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PrincessAyeka12 sinabi …
The link I gave you was the single one. Oops. Here's are iugnay to both.
Four elements doll maker: link
Four elements scene maker: link

The scene maker only comes in portrait view not landscape. Just thought I'd warn you. And don't worry if I win again, my idea will be madami simple and I won't bombard you with messages on the your wall. Posted 2 days ago
Swanpride nagkomento…
No worries...and yes, I am aware. I always test out the programs before I issue a challenge on them, and I am naturally familiar with all the programs in the exclusive section. Otherwise I couldn't give "free choice", I have to be able to recognize what is done with one of those programs after all. 2 days ago
PrincessAyeka12 nagkomento…
True, I forgot that you were familiar with all of this. I tested it out earlier. Small tight space. One with pagpaparangal is perfect. Two can fit without props, three at a push but four is a crowd and for me a nightmare to arrange without cutting something off like an arm or leg or entire costumes. You know what the maker needs that it doesn't have? An option to resize the girls. 2 days ago
Swanpride nagkomento…
Or bigger puwang to begin also has only a few options for face and hair, which makes it hard to make any of the characters to look like the princesses. But then, a challenge is always nice. 2 days ago
PrincessAyeka12 sinabi …
Actually could we change my idea a little bit?
Same theme and same program
Princess; one - four of the any of the eleven princesses - keeping to your three entry only limit.

That way it’s easier and the users have madami freedom on how they want to do it. They also have the freedom to choose what elements they want to use. They don’t have to represent all four elements but if someone wants to represent all four they can. Posted 4 days ago
PrincessAyeka12 nagkomento…
When the time comes around, please explain my idea in a madami understandable way. 4 days ago
Swanpride nagkomento…
Not that you are wondering, your theme will be on in the susunod round...this round we do the pick of the winner of round 1 2 days ago
PrincessAyeka12 nagkomento…
I guessed it was. 2 days ago
PrincessAyeka12 binigyan ako ng props para sa my comments
Thank you!

My suggestion is: Elemental My Dear Princess
Doll maker: link
The Princess is any four of the eleven princesses Posted 5 days ago