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added by mjc
posted by ToEkNeE
Music is calming, and it is a passion.
It's not just a subject, like for an example: Fashion.

It can explain, it can create, it can consume you.
Music is a power that will over take you, it can control you, and it can simply please you.

It will twist your brain it will save your soul.
It runs through your veins as it burns like coal.

Music will change your heart, the way you analyze.
It will clear your mind and open right up your eyes.

It gives you some relief after a long hard day.
What ever the hell you were feelings just fades away.

Just lose yourself in the music the segundo you break down break free from everything around watch out, don't turn around. Don't let yourself be found. Just listen to the sound. Cause once your off the beat, off the track reality's back and pantasiya ain't coming back.
added by ToEkNeE