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RobbStark234 sinabi tungkol sa The Gifted (TV Series)
That 9th episode! Wow what a great episode but also really tragic!... I can't actually believe my mga sanggol got captured!!!! :(

Such a puso breaking ending, and what's gonna happen now Posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Articuno224 nagkomento…
Couldn't agree more! Everyone who got captured were like my faves, especially Andy, Lauren and Sonja, it was extremely sad, I was really emotional about it :(.... Have you seen episode 10 though? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
RobbStark234 nagkomento…
Well I have now! But I hadn't seen it when I posted this, damn this ipakita is intense! ;) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
missdoney binigyan ako ng props para sa my comments
i pag-ibig your comments in Morgana's deffense Posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
RobbStark234 nagkomento…
Thank you, she's easily the best thing about that ipakita ;) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Articuno224 binigyan ako ng props para sa my comments
Are you okay with a new round on Friday?

And you deserve pagpaparangal for your comments, you're always commenting (Just like me) and I always enjoy your comments and agree with a lot of the things you say. Posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
RobbStark234 nagkomento…
Sure! And thanks dude! I enjoy your comments too... We agree on a lot ;) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Articuno224 nagkomento…
Cool! That's noted.... And sorry for the late response sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
RobbStark234 nagkomento…
Don't worry, it doesn't mean anything to me sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas