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 farting contest!
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Chapter 3: Hutch meets his Match
- - - - -
"So as you can see," Humphrey tells Wildflower after they enter a clearing with different ledges, "The pack is much bigger than it used to be. That's because the Western and Eastern packs were united due to multiple failures during hunts."

"Wow." Wildflower says, a bit astonished, "I have a question, is your mate an Alpha?"

"Yes, Kate is an Alpha." Humphrey replies. "Why do you ask?"

"Just curious." Wildflower says, then she turns her head away for a moment.

"Wow, Humphrey must be an Alpha too if he married Kate. But I thought he was an Omega, like me."...
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Humphrey: take a left! 30 degrees!

Humphrey: Salty! Giver some sail draft!

Salty: i think I taste the wind.

Salty: No, just a bug.

Humphrey: Mooch! Get ready! Lower the boom!

Humphrey: Guys! We really need to work on the breaks!!!

The guys: the breaks?

Mooch: lobo pile!

Shaky: get your butt out of my face!

One of the guys: What did we hit?

Salty: spring!

Humphrey: Look who's back from alpha school.

Salty: Forget about it Humphrey, Kate's an alpha now. And you're an omega.

Humphrey: We're friends!! Ok?

Mooch: Exactly! Just friends. End of story.

salty: you better set your sights over there, Reba and Janice,...
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Chapter 8: Life
    "HUTCH LOOK OUT," shouted Percy as a large buck lowered its antlers and rushed straight towards Hutch. Hutch rolled to his side avoiding the attack. He sunk his claws into the ground to launch himself into the bucks flank. He raked his claws down its side causing it to let out a howl in pain and blood to flow out of its sides. The buck snarled angrily and rammed its side into the cliff, Hutch still attatched. Hutch grunted in pain as he was slammed into the hard rock face and was forced to let go. Hutch bent over in pain as the buck gained distance from...
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Kate just got in limo heading to hollywood. gonna do another movie. she was going to play "THE AMAZING SPIDER-WOLF"
she was just driving and the news was there filming her. "now here she is and jenna just Nawawala all of her money sa pamamagitan ng kate from balto." the news reporter said. and jenna was watching the news. and she had one thought in her head. "MUST KILL KATE!!!!!" then jenna got in her car. few mins later. "hey driver do you got any boose?" kate asked. "uhh hold, yeah, and--" the driver just got knocked out sa pamamagitan ng a crash. "what the fuck?!" kate shouted....
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