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alliekaat posted on Jan 11, 2012 at 06:42PM
Here's a request from Shine to submit your views on the show:

Via Merlin Official Facebook:

"If you're a fan of Merlin, then Shine Group (part of the company that produce Merlin, Shine TV) would like to hear from you. We're looking for people who have been inspired by the series and have a story to tell us. We would primarily like to hear your views about the programme. What makes you a fan? What appeals to you about the show? What was your favourite series, who are your favourite characters or moment from the show? How has Merlin inspired you or changed your life? If you love all things Merlin and would be happy to be interviewed, or would like to find out more please email with subject header ‘Merlin Fan’(by midday Friday 13th January)."

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas MikeAP001 said…
This is a bit late. (Sorry, I'm from the US). But, I like the program for a number of reasons. Primarily these are:

1) The use of the Hero Archetype of story telling in literature coupled with elements of comedy in the format of melodrama using a backdrop of Romance, Myth and Legend. It makes for a charming diversion.

2) The use of basic psychologic principles regarding Ego Defense Mechanisms and Group dynamics to show how healthy versus non-healthy methods can lead to success or failure (It's very simplified but like a morality play it is there and teaches an important lesson about maturity and growth).

What I don't like is that in Series 4, Merlin has been emotionally stunted--- delayed if not taken back a bit.