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Which Pixar movie made you cry the most?

57 answers | my answer: Toy Story 3

if you could have any dog what would it be?

6 answers | my answer: German Shepard.

if you could what dog would you have?

17 answers | my answer: German Shepard. pag-ibig these Aso so much! Had one wh...
pagiging isang babae

if you were a boy what would your name be

41 answers | my answer: Robert. My mum had the name picked out already cuz...
pagiging isang babae

What is something you get teased about?

48 answers | my answer: Being short Being shy and quiet Being fat you kn...
pagiging isang babae

Do you get depressed during the holidays?

7 answers | my answer: It's usually if i have nothing to do I sit and mope...
pagiging isang babae

What would u name a baby girl? Boy?

43 answers | my answer: If I had a girl I would name her either charlotte o...
pagiging isang babae

Is entering your child into child beauty pageants child abuse?

7 answers | my answer: Yes. They're children, and those parents are paradi...
pagiging isang babae

Why do I get stared at so much sa pamamagitan ng the way I dress?

6 answers | my answer: Don't take it as a negative thing, sometimes when p...

do you prefer dark tsokolate or gatas chocolate?

28 answers | my answer: Definitely gatas chocolate. But if there's dark choc...