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posted by Obscurity98
 Obscurity's new outfit!!!
Obscurity's new outfit!!!
I have a knew look for Obscurity, all info is still the same. even her fetures, except her outfit. her pag-ibig of swords is still visible, but there is a little difference. i hope you like the new and improved HARLEY!

Let me descibe incase you cannot see it well:
-Her outfit is made of metal and buttlet proof.
-It clings to her body the way GreenLanters outfit does to him.
-She still carries swords
-Her legs are slightly exposed
-Boots (made of metal) go up to just below the bend of the knee.
-It doesnt make noise or rattle.
-A crown almost like Wonder Woman to protect her head.
-Gloves go up to the below the kama of her elbow.
-Gloves stop prtection at the knuckles.
-Arm bands on both arms, just for style
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