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Kishin_Kira sinabi tungkol sa una at wakas

For those who were wondering. This is the link where I found it. It doesn't say much tbh. The plot summary was found on a different thread which I can't seem to find anymore. Sorry guys, but this looks legit on my end. Posted 1 day ago
Kishin_Kira nagkomento…
Trigger Warning: There are people bashing the post because... well its 4Chan. Just saying. 1 day ago
KnudsonBlitz nagkomento…
Safari sinabi that the address was invalid. 1 day ago
HumphreyWolfMan nagkomento…
Ah alright. XD Sadly to me it does look very legit. 1 day ago
Kishin_Kira sinabi tungkol sa una at wakas
Ok, who got my post deleted? Posted 1 day ago
Imagine7197 nagkomento…
He who shall not be named. Lol 1 day ago
Kishin_Kira nagkomento…
I don't think it was anybody. I think this website is so broken due to neglect sa pamamagitan ng the admins. 1 day ago
Kishin_Kira sinabi tungkol sa una at wakas
I found some madami proof of alpha and omega 9. A user on 4chan leaked the logo. Posted 2 days ago
HumphreyWolfMan nagkomento…
Is it alright if I can ask for a link? 2 days ago