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Sirens blared, as the four siblings arose. War planes flew overhead and bright lights illuminated the dark house.
"Kaldur! Artemis!" The two oldest sibling immediately got up from and raced to their mother.
"Get up Wally and Zatanna! We've got to get out of here!" Both Kaldur and Artemis nodded in unison and ran in different directions 
"Mommy!" Zatanna cried from her bed. Artemis ran in and grabbed her little sister, the youngest of the siblings. Wally emerged from his room and ran into Kaldur. He grabbed Wally and ran out the behind Artemis, Zatanna, and their mother. 
"Father!" Wally escaped from Kaldur and ran back into the house. "Wally!" their mother screamed. "I've got him!" Kaldur turned and ran into the house. "Kaldur no!" Artemis yelled towards her brother. "Artemis, get Zatanna into the ligtas house." Artemis grabbed Zatanna and went into ligtas house. Wally ran into the living and grabbed the picture of his father. Kaldur pushed his brother down and fell on tuktok of his as windows exploded. "C'mon!" Kaldur grabbed Wally and ran out of the house and into the ligtas house. Their mother closed the door as the boys starting arguing. "What's wrong with you? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Kaldur yelled at his brother,
"I don't know! I wasn't thinking!" Wally shouted back. Zatanna let out a sob as she hugged Artemis. 
"Enough both of you!" Artemis hugged her younger sister. 
"If dad was here, this wouldn't have happened." Wally looked down at the ground 
"If dad were here we wouldn't be in a war." Kaldur looked at his brother. Zatanna screamed as the ground shook as a bomb exploded.
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 She sat up and looked at me, as she covered the bloody wound on her stomache, she uttered "Blade... it's all a game. It's hide-and-seek and Dad is it."
She sat up and looked at me, as she covered the bloody wound on her stomache, she uttered "Blade... it's all a game. It's hide-and-seek and Dad is it."
It's been ten years. Ten years of pain. Ten years of tears. Ten years of revenge plotting, yet doing nothing. Today on my 16th birthday... the day, ten years ago, she sacrificed her life for me. The araw I Nawawala my only sister.


"Stay here!" She whispered to me as she placed me in a closet.

"Don't ilipat until Dad is gone."

"But Kelsey!" I yelped as Dad walked in.

"Shh! Don't move!" She repeated.
I heard shouting but I couldn't quite make it out, so I peeked through the slightly opened doors.

The sound of a gun went off and I saw my sister fall to the floor, bleeding. She tried to crawl...
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Robin walked in ton his sister Delta flipping though the TV.
"Found anything to watch?" He asked, everyone was bored. Delta put the remote down and sighed, she wore a plain white t-shirt and dark jeans.
"Nope, all the TV showes now are all stupid," She said, it was true. Delta picked up her laptop and streamed You tube to the TV. Robin, Megan and Artemis watched her cursor ilipat across the TV as she searched shows. The all read a few summaries.
"Look there's one called the Justice League!" she giggled
"The probably got all the details wrong," Artemis sinabi going back to pagbaba her book.
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“No,” Roy sinabi automatically. Ollie gave him a pained look.

“Spee—Red Arrow,” he said, and it had to be bad if Ollie was actually respecting the codename change. He continued, “You know I’d never ask you to do this normally,” which was a complete and total lie and they both knew it.

Roy crossed his arms. He glowered harder, because clearly Ollie wasn’t getting the message.

“I’m not your babysitter,” he sinabi through gritted teeth....
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 FireBlaster was on the floor dead covered in Blood!
FireBlaster was on the floor dead covered in Blood!
I had put the gun on my head and shot myself three times.I fell to the ground I felt sleepy I was slipping away.
My soul left my body.............

I got up and saw that she was`nt there and the force field was down but FireBlaster was on the floor dead covered in blood.
N-No!!!!!!!It can`t be shes not dead no!!!!
"Dude we need to get out of here!"
I took her body and ran towards the Bio-ship It was raining and I was covered in blood.
I sat with her in my lap.
"She is dead!No that can`t be!!!"I heard conner roar.
I was crying when Artemis aproched me and said:
She told me to telll you if she ever died...
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One of three songs that help me create Charm. Without counting the other factors that leaded up to him...
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Devin wanted everyone to hear this. She isn't trying to be mean, just wants to explain herself.
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"There was another massacre in downtown Gotham, leaving 24 casualties including Xena and Blaze, two young villains. The GCPD believe it was the same villain a young boy with wings. It is also believed that he's working with Riddler, they're saying that his name is Seraphs." Lynsey turned off the TV as Wally walked in.
"What was that about?" Wally sorted through the fridge.
"Another massacre in Gotham." Lynsey threw the remote down and got up.
"By who?"
"Same old, same old. Seraphs strikes again." Lynsey put on her mask and grabbed her bow and arrows.
"Where are you going?" Wally looked up...
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Chapter 8-

"Where's the Joker?" Alexa asked, busting down the door to the Injustice League's base.

Poison Ivy, Vertigo, and Atomic Skull looked up from their poker game.

"Yoohoo! Over here darling! I was wondering where you had-unh!"

Joker was cut off as Alexa teleported across the room and grabbed him sa pamamagitan ng the sando collar.

"You piece of slime!" she yelled, throwing him across the room and into the wall. The three villans playing poker stood up as Alexa walked over to the Clown Pronce of Crime.

"You used me!" she yelled, shoving him in the wall, making a dent. "You lied to me!" she yelled again,...
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