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  • Female, 19 years old
  • New Mexico
  • Favorite TV Show: Madoka magica, Fullmetal alchemist, Serial experiments Lain, weeb trash
    Favorite Musician: Disturbed, bauhaus, godsmack, dawn of demise, joy division, the smiths, papa roach, backstreet boys
    Favorite Book or Author: yes
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Mauserfan1910 sinabi tungkol sa walang tiyak na layunin
You know what, I'm going to work today whether my dad wants me to or not. I need to spend madami time taking care of the ranch boys and less time thinking about how much I want to die Posted 12 hours ago
kingcesar67 nagkomento…
Do whatever makes you happy :) 9 hours ago
2ntyoneplts nagkomento…
Ok my fren... but take it easy plz. Stay Alive |-/ 9 hours ago
Mauserfan1910 nagkomento…
He's just been an asshole lately and hasn't been telling me what's wrong 5 hours ago
2ntyoneplts sinabi …
So... I’ve not been around constantly at the moment. (I’m going to explain that maybe some other time idk) I was just wondering how you are! Feeling better? And the baby? *hugs* Posted 2 days ago
Mauserfan1910 sinabi tungkol sa walang tiyak na layunin
In case anyone was wondering, my husband and I only really got into a fight over finances instead of actually talking to each other. It was my fault, though, I sinabi some things I shouldn't have and he wound up sleeping in the garahe last night instead of in our bed. I actually haven't seen him since but when he comes home, I'm going to apologize and maybe surprise him with something nice. I dunno what, though Posted 3 days ago
TheLefteris24 nagkomento…
It happens. Everyone has their good and bad days. I am sure your Husband realizes that. No need to fret over it. A nice surprise when he gets tahanan certainly sounds like a plan !!!! 3 days ago
Mauserfan1910 nagkomento…
A new book and some lingerie, how's that sound for a surprise? 3 days ago
Rihanna312 nagkomento…
I`m sure he`ll like that a lot. And after a nice evening you might find a moment to talk about everything you wanted. 3 days ago
TheLefteris24 nagkomento…
That certainly sounds good. Wanna spice it up even more? Present yourself to him after he gets tahanan and ask him what he would like to have. Dinner, a Bath or You. If his choice is having you for hapunan in the bath, be sure that you have hit the jackpot. The Book afterwards will provide some good company as well !!!! 3 days ago