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Country Music

What is your paborito country song?

14 answers | my answer: Chet Atkins YAKETY AKE!

could u check out and sumali my Fitz and the Tantrums club? thanks!

1 answer | my answer: Sure!

Why does Reggea have to be involved in Marijuana?

4 answers | my answer: Because of being rastafarian

Can anyone recommend any good bands (no pop or rap please)

31 answers | my answer: Maybe van Halen?
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uy gays lol its me u no trollin liek lol hahahahaha faggots idiots fuckingtards

18 answers | my answer: You Mean Its aloud to lie on the internet!thats une...
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how many countries have you been to around the world?

20 answers | my answer: germany Hapon china sweden italy france vietnam ta...
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How was your day? :)

21 answers | my answer: Oh pretty good hows yours?
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Who is the most unfortunately named person you know?

20 answers | my answer: Rastus beuferd butthuffer Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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Do you hate or like obamma?

Def Leppard

Which is your paborito song of Def Leppard?

15 answers | my answer: Photogragh