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There once was small village full of people. These people were suspicous and only wanted to be completely normal. The town was surrounded sa pamamagitan ng forest but nobody went in. Why? Because stange things tended to happen there. Once there was a man who got curious about what was going on, he went in. He did not come out. This lead people to think of witchcraft and black magic. The town full of people very quickly became less and less untill there was hardly a soul there.

Meanwhile, 3 ladies named Matty, Cissy, and Emmy Biggerstaff were in the forest planning what they would do next. These ladies were...
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Ari gulped hard and scrambled back a bit on her bed. People crowded around her making her feel closed in and, strangly, madami open minded. "I cant imagine what it feels like to be surrounded sa pamamagitan ng people 24/7" She thought to herself.
"MOVE OVER, ALEX!!!!!! LET ME THROUGH!!!" Malloy's irritated yell rang throught the room leaving dead silence. Malloy had finally made her way up to Ari.
"Tell me what happened" Malloy demanded. Ari normally would have refused to relive the moment for she thought she was going crazy. But this was Malloy and everyone in the large family knew NOT to mess with her. SO...
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Ari was so confused. She was hardly even able to think. She took Michael to the stables and walked back inside. She walked unusually slow and was keeping her eyes on the ground. She bumped into best. "I'm sorry, forgive me" Ari sinabi apoligeticaly.
"Thats okay" sinabi Best happily and she carried on with her busciness. How could Best be so happy? It seemed so out there and unusual for Ari. She had been a loner for her whole life and truly didnt know what it was like to be honestly happy. She walked in to her bedroom and shut the door hard behind her. She leaned against the door, breathing hard....
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Ari stood up from the mesa and wiped off her sando and jeans. After stuffing one madami marshmellow into her mouth she decided to visit her little sister Lovely Meli. As she appraoched the room she noticed the Bellatrix poster on the front that showed Bella casting a killing spell. Ari found this very disturbing. She didnt bother to knock and walked right into the room. The walls were dark purple and she immediatly noticed her sisters having a battle. They casted spells at one another. Zanny hid behind a sofa and Meli was hiding behind a sideways table. Ari quickly made her way out of the room...
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Ari awoke that morning to the beautiful sunlight pouring in from the window in front of her bed. She yawned and noticed she still was in her MJ sando and jeans. She had fallen asleep last night while she was thinking. She held the rose tightly in her hands still though. It was so pretty it gave her hope that maybe one araw she would fulfill her long Nawawala dream of meeting Michael Jackson. Perhaps in heaven. She put on her shoes she had painted MJ onto and grabbed her wand. She got up and grabbed a green basket and headed back down the hallways and down the steep stairways. On her way out she...
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Ari layed on her polka dotted green kama and stared up at the beautiful poster on the ceiling above her. Michael Jackson had always sparked her thoughts every now and then but now it seemed constant. When she tried to close her eyes his face popped up in such bright mga kulay it hurt her eyes. She was not in pag-ibig with a 50 taon old man. She knew that. She had always thought of him as some sort of long Nawawala relative. She simply layed there, staring, wondering what was really going on. Her friend, Jezzie, had told her many times that she believed Michael had a spiritual conenction with her but all...
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Have you ever had a dream that was so lifelike, and so perfect that you never wanted it to end and felt disappointed and even maybe heartbroken when it ended? Well, I've had about 5 of these dreams.

5. The Buffy Comic dream
Date: about a taon ago
Cause: watching Buffy an oras beforehand

I was browsing around this store that looked kinda blank, suspiciously like the 2-dollar store close to where I live.

I was browsing the bottom shelf when suddenly I came across a stack of Buffy Season 8 comics at a discounted price. I was just about to pay... when I woke up.

4. The Paramore Store dream
Date: about...
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posted by MrMsBiggerstaff
Hey, it's me again, from the other two confession articles.

Anyways, to be honest, I don't feel like a real Biggerstaff.

I barely know any of the family, and I feel like no once knows me, or wants to know me, for example, even before the Biggerstaff Family started, or maybe it was just before I knew about it, I fanned a few members, and they either didn't tagahanga me back until I became a Biggerstaff, or fanned me back but wouldn't talk to me.

Also, even AS a Biggerstaff, I've tried to engage people in chat conversations, but I've either gotten ignored, gotten rid of, or had such an awkward conversation...
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posted by KateKicksAss
I just wrote this story for English class. This is basically my first draft. Any and all feedback is appreciaated, please BE HONEST! Thanks, :)

Your anger fills the room, stifling, undeniable. You are unrecognizable, a different person. Deep down, I feel a spark of sadness, knowing that I am the only one who can get you to this state. It’s only me. Only I can provoke you to change so much, from someone warm and loving into this mask of anger. I’ve gotten past my own anger. I crouch in the corner, wondering again at how this all started. I’m trying to look as small as possible, even though...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Kay so I have a friend and she has an issue with low self-esteem.

She's always saying she's ugly, when actually, she's really beautiful.

She just refuses to see it.

So then I asked her if it's okay for me to anonymously post a picture of her, and the comments will prove who's right.

She agreed, but I'm going to take this down in a few days.

Past Experiences:
-"Kids made fun of me and sinabi I had double chins. And this one girl who was really skinny would say mean things to me."
-"And one summer, this boy played this mean joke on me, pretending to be in pag-ibig with me, and then everyone else at the event when it happened pretty much joined him, and became part of the joke. I knew they were joking, but it was horrible."


