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may i kno from which episode this pic is from?! :)

2 answers | my answer: Shippuuden episode 191

Help me find a new anime to watch please!

8 answers | my answer: Ouran host club, Gintama, Accel world, Durarara!, C...

What is a good anime to watch for a 12 taon old?

11 answers | my answer: Shugo chara! definitely

Who is the worst and best anime protagonist?

10 answers | my answer: worst: every shouta, they are the worst for me (for...

i need yandere anime characters!!! very much like Mika from owari no seraph.

2 answers | my answer: Cornelius Alba - Kara no kyoukai Reina, Shion - Hi...

Do you know any good magical girl anime?

5 answers | my answer: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Shugo chara! Sugar s...

Anime for a young girl?

7 answers | my answer: Nanatsuiro drops, Shugo chara!, Kaleido star, Cardc...

A girl with many hairstyles?

7 answers | my answer: Haruhi Suzumiya (but only in episode 1)

What manga is this from??

1 answer | my answer: Light of Tsukimi Manor

Is there any good anime series with mga asong lobo ?

2 answers | my answer: Ookami kakushi Shiki