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Help me!! How to put image for this area?

4 answers | my answer: You can't upload a banner to your profile. Everyone...

Does anyone know how to navigate this new version of Fanpop?

7 answers | my answer: Can you post a screencap of what you are seeing? I'...

Why did fanpop do this to me?

2 answers | my answer: Thanks for sharing because I thought the image issu...

Is the rating faq innacurate?

3 answers | my answer: The entire faq is totally out of petsa and has been...

how do you create a new club ?????

3 answers | my answer: The first step is to paghahanap Fanpop. Use the paghahanap...

Why am I not able to upload iugnay or customize my new club I recently made?

1 answer | my answer: Divine intervention...? I would suspect it...

Como eu crio um clube se não tem o botão no meu

2 answers | my answer: Please paghahanap Fanpop before asking a question. You...

Can you PLEASE help me ulat this USER.

1 answer | my answer: Since you didn't provide any evidence, I went looki...

If you unfan a club you have a medal in, then tagahanga it again, will you got that medal back?

5 answers | my answer: Yes, unless they have changed the system recently....

Is anyone else having problems updating their websites iugnay on their profiles?

1 answer | my answer: Yep. I wasn't even editing any of the iugnay on m...