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Kate finally thought the the only place he would be is at mooch`s den. Kate ran there to see Humphrey sound asleep. Kate liked his for head and snuggled susunod to him. Kate tucked her head under Humphrey`s head. Humphrey was awoken sa pamamagitan ng the brush of Kate`s fur. Humphrey"What..MOOCH!...Where are you?" Kate"It`s OK honey it`s OK." Humphrey started sobbing in Kate`s fur. Humphrey"Why why did he have to die?" Kate"Well some mga lobo just get sick and they can`t take it anymore so they die." Kate"come on lets go home." Humphrey"OK." Kate and Humphrey walked back home. Kate"I`m going to Lilly`s you wana go with Garth?" Humphrey"sure OK." They both walked to Garth and Lilly`s den. When they got to the yungib Garth sinabi to Humphrey"Wana go log boarding?" Humphrey"OK" They went and left Kate and Lilly in the den. Lilly"Why is Humphrey sad?" Kate"His friend
Mooch died." Lilly"Awww por Humphrey." Kate"Yea" Lilly"I was going to ask Garth if he wanted tuta today what about you?" Kate"Yea I`m going to ask Humphrey I want puppies." Lilly"I really want puppies." Kate"Me to." Kate"but he sinabi and that might stress him out." Kate"Maybe the pleasure I`ll give him might calm his nerves." Lilly"Maybe" Lilly and Kate about their mate`s for like a oras then they saw Humphrey and Garth coming back. Lilly and Kate greeted their mates with a kiss. Kate and Humphrey sinabi goodbye and went to their den. (At Lilly`s den) Lilly"Garth." Garth"Yes Lilly." Lilly"I...I..want...puppies." Garth"WHAT!" Lilly"I want them tuta pleas pleas!" Garth"OK I`ll think about it." (Back at Kate and Humphrey`s den) Kate"Humphrey can I ask you something." Humphrey"Yea what is it?" Kate"I want puppies."Humphrey"Oh geez." Kate"Come on Humphrey I want puppies." Humphrey*sigh*"OK" Kate yes we will do it susunod moon light howl." Kate and Humphrey went to sleep.

5:00 pm Lilly awoke from a terrifying yelp. She woke Garth up and sinabi Garth I herd a yelp!" Part 3 please comment if you like I will make part 3
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