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  • Male, 24 years old
  • Starkville, Mississippi
  • Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld, American Horror Story, Aldnoah Zero
    Favorite Movie: ALIENS, Predator, AVP, Deadpool, Zoolander
    Favorite Musician: Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, George Strait
    Favorite Book or Author: ALIENS Comic Series, The Blackblood Alliance
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Kishin_Kira sinabi tungkol sa una at wakas

It has come to my attention that people are CONTINUING to try to drag me to their side with their own drama with wwwarea, and I know some of them are somewhere in here so this is my response.

IM DONE. CUT IT OUT. Posted 5 days ago
HumphreyWolfMan nagkomento…
Probably can't promise anything on the future with the whole calm thing, and the "force" (e.g. if someone has an opinion about a real person that promotes violence), thing, but I'm glad. XD I am not 100% sure what will happen in the future (e.g. me defending a fictional story?), but I hope peace continues to exist between me and you probably, even if it's like two countries who isn't friendly but agreed to not interfear I guess. XD 4 days ago
HumphreyWolfMan nagkomento…
Though to be honest, I did read the journal and I probably couldn't if logged in, but hopfully you can understand why I did. XD 4 days ago
Kishin_Kira nagkomento…
Believe me, I have no business with you in terms of drama anymore. Whatever you have going on between you and the other people is solely between you and them :) 4 days ago
KnudsonBlitz nagkomento…
Nice one 4 days ago
Kishin_Kira sinabi tungkol sa una at wakas
Two girls one cup turns me on Posted 8 days ago
KnudsonBlitz nagkomento…
Good for you 8 days ago
Imagine7197 nagkomento…
Lol 8 days ago
Kishin_Kira sinabi tungkol sa una at wakas
I find yeast infected vaginas sexy Posted 9 days ago
Imagine7197 nagkomento…
Dude! what the fuck?!? 9 days ago
Imagine7197 nagkomento…
Lmao. 8 days ago
Zach-Coley nagkomento…
@Kishin_Kira I doubt it! I don't talk much, I just work work work in Maya all day! I don't even play video games anymore! 6 days ago