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PurpleDragon02 sinabi tungkol sa una at wakas
So I decided for Humphrey to get shot at the end of my script and for him to be very gravely injured. But, I want you guys to decide whether he lives or dies. And if you guys think he should die, I will kill him. This decision is entirely up to you guys. I can have no say in it at all because of my pag-ibig for the character. But I want to do what the fans want, not what I want. So, should he die after getting shot in the side? Posted 15 hours ago
HumphreyWolfMan nagkomento…
I say he should live, since I like Humphrey. I guess also because he is a likable character sa pamamagitan ng many. 4 hours ago
PurpleDragon02 sinabi tungkol sa una at wakas
I need some help thinking of what Winston's Father's araw gift should be for A&O 9. Any suggestions? Posted 3 days ago
PurpleDragon02 nagkomento…
What do you guys think we should name Humphrey's parents? 2 days ago
PurpleDragon02 nagkomento…
And, what do you think happened to them? We really need to solve this mystery of what happened to his parents, and the first thing is decideing whether or not they're alive. So, what do you guys think? I personally think that they're dead, and that Humphrey was surviving on his own until he was found. But I want a segundo opinion so then everyone likes this story, not just me. 2 days ago
PurpleDragon02 nagkomento…
I just had a great idea. What if Humphrey's parents knew Garth's mother? And then that lot hole could be filled up, too. But, I feel like that's stretching it a little, so I'll some input from you guys. 2 days ago
PurpleDragon02 sinabi tungkol sa una at wakas
I'm in the process of thinking up a script for A&O 9 to sort of redeem the franchise. It'll be about Humphrey's parents and Garth and Lilly will be in it (for madami than 2 minutos like in A&O 2) and maybe Daria to since we never really saw her after A&O 4. But I'll need your guys' help. I need names for both Humphrey's parents and the title. It's going to start out on Father's araw if that can help you think up a title. Posted 4 days ago
PurpleDragon02 nagkomento…
And don't worry, I'll try not to have things the mga lobo shouldn't know about and I'll keep it close to what people liked about the original. And hopefully, word about this will reach the people that worked on A&O and maybe, just maybe, they'll decide to do and A&O 9 using this script. Which is why I want help from all of you guys because then if it does happen, then you all will have contributed to it. 4 days ago
Kishin_Kira nagkomento…
I think Kate and Humphrey are actually related and don't know about it lol. Incest is actually quite common in lobo packs, plus it explains why the pups are so damn ugly XD 2 days ago
QueenWhiskey nagkomento…
Omg lol 2 days ago