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 Black Dark Magician Girl
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Source: drawed gir and colored is uknow autor
Me own deck i wish have.(created sa pamamagitan ng me efect this card). Autor wat drawed and colred only chaos blak girl is uknow
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This Yu-Gi-Oh litrato might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

Another Child

{Thunder and wind. Camera passes some calmly grazeing horses; we open
on Seto's room.}

Asante sana
Squash banana
We we nugu
Mi mi apana!

{We see he is painting on his wall: a new child, with the
ceremonial mark across the forehead, next to the old drawing of Atem.}

Ahh, Mana...

{Wind blows Seto's hair wildly, signifying Aknamkanon's presence}

Ooh, Aknamkanon! Such a day this has been! Princess Mana's birth...
another Circle of Life is complete, and the Pride's future is once
again secure.

{Wind blows at the paintings, scattering some of the markings}

Aaah! Stop it, stop it,...
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(At Yugi's)
Yugi got up in the morning,and washed last night's dishes rembering all that had happeind.He smiled,and finshed up knowing that he would get to see his "Mana" again. He quickly got dressed,and went out to his car. First he would go,and vist Yami,and tsaa seeing as he was the best man of the wedding. After the practice hapunan he would stop by,Mana's and ask if she would go to the wedding as his date....He had ask Yami before if he could bring her...
"Yami, I really am happy for you." He sinabi smileing at his brother."Thanks Yugi," Yami sinabi hugging his brother. "Yami?"...
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