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CoreyCarlson posted on Jun 29, 2011 at 02:17AM
Well as you already know youtube is for making videos, talking to other people about the video or something else. Youtube is also innapropriate for people and they shouldn't be making them. It could change someones life and be disgusted, everyone has a different kind of brain and mind for youtube, They advertise about new video games or something cool that was invented for coming to stores, also take notes and give you more details for the youtube also. Many people don't know this but if you watch someone playing a video game and you wanna watch more of their videos, you can do that. You can be fans and befriend people, be in a group with some kind of club or anything really. Lots of people know Youtube well, but they might not know it's history, like who made it, when did the website come out, Why did he or she make this, or the most importantly What are they trying to tell you or what is a secret about them and youtube. If you can tell Youtube has been popular for years and years and years. Millions of people watch your video or even comments and go on there everyday. Any video on youtube can get more popular to give a full bucket of joy to tthe person who made it, that way they can be happy and post more vids for his people that are fans of him. This was a youtube description.
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