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Sparklefairy375 binigyan ako ng props para sa my answers
Okay, so for the susunod theme I wanted to use this Epic Angel dress up: link

The pamagat is Fallen Angel and the princess is free-pick. Posted 8 days ago
Swanpride sinabi tungkol sa Disney Princess
So...I am still working on my susunod alphabet, which has now evolved into covering all Disney Princess characters. But I have kind of run into a wall.. My problem is now that there are a few which I can't find in the typical line-up "2 D but madami shaded than in the movie" style. I am particularly looking for good pictures of the characters of bravo (minus Merida and her brothers, I have those), Wiggins, the Thugs from Gusot (especially Ulf the Mine) and Naveen's parents. Any pointers? Posted 14 days ago
MissCinico nagkomento…
I wish I could be of any help, but I don’t have the slightest clue. Really looking pasulong to seeing your alphabet though! 13 days ago
phalangeregina nagkomento…
The only thing I could find of Wiggins is this from the movie. linkNot in the clipart style but maybe you could adjust the lighting. The other characters are not cared for in my country. 13 days ago
Swanpride nagkomento…
Thanks for answering. Won't work, but I guess it is pretty unlikely that someone finds something I haven't found after weeks searching the Net. 12 days ago
PrincessAyeka12 sinabi …
I hope you don’t mind, but I might skip this round and take the susunod one. Also, I want you to take my sci-fi bituin Wars idea, modify it to your liking and use it yourself for another round. Just in case, I don’t win again in the susunod few months. On a side note, I wonder if anyone will do witchy or vampiric themed one in the spirit of Halloween that’s coming up? Posted 14 days ago
Swanpride nagkomento…
I certainly don't mind. Do whatever you like, plus, there are so many participants sa pamamagitan ng now, I am close to limiting the number of entries to two. Not yet, but as soon as I get to madami than 20 entries every round I'll do it. I'll keep your bituin Wars idea in mind. I have also looked into programs which fit Hlloween already. 14 days ago
PrincessAyeka12 nagkomento…
Good idea with limiting the entries. sa pamamagitan ng the way in keeping my bituin Wars idea in mind, as long as I still have the option to create a Twi’lek, then I’m happy with whatever theme you decide. 14 days ago
PrincessAyeka12 nagkomento…
They have upto maybe four or less alien humanoids as an option on the sci-fi dollmaker. 14 days ago