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marakii sinabi …
icon<333 Posted 9 days ago
unicornsrreal nagkomento…
<3333 7 days ago
makintosh binigyan ako ng props para sa my polls
For your poll series -> TV Male Characters [based on fanpop] characters with: most fans VS most iugnay VS most recently updated || your favourite ? Posted 3 months ago
unicornsrreal nagkomento…
wow, thankyou!! 3 months ago
rachel713 sinabi …
remind me, how long is it until you go see gillian and lily?? i hope you have a wonderful time <33
and i went to cardiff, it was really pretty! surprisingly small, actually :P and so windy! but pretty! the con itself was okay, not a lot of final pantasiya but that was what i was expecting :P i got to cosplay so it's alright!
nothing really new for me either, i did go to a ball with my mga kaibigan last friday :) Posted 4 months ago