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ellarose88 posted on Mar 08, 2013 at 10:34PM
Now that the show has ended let’s go back and rewatch the episodes with a whole new perspective. We have watched the characters develop and gotten to know them well. Some we love more than others, but now our perspectives have changed as we know how everything turns out. Let’s have fun looking at the story unfold with our new perspectives from when we first watched the respective episodes. (Thanks to the folks over at tvdotcom for ideas we’ve borrowed from them.)

Moderators for Season 1:

Rules are as follows:

I. We are getting started with 1x01 on Saturday, January 12, 2013 and a new forum will be opened every following Saturday. Moderators will post following the order in the list above to open threads and we’ll be watching the episodes in sequence. We will then be watching the last episode of Season 1 (1x13) on the week beginning April 6th.

II. Every moderator opening a rewatching thread should copy and paste the information in this entry (Introduction, List of moderators, Rules and Master List) at the top. That way, keeping track of the turns and our progress will be easier and also having the rules at hand will be useful for those who may have decided to join us part way through.

III. Everyone opening a rewatching thread is responsible for reminding the next person in the list to do the same the following Saturday (sending a pm on Friday should do it).

IV. Anyone not being able to open a thread on a particular Saturday can swap turns with the next person in the list (or anyone else) as long as they keep track of their respective turns.

V. People taking part can jump in with comments, but just because you watch and comment on a particular episode does not mean it’s compulsory to watch every single episode to be a part of this rewatching.

VI. Anyone is most welcome to join at any time. Also, new moderators will be added to the list when we get them.

VII. If you don’t have dvd’s or subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime, the first four seasons are available free (with ads) on hulu: link

Also famfan suggested­-oon­­­li­n­­­e.­­p­h­­p

VIII. Constructive criticism of characters/actors is always in order, but please no bashing.

IX. Let’s have fun down memory lane. Be inspired to do fanfics, fanvids, and fanart.

Here’s a master list of a twelve items we’ll be looking for in all episodes. The moderator will post the lists (as filled in) at her convenience. Anybody can suggest any they see though. Mods will also be posting their own questions for discussion.

A. Anything that has to do with Arwen.
B. Lives saved.
C. R.I.P. list.
D. Who spent time in the dungeon?
E. Times Arthur is knocked unconscious or prevented from knowing about Merlin's magic
F. Great dragon predictions/riddles.
G. Statements about Arthur becoming the great king of legend.
H. What Uther says about magic.
I. Progress or resets in Arthur/Merlin relationship
J. Guest star special characters.
K. Morgana dreams.
L. Knights of the round table appearances.
 Now that the ipakita has ended let’s go back and rewatch the episodes with a whole new perspective. We

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ellarose88 said…
Okay guys, this time with the questions I've decided to do it a different way just to see if we can inspire more discussion. Now I'll be honest, I haven't watched this episode yet (nor the 6 episodes before it, I'm so behind), so its based on what I remember.

Firstly, I want you guys to use the following two headings when you comment:

What I liked about the episode:

What I didn't like about the episode:

Feel free to discuss anything you want under each heading. You can talk about any plot holes or things that could have been added to improve the episode.

Some questions to ask yourself to help you answer the headings...

+ Your thoughts on Nimueh's plan in using The Black Knight (aka Irgaine's brother Tristan) to challenge each knight to fight to the death. Did you sympathize with her wanting revenge after learning Uther banned magic when she used it to help Igraine get pregnant with Arthur and she died afterwards?

+ Did you feel any sympathy towards Uther after finding out the truth behind Arthur's birth and how he lost his wife or did it make you disagree with his attitude towards magic even more?

+ Your thoughts on Arthur's character progression throughout the episode.

+ What were your feelings of Uther's relationship with his son in this episode? Did you agree with Uther having Arthur be given a sleeping potion and locked in his chambers so Uther could fight in his place?

+ What did you think of Merlin going to Gwen to get a sword to help Arthur? Did you think that Gwen's father having made the sword (that would be later be known as Excailbur and forged under dragon's breath) was a sign that one day Gwen would become Arthur's queen? Or just a coincidence that was not planned by the writers?

+ Any of the characters interactions with each other (i.e: Merlin/Arthur, Uther/Arthur, Uther/Nimueh, Merlin/The dragon) that you want to discuss.

+Any plot holes!

etc etc...

Like I said above, discuss anything that relates to the episode, it might be something you did not notice before when you first watched it but you noticed it now. You don't have to answer these questions above, they are just a guide to help inspire you.

Have fun watching!

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 Okay guys, this time with the tanong I've decided to do it a different way just to see if we can i
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas sportyshuie said…
One of my fav episode because it involves Excalibur! Will watch tomorrow because there's footie/soccer on tv tonight, lol! Anyway ... Another thing that I really liked here is the small bedside conversation Merlin and Gwen has in her home about the sword. Cute.
ellarose88 commented…
Can't wait to read your thoughts. I need to catch up on the episodes I missed though, which is quite a few! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas HumbleQueen said…
I'm coming! I need to make a couple of comments for episode 8 because I'm late with that. Hope
tomorrow. I like this one. Not a big fan of ep. 8 but I like this one. Good job with the new format, Millie. See you guys soon hopefully.
ellarose88 commented…
I don't know how I missed this comment! I'm glad you like the new format. I just hope some people respond soon about the episode! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas HumbleQueen said…
Some thoughts I always have when I watch this.

1. For me the focus was on the Uther/Arthur relationship. Of course we all know Uther's actions against magic had their roots in the death of his wife, who we find out he loved dearly, but yet, he wanted a son, an heir. At first you're made to feel the point was for there to be a male child to carry on the throne and he had little care for Arthur himself, but as the episode progresses you see Uther's actions were not solely to keep his son for the kingship but that final scene between the two shows so much more. I never tire listening to the father tell his son how much he means to him, and Arthur's reaction is precious beyond words. This scene was so well acted by Bradley and Anthony and so very realistic. Even the little horse play at the end was a right and realistic conclusion to it.

2. I always really feel for Merlin in this episode. The whole deal between Uther and Gaius putting Arthur out of commission was completely outside of Merlin's knowledge. There was nothing he could do about it and so the fact that Uther used the sword wasn't really his fault. Yet, the dragon totally blamed him like he had betrayed him. How could Merlin tell the king he couldn't use the sword unless he told him the whole truth, which he certainly couldn't do that.

3. I felt Morgana had such a genuine concern for Arthur and was sincerely worried about him. What a contrast to later times. I always felt her concern for him was so deep, they should have let remnants of it remain in her character later on. Her always wanting to kill him so easily was just too unrealistic IMO.

4. Arthur's struggle. He felt he needed to do it. In some sense he wall bullheaded but in another he was honorable. But I think Uther was right to not let him do it. And from that he learned how much his father cared for him and he grew from that.

5. I didn't get too much of a sense of the Arthur/Merlin relationship. This episode I think it was in the backdrop of the father/son relationship. Except for what Uther said to Merlin when he was preparing him for the battle.

6. The scene early on when Gwen brought the good luck token to Owain, I don't know, there seemed to be some sort of tension there with Gwen and Arthur but there shouldn't have been in that story. Did anyone else pick it up? I mean soon as he saw her at the door he turned away and then when he was watching her give the cloth to Owain I felt some tension. Maybe just my imagination.

Well the two of them get plenty interaction next week.

What I liked about the episode was the focus on the father and son and how that was resolved. And yes, I totally agreed with Uther giving him the potion and locking him up. Nothing would have stopped Arthur from going out there and getting killed! (without Excalibur that is)

What I didn't like was how Merlin didn't properly explain himself to the dragon. Not a biggy, but I felt dissatisfied by that afterwards.

But all in all, it's an episode I have always enjoyed.

If I think of more to say, I'll hop back on.
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Arina0122 commented…
pag-ibig your answer. #1 I remember feeling this was a great Arthur/Uther relationships. I agree with you. I have madami to say, but later. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Arina0122 said…
Again, busy. I have not have a chance to re-watch one of my favorite episodes. Plan to soon as I finish the last one.
HumbleQueen commented…
We can all identify, Regina. We do it when we can. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas sportyshuie said…
Arghhhhh ..... Somehow I'm having trouble watching online. If the same problem causes me to lose another day, I'm going with my DVD.
HumbleQueen commented…
Alright, Sweetie. Stay calm. :) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas sportyshuie said…
FINALLY WATCHED IT ... giving myself a big PAT on my back. WIth the lousy streaming in my country, i managed to watch it without having to use my DVD which i am preserving from scratches, LOL!!

So, A very enjoyable, memorable episode and featured a very important item from the lore; a connection between Arthur and the legend ... Excalibur. I was excited when i saw the trailer for this episode because for me, the series is not complete without the sword. But was really intriguing was the curiousity of how thw sword will play into the series so early on with Arthur still being a prince. But i must say, the plot was well scripted and laid out. And that's why it's one of the anticipated and enjoyed episode in Season 1.

So the answers ...

What I liked about the episode?

