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disnerdtobe sinabi tungkol sa Disney Princess
I GOT INTO THE DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM!!!! I can't believe this!! Posted 19 hours ago
PrueFever nagkomento…
YaY! Go you! I'm so happy for you and a little bit jaloux xD You're so lucky! :D 19 hours ago
simrananime nagkomento…
What's that? It sounds cool tho. 4 hours ago
OnceUponASptmbr nagkomento…
*2 and 1/4 years. @sinrananime Here's the background info ☺ link 2 hours ago
BB2010 binigyan ako ng props para sa my comments
You won Round 21 of Best Lyric! Posted 12 days ago
disnerdtobe sinabi tungkol sa Disney Princess
So...I got the phone interviews for the Disney college program and Disney professional internship. I can not believe this is happening! Ahhh!!! Posted 13 days ago
Sparklefairy375 nagkomento…
So lucky! Good luck and hope for the best result :D 13 days ago
wavesurf nagkomento…
Good luck!!! 13 days ago
mhs1025 nagkomento…
OMG! I'm so happy for you! 12 days ago