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13    "Graduation"    Kōsuke Kawazura, Yūji Miyashita, Misaki Suzuki    June 26, 2010
Three days after the shadows incident, only Otonashi, Yuri, Kanade, Hinata and Naoi remain, the others having already passed on. Per Kanade's idea, they hold a graduation ceremony, where they thank each other for their support. After the ceremony ends, Naoi takes his leave. Yuri makes her peace with Kanade before she leaves, followed shortly sa pamamagitan ng Hinata. With Otonashi and Kanade left, Otonashi suggests that they could stay together to help others who...
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uy guys I know it’s been forever since I’ve updated but here’s the susunod chapter! It’s going to be a bit different from the rest (focusing on a group instead of one particular character) but I liked the idea. Anyway enough of my ramblings sit back, relax and enjoy!
        Hisako walked down the school hallway with her hands in her pockets and a frown on her face. Who knew the afterlife was going to be this tough? I mean for one thing you had to still eat (but apparently you couldn’t die), mga kerubin were attacking people,...
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12    "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"    Katsuzō Hirata, Eiyō Kuragawa    June 19, 2010
As the girls of Girls Dead Monster and many other SSS members decide to pass on, Otonashi and the others continue to fight off the other shadows which are increasing in number, Matsushita has also returned though with a much lighter built. Meanwhile, Yuri explores the Guild and comes up against many shadows. She gets ensnared sa pamamagitan ng one and becomes an NPC, but she manages to fight it and returns thanks to Otonashi, Kanade, Hinata and Naoi, who have come...
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I woke up laying in grass, staring up at the clear blue sky. 'How did I get here?' I thought. I slowly sat up and looked around. To my left there was a putbol goal, same as to my right. Behind them were either trees or some buildings. But in front of me.... There were bleachers and behind them was a massive building.

    "Where am I?" I sinabi aloud. 'How did I get here? I don't remember ever seeing this place before.'

    I heard a kampanilya ring so I got up and climbed the bleachers towards the building. When I walked through the double doors there were dozens...
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06    "Family Affair"    Tadashi Hiramatsu    May 8, 2010
After the SSS members are removed from the reflection room, Yuri suggests everyone try to create disturbances in class to see how far they can go without Naoi interfering, but Naoi comes after them anyway. Otonashi convinces Angel to accompany him to the cafeteria to eat the spicy mapo doufu, but Naoi arrives and throws them in a madami secure reflection room for eating when it was not lunch. Shortly after, the SSS begin a battle between Naoi, who uses the NPCs as shields to prevent...
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Hello! So I have been wondering for sometime what was Kanade's perspective to see all that things happened in Afterlife. How she felt about her being enemy with SSS and how she felt about Otonashi. So I decided to write this Fanfiction for it! I am still not very confident about this one and I as well think its bit lengthy. So I expect your help to make this better!
Thank you for reading! Hope everyone will enjoy!

That faithful night, you came running down to me. You were just another unlucky teenager in my...
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01    "Departure"    Katsuzō Hirata    April 3, 2010

A boy named Otonashi wakes up in the world of the afterlife with no memories of the time when he was still alive. Immediately after waking up, he meets a girl named Yuri pointing a sniper riple at a girl in the distance named Angel. Yuri wants him to sumali her group the SSS—Shinda Sekai Sensen (死んだ世界戦線?, lit. Afterlife War Front)—in fighting against Angel, but Otonashi goes to talk to Angel instead. After Otonashi asks her to prove he cannot die, as he is already...
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Second Ending Song
Singer: Karuta

sasu ga nureta nara
kawaku no mateba ii
mizuoto o tatete haneta

kimi ga oshiete kureta n da mou kowaku nai
nigitte ite kureta kono te o hanasanakya dame da

hitori demo yuku yo tatoe tsurakute mo
minna de mita yume wa kanarazu motteku yo
minna to ga ii na minna to ga yokatta
demo mezameta asa dare mo inai n da ne

mou furikaette mo dare no kage mo nai
mizutamari dake ga hikatta
ikiteku koto sore wa tachimukatte iku koto
sore ga wakatta nara ato wa fumidasu yuuki dake

