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What's your paborito anime named??

57 answers | my answer: Ouran High School Host Club Lucky bituin Kaichou ma...
Awatara - ang Huling Airbender

Why do people beleave in Zutara?

11 answers | my answer: Because sometimes dreams are better then reality =D...
walang tiyak na layunin

Yay patong lalaki kampanilya Is Gonna Be Grown Up Timmy Turner On The Farly Odd Parents :) IN February 2011

4 answers | my answer: Whoa where'd you hear this? Whats it about O_O *sta...
walang tiyak na layunin

Do you like ballet ? :)

6 answers | my answer: Ballet is awesome!~
walang tiyak na layunin

Y r walang tiyak na layunin people on fanpop soooo mean?! U don't even know me!

31 answers | my answer: Aww hun, it's ok. I understand that there is nasty...
walang tiyak na layunin

So..about the new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus

13 answers | my answer: I'm a Libra. I think a stupid bituin geek went and c...
Penguins of Madagascar

Can someone please explain to me what Kico is?

7 answers | my answer: wait so it's er, gay..? I always thought it was lik...
Penguins of Madagascar

What kind of music do you think the penguins (or any other character) listen to?

12 answers | my answer: For an odd reason, I can picture Private listening...
Penguins of Madagascar

What's your paborito quote from " Huffin and Puffin"?

4 answers | my answer: (Hans goes into the HQ and finds all the secrets*...
Penguins of Madagascar

Did any one else see the Nawawala Treasure of the Golden ardilya episode?

17 answers | my answer: When did they ipakita it?? :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO