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VampyreFey posted on May 22, 2011 at 04:37PM
Calling all Arthur/Gwen Fanclub members!
These next two months are going to be exciting at the fanclub. In order to fire ourselves up even more before the wait for our favorite couple is over, we've decided to hold the AG Academy Awards!


The AG Academy Awards is where YOU (the fans) nominate other fans for awards that (sort of...) correspond with the Annual Academy Awards.

Our Award categories for the first of what we hope will become an annual thing are:

Best All-Round Picture Contributer:

Best All-Round Video Contributer:

Best Icon Contributer:

Best Fanart Contributer:

Best Regular Picture Contributer:

Best Wallpaper Contributer:

Best Links Contributer:

Best Pop-Quiz Questions Contributer:

Best Forum(s) Contributer:

Best Comments Contributer:

Best "Fan Picks" Contributer:

(Feel free to state any other categories which can be added)

You can begin nominating now! Remember this is not the FOTM. The FOTM is best fan of the month and is only one person. That fan recieves an interview as well as props. (If you want more info on the FOTM see Jenny (jeriemy) because she is the head of that "department." ) There are NO individual interviews regarding the winners, of this. Mainly props and there might be an article of recognition. The point of these awards is to just have some fun and get everyone involved.

Copy and paste the awards into your replies to this Forum and then fill them out with the names of the fans you think are most deserving. Look around and see what fans do to keep this place lively.

 [b][u]Calling all Arthur/Gwen Fanclub members![/u][/b] These susunod two months are going to be exciti
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can one person get nominated in more than one category?
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