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posted by mscoolnerd123
its seems that the NOOBs are doing the bulling now because these are 12-13-14 taon old lil girls that are so desparate to get a boyfriend that they will do anything i mean come on lil girls!! And when they get turned down sa pamamagitan ng the guy or girl.. the guy gets called gay or a a-hole and the girl gets called a asarol and when me and when we are just there chillin with other people they will come to us callin us names and cussing.Is that right to do?? i have some payo for the NEW People..........if you want to be like, dont be so desparate to get on a guy or girl say Hi and be nice cussing and calling others name is not the way to go!! If you are nice, im sure others will be nice to you too=))