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jessowey binigyan ako ng props para sa my images
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Can we just talk about what happened to the slasher genre real quick? I mean, I really miss it and everything seems to be all paranormal these days and that just doesn't thrill me very much. I want to see the hills have eyes, nightmare on elm Street, Halloween, hostel, wrong turn...yano? Maybe it's just me though. Posted 29 days ago
jlhfan624 nagkomento…
It's definitely not just you! Slashers are my paborito type of movie period! When Hell Fest came out in 2017, it was pretty huge for the slasher genre. Halloween made a comeback as well. I have a feeling we'll be seeing madami but definitely not like the 80s or 90s. Most "casual" fans think of slashers as pedestrian. 20 days ago
jlhfan624 nagkomento…
2018* 20 days ago
zanhar1 nagkomento…
Honestly I'm kind of the opposite. Ghost/paranormal pelikula always scared me the most. Though I do enjoy slasher flicks it's actually probably my least paborito of the sub-genres. To me they just aren't as scary as ghosts and stuff. Even so I'd like to see the sub genre come back again, because (though I pag-ibig supernatural stuff) too much of the same thing gets old. I'd like some madami variety. 18 days ago