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Harry Potter

what do you think of George and Fred Weezley???

18 answers | my answer: I loved them.they're amazing
Harry Potter

who's ur fave actor/actress that play in harry potter?

25 answers | my answer: rupert grint,emma watson,phelps twins and Helena bo...
Harry Potter

how did u start pagbaba the harry potter books?

36 answers | my answer: first I watched the movie(Harry Potter and the Phil...
Harry Potter

Which charecter should not have been killed off?

49 answers | my answer: Fred Weasley
Harry Potter

How do you say 'Death Eaters' in your language?

70 answers | my answer: we say "Ölüm yiyen" in Turkey
Harry Potter

who hates Dumbledore?

15 answers | my answer: i think no one.
Harry Potter

Imagine:u have the chance to rewrite the ending..what will u change ?

38 answers | my answer: i'll raise from the dead Fred
Harry Potter

How old were you when you discovered the world of Harry Potter?

202 answers | my answer: i was eleven
Harry Potter

Your tuktok 5 favourite couples?

120 answers | my answer: Ron_hermione Remus_tonks neville_luna molly_arth...
Harry Potter

Which Harry Potter book did you read first?

23 answers | my answer: i started first book