had been going alright but it had been about a buwan since " the night" and her stomach was now big, and it was getting hard to hide it so it looks like today was the araw to tell her father about her expectations, most nights if Wally could sneak out of his room and climb the vines, he sometimes could not becuase Willows father was keeping a close eye on Wally now because one time he found Wally in the morning sneaking out of Willows tower and most of the times guards were out and about now. So the nights when he did not come Willow would sometimes wait on her balcony for him...
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i decided to take a quick walk to get Artemis and Wally's yelling out of my head. there where little snowflakes falling and frost gathered on the ground, the harbor had a happy Christmasy feel to it, i walked sa pamamagitan ng a little group of kids and they were singing.
"Dashing through the snow, in a pair of broken skis over the hills we go crashing into trees bam, bam, bam the snow is turning red i think i'm almost dead woke up in the hospital with stitches in my head" the song was odd but the kids were laughing, you just had to smile, but then the kids went on to the segundo verse.
"Jingle bells, Batman smells," WAIT WHAT?! my eyes widen
"Robin laid and egg," I glare and stomp up the sidewalk, but the kids are still singing
"The Bat-mobile Nawawala its wheel and Joker flew away HEY, jingle bells, jingle bells.........." i mutter stupid kids
added by emilypenguin55
Got a bit crazy in windows movie maker...-.-
young justice
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young justice
holding out for a hero
jennifer saunders
She makes a lot of valid points about the show, but I still pag-ibig YJ ^^ I agree that they kind of pushed the female characters into relationships and pag-ibig interests a wee bit too quickly ^^;