So here she is:
 My beautiful friend!
My beautiful friend!
posted by emilyroxx
Oh my god. I was just pagbaba some e-mails I sent back when I was a Twitard. Check it out:

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? fiona? are u there? u havent written in a while. not 2 be pushey of anything but WHERE R U??????!!!!!!!! kidding! bens cool. i like him. but there goes aro being my favorete voultri member. one of the girs at school that i know is named esme. HOWS MICHAEL????? yeah, yeah, im so proud of myself for doing that. BWAHAHAHA!!! k, email back. bye!

dear alice,

i wish i had yiur real e-mail address, my life is an empty hole without edward.......LOL!!!! no seriously, r uu alright? u havent emailed in a while. I WANT YOUR ADDRESS SO I CAN SEND YOU YOUR PRESENT!!!! susunod step is calling your house. (L.A?) lol cu l8er

we are heading to a hotel/water park for one night. im Pagsulat a book starring emily. u wanna read it? no? well 2 bad cuz here it iz!!! tell me how it iz!

I feel like such a hypocrite right now. LOOK AT MY GRAMMAR!!!!
posted by lucius_malloy
You guys know that, right? I don't have any special power or right over the rest of you. And I thought you all knew that, but lately it's seemed like maybe not all of you do.
So, just to clarify: just because I'm oldest according to the puno doesn't mean that I'm some sort of Head Biggerstaff. There is no Head Biggerstaff. There is no one person who gets to make all decisions in a very dictator-like way; we just have to all pitch in and make the best with what we're given.
And yes, maybe lately it's been looking like I've been making decisions, but it's never been me alone, it's always me and...
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posted by lucius_malloy
Siriusly, guys, we can't. What with all the troll business going on (even if it is mostly over now), we have to stay together, okay? And even if there was no threat, we're a family. Families aren't supposed to fight over silly things (Accio, Water, I'm looking at you). Of course, if it were a big thing -- if someone badmouthed someone else, their family IRL, or something to that effect, or basically hurt another Biggerstaff in anyway -- that would be understandable. That, the rest of us would let you sumira out for a few days, befotr stepping in and trying to help the arguers find a solution....
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What is wrong with Michael Jackson?

The answer was simply nothing. Nothing was wrong with him. I'm sure every tagahanga has seen the "Living with Michael Jackson" documentery sa pamamagitan ng Martin Bashir. Bashir called him undeveloped and childish and man who needed to live in reality. But reality, these days, is rather sickening. In the mornings, I turn on the news and see awful horror upon the screen and wish I hadnt.

My generation looks upon people who understand nature as weird or crazy. Michael was one of those few who did understand. Michael was treated awfully and was accused of things he didnt do....
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posted by Quaila
Chaos, that would be the single word that could describe it. Total, rampant, and degenerate chaos. It was really laughable, everything, how they had tried preparing everything, prepare their defences. They still ended up in a chaos. Beginning with Miss Parkinson's ill-chosen and not very thought through comment, and then subsequently continuing with her entire House, and the Gryffindors, and the Hufflepuffs, all aiming their wands at the Slytherins... It was mad lunatic chaos, a thing no one should ever meet or experience.

She was still staring blankly at the mesa when Professor McGonagall...
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posted by MrsPadfoot
Alright. The response for a blog project was positive. Now I have to organize it. First, let me find out how many want to participate. That way I know how to sort out who writes on what day.

There will be rules. They are as follows:

-Be kind.

-Let's keep talk of political nakakita to a minimum.

-Keep swearing to a minimum.

-Post on whatever araw you are assigned please.

-Post must be at least 600 words long.

That's it for now. If you think of another rule, let me know.

Just put your name below, and if you have a araw of the week you KNOW you can't do, say that too.
posted by DracoLuver
As some of you know, tomorrow is a very special occasion. My mum, Dark, is going to marry Jerome Clark and all of you are invited.

Basically I will create a pagtitip. describing the wedding and all of you can comment on it and attend.

If all of you are not able to make it - the pagtitip. will be active until midnight eastern time, so comment when you do get tahanan or are available.

Mum and I have both decided that the vows will be very short and we'll go straight to the reception, and you can invite anyone you want and do anything at the wedding.

Thank you and if you have any madami questions, please ask.
posted by wotcher-tonks
I just have a few things to say.

I pag-ibig you guys!

I pag-ibig the Biggerstaffs so much!

You guys are the best, craziest, most awesomesauce family ever!

The Biggerstaffs will always be on top.

Every single one of you is amazing and wonderful in your own way! I'm so glad you are apart of my life! You guys make me happy! And really, it's such a nice feeling to know that if I ever feel like I have nobody, I still have all of you. I hope you all know that all of you always have the Biggerstaffs!

GD, I apologize for driving you to suicide! I never meant to. :D Buuut...I want to say thanks to you! You were...
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posted by xbiggerstaffxx
Last night, my parents were going to go out to a party. My mom sinabi she didn't feel ligtas leaving my brother alone with me, and she insisted that he go with them to the party. My brother didn't want to go, so he stormed up to his room and slammed the door. When my mom asked him to come down, he got upset and made a few less-than-polite retorts, including a particularly memorable "MAKE ME!". My parents got upset and blamed ME for his behavior, saying that it was because of my actions, instability, and behavior that was ipinapakita him that it was "okay" to act that way/teaching him to act that way....
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First off, I'm sorry for posting this as an artikulo instead of to the forum, but I typed it out there, and it was really long, so I figured I'd post it as an article.

I have a lot of things I'd like to get off my chest. And I'd like to apologize in advance for burdening everyone who reads this. These are arranged in paragraphs, in no particular order.

And also, this is the person who thinks they may potentially be a sociopath speaking. Just for clarification.

I'm clinically depressed. I take four pills a araw for various reasons. I also tend to have a bad temper. Whenever I start to get upset or...
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