yoshiyoka futaba

Authored by Naruto106


Futaba is a considerably cute young girl with mid-length, brown hair and slightly big, golden eyes. She tends to not see her self as very "girly", but sometimes tries to wear makeup and gets irritated whenKou tells her "it doesn't suit her", which she sort of agrees with. Due to this, she doesn't really believe Toma when he is trying to tell her how feminine she is. Later on, she decides to wear makeup, lose weight, and sometimes puts her hair behind her ear for a cuter look (disregarding Kou's opinion).

Futaba is usually seen wearing her school uniform consisting of a white shirt, stripped tie, a black sweater tied around her waist, and a skirt with knee-length black socks and black shoes. Outside school she usually wears casual clothing, but prefers wearing cute clothes, such as skirts, pink t-shirts and t-shirts with lots of hearts printed on them.


In high school, Futaba's character has drastically taken a turn. No longer feminine not even cute, she tries to make herself appear as unattractive as possible - walking in a not so feminine manner, eating lots of food and not caring about her physical look. The reason for this is that she had been outcasted in middle school by all of the girls due to favoritism from the boys. Determined to have friends in high school, she sacrifices her true, girly self for her classmates approval, even being best friends with girls who didn't really care about their friendship in the first place. After befriending Kou once again, along with Yuuri, Shuuko, and Aya, Futaba learned to live for herself and faces the world honestly. Futaba is strong-willed, stubborn, yet passionate and caring.

Futaba can be a little indecisive when it comes to what she should do about her feelings for Kou. She gets sort of irritated easily when she can't figure out how Kou feels or thinks. Despite Futaba's kindness, she can become uneasy either when Yuuri is trying to become very close with Kou, but mostly Kou and Narumi'srelationship.


Since middle school, Futaba has always believed that boys were simply too rough and violent for her taste. With the petite Tanaka-kun as the only exception, she yearned to get to know him better and eventually shared brief, sentimental moments with him - including a plan to go to the summer festival together. Accidentally telling a boy in her school, Naito, that she hated boys within Kou's hearing proximity, she worries about his opinion of her but convinces herself that he understands that he is special. The summer festival arrives but Kou doesn't show up. Returning from the summer vacation, it is acknowledged that Kou had transferred to another school without a word. Futaba experiences the epiphany that she felt attraction for the boy and regrets how their relationship had become.