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WINNER WILL GET 15 pagpaparangal

3 answers | my answer: 1. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder 2. The Vampire...


1 answer | my answer: 1. Nina Dobrev 2. The Vampire Diaries, The America...

What is your favirite movie? listahan only one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

43 answers | my answer: GLADIATOR
Tunay na Dugo

Now you really still don't like bill???

13 answers | my answer: I dont Dislike him but I dont like him Just Dont...
Gossip Girl

who's your fave character in gg?

8 answers | my answer: Chuck bass
Gossip Girl

Why do you like Blair?

5 answers | my answer: She is smart, fierce, beautiful, interesting, every...
Gossip Girl

Why do you like Chuck ? (duuh)

7 answers | my answer: cuz he is mean and sometimes so sweet pag-ibig his cl...
Gossip Girl

serena or blair????

15 answers | my answer: Blair of Course sa pamamagitan ng FAAAR!!!!
Gossip Girl

Why do you like Nate?

6 answers | my answer: He is good friend, boyfriend :DDD He is good perso...
Gossip Girl

Who would be: Your best friend (girl), Your best friend (boy), Your brother, Your sister, Just a friend(boy), Just a friend (girl), Your mom, Your dad, You girlfriend/boyfriend?

23 answers | my answer: Best friend (girl): Serena Best friend (boy): Nate...