1. The relationship between father and son. This was the core of the story and it was well told, explained and acted by the responsible actors in the episode. We get a glimpse about Arthur's birth, why magic was banned, why Uther protects his son fiercely and why he sometimes disaproves Arthur's actions in this single episode. Every scene with the father and the son is enjoyed and liked by us the audience.

2. The explanation about the ban on magic. We had been rather confused in the beginning of the series as to why Uther had been acting rather nastily towards those who has magic and performs sorcery. In fact we even label him tyrant but now we know why. His faith in magic was challenged through the death of his wife and we can see the pain of the loss on his face when he is visited by Nimueh. And for once, I agree with him. I am not saying what he does is right but by putting myself in his shoes, when i have a child who is born through magic and lost someone i love through the same magic, i will also act like Uther. It's the nature of human. Its easy to deny that we wont do what Uther does but when we are faced in the same situation, we will opt for that ... the easiest way out by blaming the others.

3. Uther's love for his wife and son. In this episode we saw a different side of the king, the human side. He loves his wife and son so much that he is willing to lay his own life down. The scene where Nimueh describes Uther's wife as barren and Uther warns her not to call that ... It just goes to show the depth of the love Uther has for his wife. And the pain on his face when he accidenatally agrees with Nimueh that Arthur shouldnt have been born ... brilliant acting by Ash. Salute to him.
And his love for Arthur where he is willing to risk his own life as an exchange for his son ... he nails it. He is father first and king later. When he asks Gaius to drug Arthur, he just potrays what an ordinary father he is. Anyone in his shoes will do the same. And the final scene where he expresses himself to Arthur; something he rarely does is ... worth watching overe and over again.

4. Merlin's loyalty. No longer the village boy, Merlin has accepted his role well and adapting to his destiny nicely. He is willing to go to any length to save Arthur's life and for a servant, it seems a little extra ordinary. Uther realised it and appreciated it. I just wished they had inserted a scene Arthur appreciating Merlin after finding out about the sword from his father. It would have been nice.

5. The finding of the sword. This is a pivotal scene in the series. No one knows the origin of the excalibur so it was a nice twist to know that Gwen's father made the sword. GWEN"S FATHER !!! Yes, i was surprised by the detail but since this was a fresh take on the legend, anything was possible. But it was a clever twist after all.

6. Merlin. Like nanna said, I felt for Merlin. He wanted to help, genuinely. And was willing to go extra length to save Arthur but isnt appreciated. Goes to Kilgarrah and promises only for the plan to take a different angle. The only person who appreciates him are Gwen, Gaius and surprisingly Uther.

7. Nimueh Something about her in this episode intrigues and makes me sad. I feel for her. Ygraine's death isnt her fault. Like she says, the balance of the circle must be restored and she is not god to choose whom she wants as a replacement. So Uther cannot blame her but he did and started purging her family for his loss. And that is why i feel her sadness, grief and anger.

8. Gwen and Merlin No episode is complete without these two best friends. The scene they had was a small one but it was significant for the entire series. Cute and very memorable, it was parallel to another scene which has Arthur in the same position talking to Merlin who will be holding a sword in his hand. Cool huh?

The rest tomorrow.
 FINALLY WATCHED IT ... giving myself a big PAT on my back. WIth the lousy streaming in my country, i
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas MISAforever said…
+Nimueh's plan: I loved the fact it was actually Igraine's brother that she used. I wish there was more story about him. I understand that he might resent Uther, as she does, but for different reasons. It would be intertesting to have a glimpse into that storyline, which we of course never had. I don't think he was a real himself but just a Nimueh's puppet. I felt bad for the knights cause they didn't stand a chance and there wasn't anything they could do about it. Collateral damage. I didn't really sympathise with Nimueh. She was the one responsible for everything even though she may did not want it. She should have known better. Back before and then.
Uther: Haven't you tired of revenge?
Nimueh: Haven't you? You began this war when you threw me from the court and slaughtered all of my kind.
Uther: You brought it on yourselves. You practiced evil!

+ I must say I felt sympathy towards Uther. He loved his wife, and he didn't want to lose her. He felt tricked and betrayed. And someone as powerful as him could easily seek revange and that is exactly what he did. And that's maybe understandable. But it is also a chracteristic of week people. And that made him a poor king.

+ Arthur finally being a crowned prince. He looked really happy and it was nice to see it, even for a little while. And later, actually acting like that; trying to protect his knights and actually being the one who challanges the Black Knight. He was again showing markings of a great king and also a great person. And I actually hoped to see his fight with his uncle. I was a bit disappointed we didn't get to see Arthur wielding the Excalibur.

