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HumphreyWolfMan sinabi tungkol sa una at wakas
I don't want to sound mean, but when anyone who makes a legally protected negative complaint toward any character in the A&O series, please remember that people are ALSO allowed to express their dislike toward such complaints too just so as long as it's legally protected speech. I sometimes see something mainly like "But he/she has a right to say that." but acts like nobody can express any legal disagreement toward such claim likely. I don't think that's right. Posted 4 days ago
Timothy5496 sinabi …
Thank you for your comment it helped Posted 2 months ago
HumphreyWolfMan nagkomento…
You're welcome. :) If you want, (though I am not too sure if this is better or not), I suggest standing up for yourself on that post to help spread the word I said. XD 2 months ago
skeeter64p sinabi … "Now we just wait for that squ... erm I mean the troll lobo account to be banned." No, that wasn't mr squiggles who made that DA troll account pretending to be your "wolf mom", that was chocosquishy. Why do you keep talking about mr squiggles for? He stopped caring about you for months now. You can stop talking about him Posted 6 months ago
HumphreyWolfMan nagkomento…
The behavior on that account really reminded me of that other account on another website that I'm sure was that person. It just felt really similar. Plus why would chocosquishy have this obsession? 6 months ago