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Journal Entry # 23: War's End(kind of)

I along with my companions can no longer see through the thick mist. As the pouring rain stung our faces and the backs of our throats, we press on. Was that a howl in the distance?

No. All wildlife had since deserted the area. All that remained was a ruined city. Crumbling brick walls rose some forty to fifty feet above us, threatening to drop stone upon our heads. Some groans of exhaustion escaped the lips of my men, but I ignored them and continued to lead.

The sky was gray and heavy. The atmosphere was thick with the agony of the city-dwellers that had...
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Alright. First and foremost, there will be sections(forums) where you can post specific things.

Forum #1: Character Bio
This pagtitip. is used to post madami in depth Bio's of any and all characters that are owned sa pamamagitan ng a member of the pagtitip. Yumei Kakei. These Bios' will consist of madami in depth backgrounds, power descriptions, and appearances. We would like to know madami about them!

Forum #2 Continent/Country Bio
This pagtitip. is for the madami in depth descriptions of the Continents and their climates, lifestyles, Miltary Activity, Governmnt types, etc. For those who wish to create smaller Island Nations,...
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