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 An New Adventure Begins
An New Adventure Begins
Stan Lee, a famous MARVEL Comic Books Writer/Artist confirms that there will be a Sequel of Big Hero 6 and he says that Tadashi survived the apoy Incident and another Villain ( rescued him and made him forget everything ) will appear. It's possible that the Sequel BIG HERO 7 will be released at the taon 2018 - Fist Bump! 👊🏼 - 👋🏽 Bahlalala

Me: when I first watched the Trailer of BIG HERO 6 I knew it would be amazing when it came out at the cinemas, my whole family watched it and it was amzIng as I thought it would be and it's my family's *NEW* favourite Disney Movie, and I always thought that Tadashi would be alive and would Appear in the sequel since a lot of fans loved him, so I'm very excited about the sequel and I hope it will be just as good as the first movie
 Will the Brothers Reunite ?
Will the Brothers Reunite ?
 Team BIG HERO 6 Reunite !
Team BIG HERO 6 Reunite !
posted by WinterSpirit809
This is my first published fic. I am kind of nervous about this we go
Past San Fransokyo:
Hiro Hamada was watching the bot fight with anticipation. For years, since he started his first bot fight he watched Yama go undefeated. But Hiro too had gone undefeated, and tonight was the night they would go head to head. And Hiro had a great stradegy.

He would not exit the fight empty handed.

Meanwhile, his brother, Tadashi was updating Baymax when his phone beeped, signaling him that Hiro was at yet another bot fight. Tadashi groaned. When would the knucklehead learn?

Poof! The brothers were...
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There are times I can’t explain, what can I say
You’ve ibingiay so much to me, memories to stay
As time goes by, I wonder why, I just couldn’t be myself
I didn’t want to ipakita my heart, afraid to be apart

For so long, I’ve kept it inside of me
Didn’t have a place where I could let go
But then you came into my life and I
Found the strength to be myself again
There will be no sky too high

I’m not alone, you’re sa pamamagitan ng my side
I’m standing strong, you give me hope to carry on
You washed away my fears
Now I know I’m here because I have you near
You’re not alone, I’m sa pamamagitan ng your side
When you...
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Quello che siamo non può
Imporci limiti
Per trasgredire non ci servono permessi
Sono il custode di quella fiamma che
Brucia in eterno e accende l’incubi

Nella clessidra la nostra sabbia scivola via, via
Ma nel domani voglio che anche tu ci sia
Saremo immortali, eterni
Ma solo per un po’

Contro la normalità
Il tempo non ci toccherà
Almeno per un po’
Vivere per seeeee, per sempre, per seeeee, per sempre
Per seeeee, per sempre, per seeeee, per sempre.

C’è un solo modo che hai ci devi credere
In tutto quello que fai senza mai cedere
E se il futuro per noi fa paura
Ogni problema ha la mia cura

Nella clessidra...
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今 私が笑えるのは

強くなれる もう何も恐くないヨ....
痛みと共に 流れてく

何かあるなら いつでも頼ってほしい...
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On the Disney Wiki, I posted a little about the possible Japanese spellings of each characters name, and I decided to post them here, too. In Japanese, there can be different ways to write your name with Kanji (a similar concept would be 'Elle', 'Ellie' or 'Elli'). What I did was separate them into each possible way that their full names could be written.

Names are written in the order of which they're written in Kanji: last name, first name. There's a puwang between the last and first name.

Only characters who have at least one Japanese name will be used (i.e. Cass Hamada will be here, but Alistair...
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My paborito part of most shows and films are the characters. Here are my opinions on the characters in Big Hero 6.

Hiro Hamada: Hiro is a good protagonist. He's a complex character. He has a somewhat troublemaking, but smart and nice personality. It's unique.

Baymax: I'm indifferent towards Baymax. He's amusing, but he didn't leave much of a impact in my opinion. Plus he's kind of overrated.

Fred: Even though Fred isn't my paborito character he is the funniest. T.J. Miller is a awesome comedy actor who does a great job as Fred.

Wasabi: Wasabi was a pretty funny character with a down to Earth...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
I used to try and remain neutural to this ship, but I can't! It's everywhere! Sorry, but they don't belong together. And when you ask tadahoney shippers why they ship this ship they give the same few pathetic answers:

Honey limon was the only one who knew Hiro's name, so therefore Tadashi talks to her more

Okay, the only reason Honey limon was the only one to recognize him was because she was the only one to meet him while Hiro happened to be standing with Tadashi. And obviously he talked about Hiro to his other friends, GoGo mockingly sinabi "nerd lab" which she had to of heard from somewhere....
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
 Cousins together (drawn sa pamamagitan ng the great PrincessFairy)
Cousins together (drawn by the great PrincessFairy)
(This is my tagahanga fiction character for Big Hero Six,of course info will be changed once I see the movie but I feel like posting it now)

Name: Gwendolyn Hamada
Nickname: Gwen
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Personality: Gwen is a bright and cheerful 10 taon old, she has a lot of energy and loves to bounce around. She's always on the ilipat making it difficult for Hiro and Tadashi to keep an eye on her. Gwen also can be creative and is an artist,a very good one to be exact.
History: Gwen is Hiro and Tadashi's young cousin, her mom is Cass. She has pretty much lived with the boys for most of her life and they all...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
For those who don't know what Funko Pops are, they are these adorable , collectable vinyl figures that are extremely addictive. They are the things used as my tuktok photo. I'm sure you've seen them whether you collect them or not.

I pag-ibig Funko Pops and I pag-ibig Big Hero 6, but I have to say- I was a bit disappointed after seeng the Big Hero 6 Funko set. I didn't like how they only did the team in their super bumagay and a Baymax without his super suit. There was ALOT missing from the Funko Pop set, which I get they couldn't do everything, which is exactly why I'm hoping for a series 2,

They did it...
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Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.
Oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, whoa.

B-B-B-Be careful making wishes in the dark, dark
Can't be sure when they've hit their mark
And besides in the mean, mean time
I'm just dreaming of tearing you apart

I'm in the de-details with the devil
So now the world can never get me on my level
I just gotta get you off the cage
I'm a young lover's rage
Gonna need a spark to ignite

My songs know what you did in the dark

So light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
I'm on fire

So light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up, up, up
Light 'em up,...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
The lights glow bright in the city tonight,
Not a person to be seen,
These feelings of isolation,
And it looks like I'm the king.
My head is pounding like these painful thoughts inside,
Couldn't keep them in,
Heaven knows I've tried.

Don't go in,
Don't leave me be,
Be the good guy I always had to be,
Conceal don't feel,
Make my brother proud-

Well he's not proud!

Let him go, let him go
Can't talk to him anymore,
Let him go, let him go,
Don't turn away, don't slam the doors
I don't care what I didn't get to say!
Let the thoughts rage on,
Sadness never bothered me anyway.

It's funny how a fire,
Just makes me...
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I finally did it! Using the Big Hero 6 corner larawan at link's childrens website, I was able to replicate the way the way the characters often looked in trailers, looking down together. Now, I made the code so you can put it on your own website or tumblr blog. It's pretty simple, here's how you do it!

----------------------------------------------------------Step one!----------------------------------------------------------
First off, go get the larawan link, and download them to your website or blogs files, if you can. If you're using Tumblr, tumblr lets you upload blog assets link (don't upload...
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posted by IamMio
I kept wanting to wait but it seems that either their trip is days-long or they just gave up. On a website called reddit, the film creators link, and they would answer. The way reddit works, it can be difficult to find their sagot among all the walang sagot questions. So, I decided to be a ~great person~ (lol) and compiled them all. Some appear to restatements of stuff you've probably seen before, but of these responses are interesting.

