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This is my first WRITTEN fan-fiction so please tell me if it's good.

The bright yellow mourning sun rose over the watering hole as all the mga hayop awoke. The giraffes stretched their long necks and started freaking out about their brown spots being a disease(even though they're covered in them). The zebra's yawned and started yelling multiple times "Crack-a-lacking!" The enormous hippos were already flirting over who has the cutest butt. Others mga hayop awoke as the sky became blue.
A few hours later the lions and the lionesses awoke with mighty roars from their rocks and caves. The lionesses stayed behind with their cubs while their mates went and got their morning breakfast. A taon old cub named Julie awoke to her mother and the other lionesses chatting and gossiping, stuff she really didn't give two Shit-Sus about about. There were 4 lionesses, there was a leona who looked as chubby as 3 hippos, a skinny leona who looks like she eats once a week, a pretty leona named Florrie who was the Alpha lioness, and there was Julie's mom Krystal. As the name implies Krystal had blue eyes that resembled beautiful crystals, something which Julie inherited.”My son will be participating in the Rites of Passage tomorrow!” sinabi the chubby lioness. ”Good for him. uy Florrie where is Alakay?” sinabi the skinny lioness. “ Oh Zuba took him for the morning. Zuba is still trying to make Alakay interested in fighting.” Florrie said. Zuba was a black maned lion who was the Alpha lion of the watering hole who also was Florrie's mate. Alakay was their son who from what Julie has heard seems to be obsessed with dancing. Alakay is a little younger than Julie. “ And how is that going?” sinabi Krystal. “ Oh not very well.” sinabi Florrie, ”Alakay is still into dancing, and I got to say it's pretty cute, hee hee” Florrie giggled. Julie was into dancing too and never had a face-to-face with Alakay , so she decided even though she was sick , she was going to go meet Alakay for the first time.
Julie got up very quietly and started walking to the cave entrance. “Dancing is stupid!” Julie heard the chubby leona say as she walked away. As Julie walked through the grassy savanna she saw a chubby lion with an Elvis style hairdo sneaking around. The lion's name was Makunga, Julie continued on not paying attention to the lion.

To be continued ....... susunod week!