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A spot I'm a tagahanga of is dead and I can't get ahold of it's creator to update it. Is there anyway someone could make me in charge of running it????

1 answer | my answer: You can't be an "administrator" of a spot, but I kn...

"Unlimited" Uploads?

1 answer | my answer: Once you get a die-hard medal in a spot, Fanpop all...

Is it fair for a fanpoper to flag a youtube video - that has been alisin from a youtube account .

1 answer | my answer: It is totally fair. Its pretty much the same thing...

What are your thoughts of "bulk posting"?

6 answers | my answer: If you are bulk posting similar larawan (ie 20 litrato...


1 answer | my answer: Do you mean so that it looks like this: [url=http:/...

Why are they called spots and not clubs?

1 answer | my answer: They used to be called spots, but Fanpop changed it...

Ever had Fanpop love?

30 answers | my answer: Yes, but I always use protection.

this is kind of stupid but how do u up load a moving picture????????

1 answer | my answer: The same way you add a non-moving picture... Just...

Where is 'screencap' option?

7 answers | my answer: Apparently, Fanpop is no longer going to have a scr...

Why can't I change my club's description?

2 answers | my answer: That club is now a full club (ie no longer a pendin...