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I used to be very shy about my problems. I have OCD that I've tried to hide for years because I was afraid people will shy away from me because of it, but then slowly I started to talk about it to people I was close to because I believed in them even if I was still a afraid.
Right now I'm open about my OCD to almost everyone and honestly no one has ever left or stopped talking to me because of it. Posted 10 hours ago
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I figured that if anyone ever will, that just means that they can't accept a very large aspect of my life and that means they're not worth my time xD 10 hours ago
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Can I see your tumblr? I have tumblr as well though mine is all for ereri, as you can see it's my obsession lmao~ But I'd like to see yours. 10 hours ago
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Tbh it'd be wonderful if you'd work at this field. You have a talent for this, I can tell it sa pamamagitan ng your positivity and they open way you talk about it. I really admire this. 10 hours ago
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This is a very positive way to look at things! I'm trying to be madami positive about myself as well, I've also been through some shit I shouldn't have to go through lol. I'm trying to learn to keep things in the past where they should be. You'll probably go to heaven I swaer lol. Thank you so much! 10 hours ago
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Ya know I post these on my Mental Health Blog but yall..

Just because you aren't behaving perfectly healthy, doesn't mean you aren't recovering. Recovery from anything mental health related has its high points and its low points. Slowly life will get better, and yes there will be moments of regression, moments of relapse, moments of failure, but recovery is a long progress.

Don't hate yourself or turn an eye from the care you deserve because of a set back. Posted 10 hours ago
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Things will get better and all your hard work and struggle is not for naught. Keep it up. You got my support 10 hours ago
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No problem ~ This is such an important subject. I have gone through a lot of mental health issues so I understand this personally. I'm happy someone talks about it here ^^ Posted 11 hours ago
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uy Riku! I haven't told you that but I really enjoy pagbaba your comments on everything. You talk about important subjects ~ We don't talk often but you seen like a very nice person :D pagpaparangal for all your great contributions 🌻 Posted 1 day ago
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Honestly, side rant, but I really dislike the fandom idea and view towards "traps". From time to time I guess its fair if the character was like... legit intended to trick the audience, but like... way too often do I see people responding to a legit trans character that shows all signs of ACTUALLY identifying or wanting to identify with the gender they present as sa pamamagitan ng calling them a trap or feeling "betrayed" or "tricked" sa pamamagitan ng the knowledge that they aren't an "actual girl/boy" Posted 2 days ago
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Like seriously it is just kinda gross and of bad taste to treat a character that clearly identifies with the gender they present as like a "trap" that is just trying to be creepy or weird or trick guys into liking them or lying or like... whatever. Like really, does a character have to have the main known trait they are described as be "trap" the segundo you find out that they don't have the same genitalia (or even in some cases, they NOW do but didn't) compared to that of what they present as? Like some characters can have so much soldi content to their personality, they could be sweet, sassy, full of depth, known for their aesthetic, and then the segundo the fandom hears that they weren't always female or they have a dick the whole fandom 180s and forgets about it / throws the character asside and labels it a TRAP 2 days ago
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Like I normally just twitch an eyebrow and ilipat on cause bitching about it wont change much since the anime community is the anime community and society has made traps a meme and bitching about it won't change how people act and I dont want to be >that< guy but honestly I'm kinda fed up with it as the last two games / series I've been through have had trans characters - VERY OBVIOUS TRANS CHARACTERS - just full on disregarded as "traps" sa pamamagitan ng people and the fandom 2 days ago
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Agreed 100% Very well said. 1 day ago
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Honestly I like to respect Abramic religion and those that believe in it, but one of the things I hate about religion that has lasted with me from going to church every weekend for the first 7 or so years of my life is that whole idea of "Purity" and sexual restraint that it so heavily puts onto you.

Of course it combines with a lot of personal bad experiences, but Abrhamic religions go on and act as if anyone who isnt a virigin (especially women) are worthless, unwanted, and have no value Posted 7 days ago
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Like Im a notorious not-religious person that kinda really has a distaste for organized and controlling religious practices, but I am alright with moderated religion as long as the person who believes in it doesn't hurt anyone or shove it down others throats 7 days ago
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Also depends on which church you go to tbh. For example my pastor was a divorced woman with children for the first several years at our church before she remarried, and I think we've had madami than one unmarried couple with children attend. We also have an ex-convict as a staff member. As far as I'm aware no one really cares about any of that, and that's pretty "impure" lol. We don't even really talk about sex, it's madami of a "you do what you think is right for you" mentality. I understand your perspective and I agree with you about indoctrination and purity culture, I'm just saying left-leaning churches are a thing as well. 2 days ago
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I stopped associating myself with Christianity. Cleary because of the "love everyone" rhetoric. It's not that I don't love, but some people just can't be loved. 2 days ago
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T h e
P r e z
W a s
H e r e Posted 13 days ago
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*takes a hammer through wall* #anarchy 13 days ago
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WhErE 10 days ago
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Oh 10 days ago
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#1 Pick Up Line

uy baby, are you familiar with asparagus? Posted 13 days ago
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Works every time 13 days ago
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And...... 13 days ago
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Works like a charm !!!! 2 days ago
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I hate dealing with trauma ngl, a lot of the time it is waaaaayyy easier to sit behind long establish disconnect from shitty experiences and let it fester until it ruins your life than it is to actually go through the hell of re-experiencing and facing the reality of shit. Posted 16 days ago
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^ 15 days ago
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Trauma ibon ng dyey and riku are stronger than you think fuck off and stop trying you bitch. 15 days ago
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Thank you for not picking Hello There Guy! He's so funny! Posted 19 days ago