doko made mo yuku yo koko de shitta koto
shiawase to iu yume o kanaete miseru yo
minna to hanarete mo donna ni...
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posted by lyssarie_02
Insert Song (Episode 10)
Singer: Girl's Dead Monster

kinou mita yume wa mou wasurete shimatta kedo
kono kodou wa mada dokidoki shiteru yo
POKETTO ni arittake no KOIN o tsumekonde miru
kakato o narashi semai heya o deyou

saa hashirinukero kinou to kyou mada minu mirai e to GO
kakumei o okoshi ni ikou yume o kanae ni ikou
kakedashitara doko made mo ikou
AINSHUTAIN no riron mo bukkowashite tsukisusumou

aru hareta hi ni deatta tabibito wa itta
kono saki ni wa areta daichi dakedo
sonna koto yori kono doro darake no kutsu o
aratte yaritai zutto issho dakara

saa koko kara wa jibun to no shoubu tatoe hitori demo...
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11    "Change the World"    Heo Gi Dong, Kōsuke Kawazura, Gi Nam Kim    June 12, 2010
Hinata and Naoi argue about who should help Otonashi when a shadow monster suddenly attacks Naoi, but Otonashi and Hinata are able to destroy it in time. Yuri calls Kanade to a meeting to figure out if she is involved with the shadows, but the meeting is cut short when a group of shadows attack Noda, TK and Shiina. Yuri and the others jump in and everyone is safe, but Yuri notices during the battle that one of the NPCs transformed into a shadow. Fujimaki...
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posted by MaddieChan
Yuri Nakamura (仲村 ゆり, Nakamura Yuri) is the founder and leader of the Afterlife-based school organization Shinda Sekai Sensen. She leads the campaign of a number of students who fight against God, whom they blame for their cruel fates.

Yuri is a girl with purple colored hair and sea green-colored eyes. She is always wearing a headband with a
Yuri is very happy in this picture.yellow/green ribbon on it.
In the events prior to founding of the SSS, she wears the default school uniform, consisting of a white polo sando under a sandy brown blazer and a short black pleated skirt. After she...
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I'm xAureliusx, and I think that it is an abomination to humanity that Angel Beats was discontinued after 13 episodes.

Here's my solution!

Some of the preliminary information was derived from an Angel Beats tagahanga forum(stackexchange).



➊ Explanation of the Angel Beats Universe

➋ The Angel Beats 2.0 Theory

➌ Controversy

➍ Final Thoughts

Thanks guys. It is time to lay it down: the...
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posted by lyssarie_02
Insert Song (Episode 3)
Singer: Girl's Dead Monster

mugen ni ikitai mugen ni ikiraretara subete kanau
demo iro n na mono ga atashi o oikondeku
ikiru nokori jikan yume no zahyou yukue
zenbu daiji na mono na no ni
ii sa kokora de chotto amai mono tabete iko
sou iu shikou teishi bakari tokui ni natta

aruite kita michi furikaeru to IYA na koto bakkari de mou unzari da yo
fureru mono o kagayakashite yuku sonna michi o ikite kitakatta yo

mushou ni ikitai asette bakari no hibi subete kiesou
demo sabotte mo miru datte tsukarechau ja nai sonna mujun shikou
atashi atama dokka shiranai uchiutta mitai da
ikka kokora...
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Otonashi watched as Kanade disappeared, his arms felt lighter, less warm - His puso pounded, as he realised just how much he was going to miss her. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

'Goodbye, Kanade Tachibana... I pag-ibig you! With all of my heart!!!'

What do I do now? I have so many people to help, but I feel so... Alone...

