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 Wally West/ Kid Flash (Polar Stealth)
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Image of Wally West and his Kid Flash uniform in Artic Stealth form
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I was just bored so I wrote this. It's just a quick thought if Wally and Artemis never liked each other in my opinion.

They argue even madami than usual and Artemis is willing to kill him though she can't because hes a teammate. Wally hates her also. Annoying her madami often and not caring about her. They never say they are "friends" which others agree that they're not, but as teammates or frenemies. No one says that they do like each other or they're just pretending not to.

Bathroom: Wally woke up bright and early to shoot hoops with Robin. He got out of kama and headed for the door. As he opened...
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If you know me, the author, you will know that I have a strong disliking towards him, now if you don’t know me, you are most likely wondering why I hate him. Well it is simply because HE IS A TROLL! (Please see litrato A down at the bottom) Please continue pagbaba if you wish to understand his trollness and my hatred towards that troll.
    I will start off sa pamamagitan ng telling you about his physical appearance. A vague paglalarawan of him would go like this: red hair, freckles, green eyes, medium teenage height, kind of on the husky side, and peachy skin tone. If you are thinking that...
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Becca's POV

This wasn't like me. I hate pagganap like I was okay. I was dieing inside but not a single person would ever know. Things had started to get really bad around the mountain. I slipped out as much as I could. I wanted nothing to do with anything. Artemis being pregnant because Luke was a hormonal boy, Willow and Wally doing IT because they thought they would end up loosing each other somehow, Blade and her problems, Phoebe and D. pala having these walang tiyak na layunin moments. Even Fang and Devin. Things were too crazy, too hectic, too...abnormal. Nothing was the way it should be! I just wanted to...
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“That’s impossible. There’s no such thing as Helios or Prometheus. Those are just ways to explain the weather” he rolled his eyes
“Ask Flash then. Him, Batman, Superman, J’onn and Diana went to Themyscira and fought Hades with Hypolita. If all those Greek myths are really just that, then how is Diana alive? Amazon’s are one of those myths. Same with Hades. Explain that” I challenged
“That just proves that apoy is magic, not your mumbo jumbo” he said
“So, how do you explain this?” I asked “Lex eeb nacorb” his goggles turned into spiders. He screamed like a little girl....
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It`s raining?I got up from the ebd to get ready I heard low foot steps and grabbed my shiruken and put them on his chest amimng for severe wonds.
It was Robin? I sighed
Okay you`ve officialy scared me for the day,
what`s up?
"Why does something have to be up for me to enter your room.?"
Good point,I handed Robin my shiruken and started looking for my dress and my shoes.
What ever you do don`t touch the-
Nice,here I took some bandeges out of my secret stash and put my saliva on his hand and wrapped it.
There now quit playing with it its poisened.
Play with tetsaiga or tensaiga,but leave that...
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black canary
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