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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally zommed into the mountain, everyone looked at him, he had fear in his eyes. " Whats wrong Wally? wheres Willow?" Becca asked going up to him in worry, " something took her! we have to find her!" Wally yelled making Becca step back a little. " Whoa whoa what took her? took her where?" Robin asked going up to his best friend, " thats the problem...i-i dont know..what it was" Wally sinabi as Robin and Becca walked him over to the sopa and made him sit. " But i did not feel me loosing her presence" Becca sinabi confused, Wally and the rest of team looked looked at Becca in worry, " Willow felt...
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posted by Mariannebier
Eyes of Artemis
Dick’s POV:
He let a small laugh escape through his mouth. He knew it was Artemis and maybe she knew he was Robin. But it was a tiny chance he looked at her, standing in the crowd talking to Rachel a senior year. He smiled. Artemis was in good hands.
Artemis POV:
“Thanks” She putted the papers in her bag. “tomorrow a need them back so don’t forget them.” “Got it.” Artemis answered. Rachel started to talk “Well, let’s start then, We are now in the hall of the Gotham academy.” Artemis looked around, everybody was to their lessons except a few. The hall itself was made of grey, silvery stone. The pader reflected the blue sky and she thought of the strange boy. “Are you coming or not?” Rachel stood in the giant stanchion. “I’m coming.” As she walked to Rachel remembering the mysterious laugh.

THE GUY CAN MAKE SWORDS OUT OF WATER?! I think yell, I try to make a force field of water but no dice, he controls water too. I quickly doge and jump in the water causing him do slash the air, then he jumped in to, the world was murky water. I couldn’t see a thing then I felt a movement, fast. Suddenly I get whacked in the back sa pamamagitan ng a shark, mmmmmm…….


Kal’dur now stood on the concrete slab, patience he tried to tell himself. He turned swiftly to see a pating teeth bared flying straight at him, he barrel rolled and brought a pader of water in front of the shark. It immediately...
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posted by KatRox1
Waking up sa pamamagitan ng being thrown in a cage with my hands tied up wasn’t exactly the ideal way for me to wake up. I was laying on my side on the cold cage floor, and eventually squirmed my way up to leaning on the side of the age, sitting down. The room was dimly lit, but it was pretty easy to make out certain objects. In front of me there was a surgical table, a control board, and 7 different containment units. To my right were 2 other empty cages, and to my left was another cage. I screamed at the sight of what was in it, but then calmed down and sighed when I realized it was just Roy, still unconscious....
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posted by 66Dragons
I (being the impatient teen I am) have decided to go ahead and begin Pagsulat short fanfictions based in my version of the Earth-16 world (with Revenge and Holly) but including your characters!

If you want me to write a short (between 3 and 8 chapters long) fanfic with your characters, please message me your character and (if you want) an idea about the story.


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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow and Becca felt something weird between them it was like... everytime they spent time away from eachother, with their boyfriends Wally and Robin they grew apart madami and more. Willow sat up a tuktok the mountain at night staring at the stars and constellations, they always intrested.. her, She didnt care how cold it was...or how dark it was, she just store up into the sky, wondering..wondering what it would be like to actually go up there and see whats its like instead of wonder..., she got startled when Wally sped up behind her and sat behind her holding her with a blanket around both of...
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Prequel Series: Revenge Series
Link- link

Book One: Redemption

Book Two: TBR

Book Three: TBR

Book Four: TBR

Until I can get a longer article:
posted by 66Dragons
I'm almost done Pagsulat the book! (Relax, there's still at least ten, twelve chapters for y'all to read)

Chapter Four-

Sarah was surprised to see Revenge's bike pull up in the garage.

"What're you doing tahanan so early?" she asked, walking into the garage.

"Shouldn't you be working on the connections between the murdered?" Revenge asked.

"Nice to see you too." Sarah muttered. She turned around and walked back to the computer.

"I did get one thing on all of them." Sarah sinabi as the Black Hero walked in and shed his mask. "They all made a big business contract in between now and two weeks ago. I'm tracing...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" What do you mean Wally has gone missing" Batman sinabi as he gave the teens one of his scary glares, everyone fell silent and Batman looked over at his protege, he looked as though he was hiding something, he just didnt know what. Suspision grew inside him he didnt know what he was thinking but he badly wanted to know.


Willow sat at the tabing-dagat still with her eyes glowing as the waters reflection made her body shown in the water, Becca was beggining to worry, if she kept this up she might never stop. Bullet sat susunod to Becca as she looked at her...
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posted by Robin_Love
The door to the cell opened and Becca looked up. The guard motioned her over and she walked out. He shoved her and pushed her roughly down the hall. Becca grunted and fisted her hands. She was going to restrain herself. But she didn't know how much garring she could take. Becca was lead to one of the stations set up to meet people. And her best friend sat on the other side. She grabbed the phone and spoke into it.
“Willow! What are you doing here?”
“I'm here to see you. BM told me! I'm working with Jade but I wanted to see how you were doing.”
“I'll be okay. But it's getting hard to...
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posted by 66Dragons
Note: Reapers a little...loopy.

Chapter Three-

"Sarah, do you have any idea who Reaper's susunod target is?" Revenge asked.

"No, searching for similarities in the deaths." Sarah replied.

Revenge stood on tuktok of the Empire State Building, his cape flowing in the wind, rain streaming down his now water-proof mask.

