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posted by hank666
Unknown Love

Hutch looked up at the shining stars above, staring listlessly into space. It was a nice, cool, calm spring night up in Canada. The wind was calm and it was a ulap less night sky. The spring air was still and quiet. Hutch sat at the entrance of his yungib quietly, thinking and wondering. "So peaceful" He thought, he sat there for a while before he heard some footsteps coming up the path sa pamamagitan ng his den. Hutch got up lazily due to being worn out from the day's duties. He was a Beta wolf, not the Alpha but not the Omega, he was just below the Alpha ranking, meaning he had to work most of the time which included Hunting, Territory patrolling, and too many madami to list. He lazily walked to where he could see who was coming up the beaten path. His ears perked up and so did his balahibo when he saw who it was...It was Lilly! A kind, sweet, gentle Omega lobo with white fur, kulay-lila eyes, and a sweet personality to tie it all together into who she was.
Hutch had a secret crush on Lilly ever since they were pups, but when they were ranked they split. Lilly, being the soft, fragile lobo she is made her very easy to scare, so she became a Omega. Hutch on the other hand was tough, brave, and very muscular and large compared to other wolves, so he became a Beta. So with that, Hutch learned to hunt, lead, and more. As for Lilly, she stayed playful and soft. After that Hutch never saw Lilly much but he still admired her and wanted her as a mate. Sadly, Pack laws didn't allow that to happen. Alpha and Omega couldn't pair, same went for Beta and Gamma wolves. But Hutch planned when he was a pup, that he would make her his. Hutch took a deep breathe and sucked up his might. "Here goes nothing" He sinabi to himself as he started to walk beside her.
"Hey Lilly" He sinabi "How are you?"
"Hey Hutch, I'm good, just taking a walk" Lilly said.
"Mind if I walk with you?" He said
"Of coarse not" She sinabi with a smile. The two walked for a some time before they reached a small creek which flowed through the territory. Hutch stopped for a drink, the refreshing water felt good on his throat which was dry. Lilly lowered her head for a drink, for she was very thirsty from the hot day. "Ah...Refreshing" She sinabi "Nice 'n cool". "Yeah" Hutch said, still drinking. Hutch looked at Lilly while he was drinking, Her beautiful snow colored balahibo glistening in the moon light. Hutch stopped drinking and licks his lips to get the water that was dripping from them. Hutch sat and looked at her balahibo and eyes, Nawawala in a sorta trance which he didn't want to get out of.
"Are you OK?" Lilly said, looking at Hutch, who was drooling a bit and staring unblinking at her. "What? oh yes, I'm uh..fine. Just admiring your beauty." Lilly blushed hard, though her balahibo didn't ipakita it. "Oh, why thank you uh...Hutch, That was very nice of you" She sinabi smiling at him. Hutch couldn't bare much more, his feelings for her making him want to burst. "I have something to tell you..." He said
"Well, what is it? I'm all ears" Lilly said
Hutch choked up for a moment, he was about to say his feelings for Lilly, the lobo of his dreams. Hutch finally got up the courage to say what he needed to say so badly.
"...I...I...I pag-ibig you...I pag-ibig everything about you! Your fur, your eyes, your personality, your smile..." His voice trailed off.
Lilly was shocked sa pamamagitan ng what he said, though she secretly like him and felt the same way.
"Why Thank you Hutch..That was so sweets of you! No one has ever sinabi that to me before" She said
Hutch was surprised sa pamamagitan ng her response "R-Really?"
"Yeah, no one has ever sinabi that to me before" she sinabi smiling.
Hutch had done it, he had sinabi his true feelings for her and sinabi it honestly. "And there is something about you Lilly which just melts me...you make me soft." Hutch said. "But there is one thing that I got to do..."
"That being?" Lilly said
"Let me ipakita you" Hutch sinabi as he walked to her and kissed her. Lilly's eyes widened, not expecting what he was doing, but soon she game in and let hr feelings for him over whelm her and halik him back willing. The two were in their own world, Nawawala in the moment. For a time, the world stopped for the two of them, as if a big milestone had just been set in both of their lives, which it had. Hutch finally pulls away from her, Lilly giggling uncontrollably from what just happened. "Lilly, there is one madami thing I need to know...Will you be my......mate?.." Hutch sinabi wonderingly.
"Yes!....but...what about my mom, she will kill you." Lilly sinabi "Don't worry, I'll deal with her." he sinabi "well....OK!" Lilly said. Hutch smiled widely, he just reached his pup-hood goal. "Well, shall we?" Hutch pointed to his den. "we shall" Lilly sinabi walking with Hutch up to his den. The two shared compliments and secrets with each other as they made the slow walk to his den. When they reached the den, Lilly went inside and looked around.
"It's very clean and neat" Lilly said. "I like my yungib clean and neat" Hutch sinabi "Being a Beta I have learned to be neat and organized." "Same, I like being a bit organized" Lilly said. Hutch then laid down at the back of the yungib tired. Lilly walked over and lays in susunod to him. Hutch nibbled on her ears "I finally had my dream come true" He sinabi proudly "Me too" Lilly sinabi agreeing. Hutch wrapped his bushy tail around Lilly to keep her warm. "Thanks" Lilly sinabi "Anything for you, I'll protect you 'till I die, nothing will hurt you as long as I'm around" Hutch said. "I don't doubt that" Lilly says with with a smile on her face, then lays her head down and soon falls into a deep, peaceful sleep. Hutch then looks out of his yungib up at the night sky, "So peaceful..." he says and then lays his head down, soon drifting off and dreaming about His and Lilly's future together, forever.


© 2010 Lions Gate for characters
© 2011 Hank666 Fanpop.com This is a tagahanga fiction/ parody/ Tribute and isn't competing with the orginal Movie "Alpha and Omega (2010)"
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this is the ONLY scene in Dino Digs that genuinely made me laugh. how sad is that?
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