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 Mad Hatter wolpeyper - Animal I Have Become
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Lyrics are from Three Days Grace's song 'Animal I Have Become'.
Alice sa lugar ng kamanghaan
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tim burton's alice in wonderland
mad hatter
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 The Alice in Wonderland Visual Guide
The Alice in Wonderland Visual Guide
Alice in Wonderland: The Visual Guide

I found a copy of this at the aklatan and checked it out just to see what the movie would be like. I bought a copy about three days later. That book is the reason I pag-ibig Alice in Wonderland so much.

DK Publishing has never put out a bad book. This time wasn't a dissapointment. The pictures in the Visual Guide are great. Really great, as in "I sat there looking at the pictures for two whole hours" great.

It's also very useful. Want to know where the Mad Hatter was born? How about a few words in Outlandish? Yup, the book has it. I was able to write a fanfiction...
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Source: 'Alice in Wonderland' sa pamamagitan ng T. T. Sutherland
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Alice in Wonderland Cast Directed sa pamamagitan ng Tim burton In Theaters March 5, 2010
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alice in the wonderland
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