Arthur and Gwen Re-watching Merlin 2x11 - "The Witch's Quickening"

HumbleQueen posted on Aug 24, 2013 at 07:00PM
Welcome back to our Merlin re-watch. We have all had the opportunity to re-watch series 1 with a whole new perspective. We saw how the characters were at the beginning and the journeys they all faced in series 1. Now it is time to continue our journey and re-watch series 2 and see how our perspectives might change seeing as we know how the story ends. (Thanks to the folks over at tvdotcom for ideas we've borrowed from them.)

Moderators for Season 2:


Rules are as follows:

I. We are getting started with 2x01 on Saturday, June 15, 2013 and a new forum will be opened every following Saturday. Moderators will post following the order in the list above to open threads and we’ll be watching the episodes in sequence. We will then be watching the last episode of Season 2 (2x13) on the week beginning September 7th.

II. Every moderator opening a re-watching thread should copy and paste the information in this entry (Introduction, List of moderators and Rules) at the top. That way, keeping track of the turns and our progress will be easier and also having the rules at hand will be useful for those who may have decided to join us part way through.

III. Everyone opening a re-watching thread is responsible for reminding the next person in the list to do the same the following Saturday (sending a pm on Friday should do it).

IV. Anyone not being able to open a thread on a particular Saturday can swap turns with the next person in the list (or anyone else) as long as they keep track of their respective turns.

V. People taking part can jump in with comments, but just because you watch and comment on a particular episode does not mean it’s compulsory to watch every single episode to be a part of this re-watching.

VI. Anyone is most welcome to join at any time. Also, new moderators will be added to the list when we get them.

VII. If you don’t have dvd’s or subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime, the first four seasons are available free (with ads) on hulu: link

Also famfan suggested­-oooo­­o­­o­­­n­­­­­­­­­­­l­­­­­­­in­­­­­­­­­­­e­­­­.­­­­­­­­­p­­­­­­­­h­­­­p­

VIII. Constructive criticism of characters/actors is always in order, but please no bashing.

IX. Let’s have fun down memory lane. Be inspired to do fanfics, fanvids, and fanart.

X. Each week the moderator will post questions/headings and suggestions for people to discuss about the episode, the plot, the characters and relationships. Don't feel pressured to answer every question/headings, answer the questions you want. Feel free to add anything about the episode, even if it isn't mentioned. It's more than welcomed!

Now let's continue our re-watch of Series 2 with The Witch's Quickening....

 Welcome back to our Merlin re-watch. We have all had the opportunity to re-watch series 1 with a whol

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas HumbleQueen said…
It’s obvious that this is considered one of the key episodes in the development of Morgana into her dark side. I was just reading an excellent review on this episode at tvdotcom and agree with the reviewer in his/her perspective on this. I think for my supplemental discussion points for this particular episode, I’m going to grab some of the thoughts from this review.

Here are the questions/headings and suggestions for discussions:/b>

+ Best moment(s):
+ Worst moment(s):
+ Favourite quote(s):
+ Your thoughts on the villain of the week:
+ Best character development:
+ Best duo development:
+ Your thoughts on the plot progression and conclusion:
+ Anything else:

<b>Things you might discuss (taken from the review by SVFancross at tvdotcom):

+This was obviously a key episode with respect to Morgana’s journey to the dark side, but fell a little flat because of a lack of buildup in prior episodes. What do you think?

+ While watching this last night, I was struck by the fact that when Uther gave that final warning, he was talking directly to Morgana and knew she was the betrayer. (Hadn’t noticed that before.) She stared him back, and the way the scene played out, she didn’t deny it by her actions. What a compelling and emotional scene/confrontation between the two of them. I agree that it was a pivotal moment. But something in me brings a snag because in Season Three, Uther didn’t seem to be as wary of Morgana as he should have been, especially his reaction to everything in the final season 3 episodes. What do you think? How do you see this aspect of things?

+The reviewer feels the show did an excellent job of setting up Mordred for the future and why he would hate Arthur. Of course no one would dispute the performance by young Asa, the sweet child with Morgana and the ruthless killer and opponent of Merlin. Any thoughts on how this actually played out in Season 5?

+ According to the review, Arthur in this episode was indeed the killing machine. He slaughtered all who were not wearing a Camelot uniform. It was no wonder, said the reviewer, that Mordred, “whose instinctive use of lethal force was already unnerving, turns into a powerful, violent, and bitter enemy.” However, SVFancross blames this on Merlin, not Arthur. What do you think?

So there are the headings and suggestions for you to discuss after you watch the episode. Like it says in the post, you don't have to use all the headings or suggestions, feel free to discuss anything about the episode.

Have fun!