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South Park

How do you look like?

24 answers | my answer: It's cool but mostly freaky.Here's my OC.
UFO & Aliens


15 answers | my answer: Dude,they're already here.T_T
UFO & Aliens

taon ago, outside smoking, looking up at the stars, in a spesific location,a bituin suddently moved couple of miles to the right, and then it stopped, and then little to the right again, and then gone.. is it a ufo, or is it normal?

7 answers | my answer: At first I thought it was a UFO but then I thought...
UFO & Aliens

a five taon old sees a ufo she doesnt know its there a guy jumps in after her , later they find out that the aliens actually are only after him but for what? my tanong is should i make a comic out of that????

2 answers | my answer: It does seem like it should be a comic.
UFO & Aliens

Do you believe the aliens will be friendly or hostile?

15 answers | my answer: I think both.They can be both hostile and nice.But...
UFO & Aliens

do you think the goverment is hiding alien life on other planets from us?

8 answers | my answer: Yes!
UFO & Aliens

Does anyone believe that there are aliens among us?

3 answers | my answer: Yes!100% YES!
My Chemical Romance

Whats your paborito song out of all of MCR's songs? :D

15 answers | my answer: Teenagers,that's my paborito one!I can't get the so...
mananalakay zim

Post the funniest Invader Zim picture you have.

18 answers | my answer: I got this one!If it counts.And it's also my icon!^...
mananalakay zim

why was ZIM dumped like trush (i miss ZIm it was my fav of all shows)

15 answers | my answer: I don't know how it was possible but somehow it got...