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 mga hayop wolpeyper
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This mga hayop litrato might contain ligaw na kabayo.

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 little Aika (4 months)
little Aika (4 months)
This is my dog Aika when she was 4 months...actually my uncle and his girlfriend bought her...But my uncle is like my father to me,he raised me and took care of me since I was a child <3...But now he moved away with his girlfriend M.- she's really nice...Now he lives just a few couple meters away from me...

So it started like this his girlfriend M. really wanted to have a dog...when I heard that.. I was really happy because I pag-ibig mga hayop but I also knew that this is never gonna happen cause my uncle yeah he really wasn't a big tagahanga of Aso and everything..he didn't actually hate animals...
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bottle feeding
lion cubs
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