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MasterChief58 sinabi …
I can’t believe I haven’t been doing much just because I can’t come up and/or decide a new name like intended.. Posted 1 day ago
MasterChief58 sinabi tungkol sa super sentai
This club is even madami dead than the Power Rangers Club i’m afraid. Posted 1 day ago
MasterChief58 sinabi tungkol sa walang tiyak na layunin
I’m putting concept usernames I made up on my icons to help me make my ultimate decision before I replace my account. Posted 20 days ago
ben15delas binigyan ako ng props para sa my pop quiz questions
you too bud Posted 23 days ago
MasterChief58 sinabi tungkol sa walang tiyak na layunin
I must admit that I consider taking down my account and start over again with a new one, cause I’m not to satisfied with this one. I didn’t think out through. And someone made a blank club for me without letting me know. Posted 24 days ago
zanhar1 nagkomento…
The blank clubs are auto-generated sa pamamagitan ng fanpop itself. 24 days ago
BlindBandit92 nagkomento…
Unless you care about your progress on this one go for it man. 24 days ago
MasterChief58 nagkomento…
It shouldn’t matter I appear like just another fanpoper. Though I just wanna match some of my accounts on different sites together better. But I also I am planning to be a bit madami ambitious with my replacement account here. Until then, this account will stick around for at least a while. 23 days ago
BlindBandit92 nagkomento…
Just tell others your new tag then it's k 23 days ago
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The golden age of Spongebob, first three seasons. Posted 2 months ago
We should do something like a Power Rangers Character of the month. Something like that. Posted 4 months ago
tuneatic nagkomento…
Sounds great how about we start with Cassie 22 days ago
MasterChief58 nagkomento…
^It would be a bit ambitious though we may need careful planing. 1 day ago
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To say the least they retain a certain tone from book into the movie. Rather than making it into some cutesy and whimsical Disney film. Posted 6 months ago
This club may be dying again... Posted 7 months ago
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R.I.P. Stan Lee. You’ll be missed.... Posted 8 months ago