+ This was one of the rare episodes I actually loved Uther's actions! We were shown he was not just a ruthless king but an actual person with emotions. So flawled and hurt. And ASH was brilliant as always! We got to finally see him caring so much about his wife and son. He even called her his heart and soul. And that was really sweet. I agreed when he "druged" Arthur, but I wish he had told him the truth instead. He should had known. Though this was better than the alternative, letting him go into his death. He was willing to literally give his life for him, just as Igraine did one. It shows the depth of the feelings ( Plot hole in season 5 when he came back as a ghost) he has for his son.
"I believed you would die, that was a risk I could not take. You are too precious to me. You mean more to me than anything I know. More than this entire kingdom and certainly more than my own life." ---> this is one of my favorite quotes as I love their relationship! Uther acted so many times as if this weren't true, as if he only cared about Camelot but I believe deep down he did all of that because of the love for his son. It was not easy for him not lose a wife like that and to rise alone a child. He did best he could and the man Arthur became is a proof he actually did a great job!

+ Merlin, Gwen and the Excalibur: I was soooo disappointed Arthur never found out where the sword came from. In my head, I like to believe Gwen recogized it! It defintely has a meaning. And I loved when Merlin told her that he needs the sword to save Arthur, my shipper heart screamed it's an Arwen moment!

+Any plot holes!
I never understood how someone, like the Black knight did, can simply crash into the castle, and not be seized. It was the same situation later with Morgause. Also, Arthur's being crowned prince and the crown he got, he already had in the episode with Valiant.

+Last thing, I agree with Nanna about a moment of tension between Arthur and Gwen. Or it was Bradley and Angel. They have such amazing chemistry, it was definitely there!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas sportyshuie said…
Continuing from last night ..

What I like about the episode

9. Arthur's transformation First I like the scene opened with the crowning of Prince Arthur. It was refreshing. And after the crowning, Arthur behaves like a prince should; shouldering his responsibility well. I am in awe with the manner he protects his knights. We know in the lore Arthur is attached with his knights so in this episode, to get the glimpses of that trait is awesome.

10. Gaius and Uther's friendship We been informed from time to time about Gaius's role in Uther's purge and his role as Uther's counselor. But in this episode we get to watch it and helps us to futher understand their relationship. It warms to watch the scene where Uther confides to Gaius about Nimeh and asking Gaius to keep Arthur's birth a secret. Brilliant acting by the two veterans!

What I don't like about the episode

1. Arthur's hastiness I understand with being crowned as the crown prince, Arthur has his responsibility upon the kingdom and his knights. But i also find his actions a bit too hasty and reckless. Like Merlin says, Arthur portrays his bravery but casts his wisdom aside. There is no point in getting himself killed for a petty cause. Thankfully Uther intervenes and saves the day. I think it was rather refreshing to see how flawed Arthur was because he is just a prince. This are the types of mistakes he learns from which will later enable him to transform into the mighty king we all love.

2. Lack of arwen I being honest here. I was itching for an arwen scene and didn't get any. I am not sure about the scene that Nanna's describes because i didn't pay much attention. There could have been tension between Arthur and Gwen, or not ... i dont know. But after 9 episodes, when one doesnt get any scene between them, i just went mad.

3. Plot Holes Simple as that. No episode is without plot holes. The biggest plot hole and a mystery until now is the alertness of the guards in Camelot. Up until season 5, anyone can just pass the guards unnoticed! And the guards are alert to Arthur who visits Gwen in season 4 which is another story for another time. Second, why didnt Gwen realise the sword in season 4 finale? And why didnt Gwen's father enquire about the sword? The crown, yes Joppa. I saw that too. And the lake Merlin throws Excalibur, isnt it Avalon. If the goddamn (pardon my language) is so close to camelot, why did Merlin take two days to get there in the finale? And why couldnt Gwen see Arthur on last time before being floated off? Well, that's another plot hole for the future.

4. Lack of backstory on Tristan It would have been nicer if we were told about the revenge and the tension between Uther and tristan. Would have helped us to sympathise Uther even more. But then i believe time constraint played some part but then, a two parter would have been appreciated.

Favourite Moments

1. Merlin and Gwen with Excalibur.

2. Gaius and Uther

3. Arthur and Uther

4. Merlin and Uther

5. Uther and Nimueh.

Favourite lines in the episode

Are you sure we should be doing this?

You're not scared, are you?

No, I love old crypts. I wouldn't be seen dead anywhere else.

[The door slams behind them.]

Must've been a gust of wind.

We should've brought a torch.

MERLIN Leohtbora.

[Merlin lights a torch sitting in the wall of the Tunnel Corridor.]

Huh. Handy!