The people answering the tanong were Chris Williams, Don Hall, Roy Conli, and Paul Briggs -- the directors, producer, and head of story, respectively.

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posted by PrincessFairy
They say we are what we are
But we don’t have to be
I'm bad behaviour but I do it in the best way
I’ll be the watcher of the eternal flame
I’ll be the guard dog of all your fever dreams

I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass. (glass, glass)
I try to picture me without you but I can’t
Cause we could be immortals, immortals
Just not for long, for long

And live with me forever now
You pull the blackout curtains down
Just not for long, for long
We could be immortals, immortals, immortals, immortals

Sometimes the only payoff for having any faith
Is when it’s tested again...
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Here's another list! I'm still working on it of course, but I want to get it up so people have the memo.

This is just small tidbits of facts about the film that have been released in various places. Some aren't really important, but they give nice insight into some characters and their interests/personalities! This probably won't be updated after the film, unless there are extra facts about the film that aren't stated in the film.

* The mascot of Tadashi's unibersidad are the San Fransokyo Ninjas (in trailers, Tadashi has link)
* Honey is a chemistry major in college, and Gogo is an industrial...
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posted by mili915876
Well, I guess most of you have seen Big hero 6, the first ever Disney-marvel collaborated movie. The thing that struck me most about it, was (of course) it's characters. I just had to write a review about them.

Hiro Hamada -- I think he's the best character I've ever seen in a long time. He's smart, kind, caring and has absolutely no arrogance about his intelligence. To be honest, I think that I liked him most because I'm a lot like him.

Baymax-- Well,I think that Baymax is not just an ordinary robot. Tadashi was a pure genius in having built him. He has an extensive knowledge about the healthcare...
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On tuktok of the world, on tuktok of it all, trying to feel invincible
Dying on tuktok of the world

I remember the nights
Caught up in dreaming my 'goodbyes'
Watching the door for anything madami than an ordinary life

I remember the days
New beginnings on an open 'page'
With something to prove and nothing to lose, not a soul to betray

Here I am
Living a dream that I can't hold
Here I am on my own

On tuktok of the world, on tuktok of it all, trying to feel invincible
I'm dying on tuktok of the world

I remember the lies
Caught up in building 'paradise'
The mga kerubin were slaves and demons behaved and
Everything was alright

Here I am...
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Hello! I believe it's madami beneficial to put this in an article, instead of a pagtitip. thread.

This will be a listahan of all Big Hero 6 merchandise, as accurate as possible, for future (and current?) collectors and fans. A link will be provided if it's to a ligtas official pinagmulan to purchase (probably Disney Store or birago only). All prices are in USD, and iugnay are to the US versions of each site. If I find enough fans come from a certain country, I'll add that currency and a link to that countries site (if possible) as well.

Of course there will always be a time when I'm missing something, so feel...
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Te dicen cómo has de ser
Pero no dayami que escuchar
Sé adónde me dirijo y no voy a pararme.
Seré la liyama que a ti te guiará
El perro guardián de tu sueño final.

Seré la arena que marca la hora en tu reloj
Me gusta imaginar un mundo más allá.
Seremos inmortales, inmortales
Unidos hasta el fin

Juntos por la eternidad
Se acabó la oscuridad
Unidos hasta el fin
Inmortal, inmortal, inmortal, inmortal.

A veces el destino juega con nuestra fe
La pone a prueba una vez, y otra vez, y otra vez
Comparo tu pasado y mi futuro
Todo acabó pero, nada es seguro.

Seré la arena que marca la hora en tu reloj
Me gusta imaginar un mundo más allá
Seremos inmortales, inmortales
Unidos hasta el fin

Juntos por la eternidad
Se acabó la oscuridad
Unidos hasta el fin
Inmortal, inmortal.

Juntos por la eternidad, se acabó la oscuridad
Seremos inmortales, inmortales
Unidos hasta el fin.
Inmortal, inmortal, inmortal, inmortal.