Abby and Mcgee McAbby Quiz!

Lie_to_Me_123 posted on Apr 29, 2010 at 04:52PM
Favourite season for them?
Favourite Season 3 Moment?
Favourite Season 4 Moment?
Favourite Season 5 Moment?
Favourite Season 6 Moment?
Favourite Season 7 Moment (So Far)?
Favourite McAbby Song (Please Pick ONE!)
Most Painful-to-Watch Jealousy Moment?
Best Episode?
Worst Moment?
Saddest Moment?
Funniest Moment?
Best nickname?
Favourite video?
Favourite AU video?
When did you start shipping them?
If they're your OTP, when did they become so?
ONE word to describe them?
Which quote reminds you of them the most?
Biggest McAbby Wish?
Best "here for you" moment?
Most underrated moment?
Moment that gave you the biggest smile?

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas friendsfan101 said…

Favorite season: All.

Favorite Season 3 Moment: All

(Okay, my answer for the seasons will all be the same-except that I loved the Driven scene)

Season 5-Driven-"Never with you, Tim"

Season 6- Faith Cheek Kiss ♥

Season 7-Overprotective panther, other Moonlighting scenes.'
McAbby song-About you now-Miranda Cosgrove

Painful-to-Watch Jealousy Moment-When McGee started dating *amanda* and Abby was so upset! =(

Best episode-Moonlighting, Driven, and Faith...I can never choose.

Worst moment-Their awkwardness when they broke up.

Saddest moment-Drawing a blank at the moment.

Funniest-Your's may be smart, but MY geek carries a gun.

Best Nickname-The Goth and the Geek

Favorite video-Can't choose!

Favorite AU-never watched one.

Since their first episode.

They are my OTP. They were in their first episode, because-well, I'm not sure why. I just felt that they were so right for each other. =)

McAdorable. (Okay, stole that one from a pick.) =P

Quote: "Never give up on something because it didn't work the first time. Try, and try again. With patience, you'll get it sooner than you thought."

Wish: That they will tell each other how they feel! My dream is that McGee will tell Abby! =)

"Here for you"- The "Let Me" that McGee said to Abby in Judgement Day part 2.

Most underrated moment- There are a lot.

Biggest smile- Every McAbby moment in Moonlighting!!! ♥