You show him the most extraordinary loyalty.

That is my job, Sire.

But beyond the line of duty.

Well... You could say...that there is a bond between us.

I'm glad. Look after him.

Be damned! I believed you would die. And that was a risk I could not take. You are too precious to me. You mean more to me than anything I know, more than this entire kingdom, and certainly more than my own life.

I... always thought that...


That...I was a big disappointment to you.

Well, that is my fault, and not yours. You are my only son. And I wouldn't wish for another.

Well, that was it . Have a great weekend everyone and see you all with another thrilling episode next.
Signing off with my baby below.

 Continuing from last night .. <b> What I like about the episode </b> 9. <i> Arthur's transforma
MISAforever commented…
The line with Uther and Arthur always melts my heart! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
HumbleQueen commented…
Well, I must say, Shu. You really give well thought out and comprehensive answers. And you followed Millie's format which I neglected to do. Working on ep. 10 now. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas HumbleQueen said…
I have watched episode 10 now and I'm now working on my questions. I'll try to follow your format as best I can, Millie, and I realize now I didn't follow it when answering my questions on this one. Let's see how it goes then.
ellarose88 commented…
That's okay Hon! I liked your thoughts anyway! And I just looked at your tanong for 1x10 and they are great. God I need to catch up on so many episodes is ain't funny! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Arina0122 said…
What I liked about the episode:

The scenes with Merlin and Gwen, first at the feast when she is teasing him and later when he asks for the sword; their bond of friendship can be felt and seen; one of those pure deep feelings you have for someone. Where they are more like family; you could see that they worked well together and shared a lot.

I’m a little shallow here, but I loved the way the knights looked when the black knight came in and challenged the first time and all the knights drew their swords, just loved it. I feel Bradley did an excellent job with Arthur different expression though out the episode.

Overall, the plot and flow of the episode was well done. That they bought back a villain, I liked and she was persisted and did not give up. I may not agree with what she was doing, but you got to give her just dues for sticking to it. She was calm and in control with herself.

I love Gwen and she is always my favorite in an episode, but Arthur was truly my favor in this one after Gwen. He showed concerns for an inexperience knight and he encouraged and gave him hope until the end and then his concern for another knight who was well experienced, but was injured and stilled healing.

What I didn't like about the episode:

Bad filming/editing on the fight scene; when Owain was fighting. On the close ups of Arthur he is leaning forward all tense and worried about the fight. However, in the distance scenes Arthur is laid back like nothing is wrong. So when they flash back and forward between the two it scenes contrast each other instead of blending together.

Some questions to ask yourself to help you answer the headings...

+ the use of the Black Knight was a good move. The knight wanted Uther dead and therefore would continue on even if it meant killing everyone in the kingdom to get to Uther. And since he was dead he could not lose the fights in theory. I am not sure it was her plan for the knight to challenge each of Camelot knights one by one. The challenged was made anyone could have accepted. Uther chose not to; he knew why the night was there.

No, I did not sympathize with her on this matter. First, I don’t agree with revenge. Ok, now she had to know that Irgaine might die. She said to create a life one must die that was the cost. Who did she think was going to die? She was a high priestess.

Also, later she showed she could control who died. So she should have been able to then. (This is a plot hole)

+no, I did not feel any sympathy towards Uther for the same reason as Nimueh. He knew the price was high. That someone would die. Who did he think it would be? Himself, some random person in the kingdom; there was a price to be paid and he paid it.

Yes/no. I disagree, but no more than I already disagreed.

+ I loved Arthur’s character in this episode. Here were hints of the king he was to become. Just and fair thinking of his knights as equals. There can’t be one rule for me and another for the knights.

+ Uther trying to protect his son was nice to see. It actually allows us to see Uther slightly different. I liked the sleeping potion, because I loved the scene where Arthur comes in after the fight and Gaius runs out. I believe he should have told the truth about who the knight was. It would have been better coming from him.

+ By Merlin going to Gwen just showed the trust and bond that the two have with each other. The interaction about the grant you anything line was so sweet. Merlin faces hinted to me that there was some interest in Gwen. The look on his face was like let me think about this; then oh, yeah back to saving Arthur.
Yes, I believe it was a sign that Gwen would one day marry Arthur and become the queen.

+ Merlin and the dragon, was interesting. The dragon says it is not my destiny to save Arthur; it is yours. I loved how Merlin reasoned with him. Don’t you think the dragon would have wanted to help save Arthur any way; since saving Arthur was to benefit him? I always wondered what was so terrible that he was hesitant in helping in this manner. Had a sword like that been created before and caused major damage. Just a thought.