Revenge thought over his past history with the villain. Reaper's first kill had been Sam's father. His segundo ilipat had been to try to kill Superman, but he had harmed Vendicta instead. 

Revenge and Vendicta had battled Reaper for some time, and each time, Rose would be madami harmed than Revenge....
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posted by Mclovin_69
Bullet gasped as he immeadiatley woke up and sat up clutching his stomach immeadiatley, he looked down at the pain to see goz wrapped around his waist, he rubbed his head then threw his hand back in pain and infront of him and realized his tuktok part of his costume was off and his gloves, it had goz on it to and to him hurt madami then ever. Bullet got up in pain off the suprisingly sandy ground, he got up and clutched his stomach again, he never knew being stabbed multiple times could hurt so much, but he was wondering madami about where he was, was he dead?, did that explosion kil him?. He was...
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posted by Robin_Love
Artemis tried moving her head but it wouldn't budge. Her eyes were heavy but she forced them open. Her right eye throbbed, telling her of black eye she would soon have. She looked around but couldn't see much of anything for a few minutes. When her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, she noticed several things. One was the fact that she was standing. Second, needles had been injected into her body as long as the rest of the teams. Third, they were held in some sort of cell. Why would we be taken here? And why allow us to keep our weapons? Something isn't right. Artemis looked around again....
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posted by Robin_Love
January First, Happy Harbor

“You're going where?!” Robin asked.
Becca bit her lip, looking aware from his intense gaze.
“Italy,” she whispered.
“Why? Did we do something wrong? Did I do something wrong?”
“No! Nothing like that! It's just...Robin, you know my parents are both Italian. I am too. They met in Italy. I want to see where they met. Where they lived. I want to go so I can remember my parents. If you had the chance you would go. I know it.”
“But why didn't you tell me a araw before your flight?!”
“Because you would have wanted to go with me. You couldn't. Batman would...
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posted by Skittles98
“I don’t know, Artemis. It’s just not my style…” I started away
“I didn’t want to half to do this, but you leave me no choice” she took a deep breath “If you don’t stay, I will tell Wally the real reason you left is because you are hopelessly in pag-ibig with him and you couldn’t bare the thought of seeing him get hurt on a mission” I stopped dead in my tracks.
“You wouldn’t” I said, turning back to her.
“I would” she nodded
“You’re bluffing” I smirked
“Oh really?” she asked with a smirk “Wally!” she yelled loudly. He came running.
“What?!” he demanded...
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posted by Skittles98
I woke in a strange room. I was on a bed. I jumped off and wobbled.
“Lioness? Eagle?” I called
‘Girls? You okay?’ I asked
‘Yeah. Where are you? We have some big news’ leona though
‘What is it?’ I asked
‘It’s better we tell you in person’ she said. With a growl, I walked out of the room. I walked silently to where I had a feeling leona and Eagle were. They were in a lounge with the six teens. I got in a fighting stance.
“Behind you!” I exclaimed at my team. They came pasulong calmly.
“They are not enemies. They are friends. And they have offered us a place on their team”...
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posted by Skittles98
“I am Vixen, Ex-“
“Yeah, yeah, we know, you’re Vixen, ex-member of the League of Shadows since you blew up their HQ, she’s Eagle, ex-member of the League of Shadows since she helped babaing mainit ang ulo escape and she’s Lioness, ex-member of the League of Shadows since she went against her master and helped babaing mainit ang ulo escape with Eagle” the Wally rolled his eyes
“Was that really necessary?” I asked. I was starting to dislike this boy.
“Can we just get on with the questions?” he sighed. I rolled my eyes.
“We are from Manhattan, Maine and San Francisco. Some places we are known for visiting...
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posted by Robin_Love
Sylver looked Becca in the eye. For several seconds, she seemed to be looking into Becca's soul. She straightened with a nod.
“Confirmed. YJ has been taken.”
“Which is why I requested you here,” Batman interrupted. “With the exception of Shade. We assumed she had been taken as well.”
“I wish I had been.”
“No! Becca, we're going to need you!” Devin cried.
“I feel so sick! I wish it was me that had been taken!”
“It'll happen,” Erin said, racing to her friend. “You get taken like what? Every six out of seven times?”
“Six out of nine,” Becca corrected.
“Big deal. You'll...
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posted by Skittles98
“Now seriously, who are you?” the little ebony asked
‘They didn’t believe us, but they aren’t attacking. Now what?’ Eagle asked, thouroly puzzled
‘Uh…we prove to them who we are?’ I suggested. A blonde came forward.
“Artemis?” leona asked
“Sheila?” the blonde asked. They smiled and rushed together in a hug. I tensed, while the other team relaxed a bit.
“Lioness, get back here” I hissed
“Artemis, what are you doing?” the ginger demanded
“Me and Sheila met when she was traveling a while ago” Artemis said
‘Don’t say anything’ I heard Artemis think at Lioness....
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posted by Skittles98
When we docked in Happy Harbor, we all changed into our civvies. I wore a black silk collared-shirt with sleeves rolled up to elbows, black jeans, black steel boots and a green sinturon that sat on my waist, while Eagle wore a grey strapless sando with a black short sleeved jacket, jeans and grey high-heeled boots and leona wore a brown sleeveless sando made from a rough material and jeans. She wore brown hiking boots and (like always) had a golden sinturon around her arm. We walked together down the kalye to the mountain. When we got there, leona opened the secret passage and we snuck in. When...
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