-Time Passes-

Otonashi walked down the corridor, until he left the block of classrooms and headed towards the vending machine. He decided to grab an iced coffee. Days had passed since Kanade and the others had disappeared. He felt like a piece of him was missing and he was drowning....
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posted by lyssarie_02
Insert Song (Episode 3)
Singer: Girl's Dead Monster

iradachi o doko ni butsukeru ka sagashiteru aida ni owaru hi
sora wa haiiro o shite sono saki wa nani mo mienai
joushiki butteru yatsu ga waratteru tsugi wa donna uso o iu
sore de erareta mono daiji ni kazatte okeru no
demo asu e to susumanakya naranai
dakara kou utau yo

naiteru kimi koso kodoku na kimi koso
tadashii yo ningenrashii yo
otoshita namida ga kou iu yo
konna ni mo utsukushii uso ja nai hontou no bokura o arigatou

kanaetai yume ya todokanai yume ga aru koto
sore jitai ga yume ni nari kibou ni nari hito wa ikite ikeru n daro
tobira wa aru soko...
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posted by Soul_Dragneel
I open my eyes again, to a sleepy morning
I tighten the tie around my neck
When I pass through the classroom door I can walk in with my chest puffed out proudly
Such a wind blows past everyday life
I thought I heard it
I even thought I felt it
Now it starts to shake within my chest
I thought it would come soon
As those millions of stars vanished
I watched them fade
I waved them good-bye
Im glad

Overlooking the corner of the hall as I sweep
I think something is odd
Even though the time within me has stopped
Its like Im living different days
The dust falls and piles up like snow
I thought they were waiting
I even...
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posted by IamKyon
Hello guys! ^^
This is my true confession about how Angel Beats! have changed my life! Its a bit lengthy, but please read it and share your experience also!

I have been a crybaby from very start. Even when I grew up, I used to cry over little tiny things. Everyone used to tease me saying "You are such a crybaby" "You are so weak!" or used to scold me, yell at me saying "Don't cry, its not good for anyone if you cry!" "Its so irritating" "Try other ways to express your feelings" But what is another way? No one told me ever! I felt like being misguided. I am really weak at expressing my feelings....
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posted by UltmateUltima
 mistymaydawngo 's Kiley
mistymaydawngo 's Kiley
Ok, so here are 2 of my sketches. The one with the kulay-rosas hair and green eyes is mistymaydawngo 's OC for Angel Beats! : Kiley!
The segundo one is Zack Fair from FINAL pantasiya VII: CRISIS CORE copyright SQUAR ENIX. Tell me what you think in the comments.

If you want you can ask me to draw your OC too but please provide a good paglalarawan or just some crappy picture to give me a idea. See my other sketch in the artikulo about Katsune Iyo.

Yes, Kiley and Katsune look alike because I used the same model character Tifa Lockhart as their pose thing and so they look similar but I hope its not that vast of a similarity. Oh yeah and heres a fun thing you can include in your comment:

Rate each pic (#1-Kiley or #2-Zack) from this scale::
2- You could do better
3- Its a OK pic
4- Its awesome
5- Masterpiece

And be sure to point out anything I can work on. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT MY FEELINGS!!
 Zack Fair copyright SQUARE ENIX
Zack Fair copyright SQUARE ENIX
uy guys new chapter alert! Wow I got two down in one week yay for me! I was debating on doing one for Noda and well here it is! I felt I knew enough about the character to write this, and I promise I’ll get to the graduation group next! Oh and the term “hikkikomori” will ipakita up, it basically means a self-secluded person who stays locked up in their room for a very long time usually found in teenagers under stress, you’ll see why you need to know it. Oh and it's good to do a disclaimer everyone once and a while to avoid ridiculous copy right so; i do not own Angel Beats, i own a Maka...
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posted by Azur_Fenix
Kyousuke is a loner sa pamamagitan ng nature. in life he kept his distance from others, because of his abandonment sa pamamagitan ng his parents made him mapait and cold. others believed him to be absolute jerk and because of this he was shunned and hated. despite what others may think of him sa pamamagitan ng his attitude he is actually kind and caring though he goes far out of his way to hide this fact. he doesn't remember how he died

update: Kyousuke is in relationship with Katsune Iyo. Has also remembered how he died with her help. he is madami open and friendlier then he was and will do anything to protect Katsune even at the cost of his soul.

update: has faded from the afterlife after the revelation that Katsune's puso belonged to another. leaving behind only a kuwintas as evidence that he was ever there.

Age: 19
Gender: male
eyes: green
hair: light brown
Height: 6'5
weight: 178
preferred weapon: Shot mga baril and katanas
theme song: link