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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Freedo said…
Hi, I'm kind of new to this site so please don't criticize my Zanpakuto, I have worked pretty hard on thinking of what it would be, so yeah.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Freedo said…
Please let me know what you think of it, as this is the first time that I have created any zanpakuto.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Freedo said…
Hakurai = Dark Blade
Hakurai has the normal appearance of a sealed zanpakuto, and it's measurements are 1.7 in. by 0.4 in. by 3.9 feet. The sword is somewhat smaller than some other zanpakuto, but the blade is sharper than most unreleased swords. The hilt is .82 feet long, and the blade is 2.98 feet long. This small difference in the blade’s total length is because of the cross guard, which is shaped in a V formation with the point facing forward.
Shikai: Cut and Freeze, Hakurai!
Once the zanpakuto is released, the sword gets exactly one foot longer. When the sword is released it glimmers with a slight transparency like ice, neither the user's nor the zanpakuto receive an increase in speed. The shikai has two passive abilities, and one that must be activated.
Ability #1 Koota kiri haraimasu (passive) (frozen slash)
When Hakurai slashes anything solid or liquid, the area that was cut is replaced with ice that is exactly -37◦ Fahrenheit. The frozen areas can be unsealed at any time when the user wishes, for the most in front of the edge is frozen solid, and Hakurai receives any spiritual pressure that might have been contained in that area. This includes zanpakuto duels, so wherever Hakurai strikes, the sword gains a small amount of the enemy zanpakuto’s spiritual pressure. The sword gets less and less opaque as it absorbs more and more spiritual pressure.
Ability #2 Rikiddo Tataku (active) (liquid strike)
Hakurai’s blade can cut through any ice without any effort whatsoever, even less so than if that ice was a liquid, as if the ice was simple a gas. This makes Hakurai an almost ideal choice when dueling another sword, because if Hakurai could freeze the enemy blade, then Hakurai could easily cut right through it. Activating this ability uses spiritual pressure according to what Hakurai is cutting through. Hakurai could not, for example, cut through Ryujin Jakka , Yammamoto’s zanpakuto. An attempt to cut through something with such high spiritual pressure would result in the death of the owner.
Ability #3 Toomei na garasu no yoo (passive) (Clear sword)
When the sword is in danger or is about to be struck, with just a thought from the owner Hakurai will turn to ice, then appear in the owner’s other hand.

Bankai: Kachikachi Hakurai (frozen dark blade)
Hakurai’s blade becomes another eight inches longer, and the hilt becomes 1.75 inches longer. The user now becomes somewhat opaque, but this is almost unnoticeable unless they were in front of some immense light. The sword has more abilities similar to the sword’s shikai from, but the user’s speed is also increased by 40%.
When the user enters Bankai, their robes do not change at all (in form) but a thin layer of ice forms around them.

Ability #1 Ippai Rikiddo Tataku (passive) (fully liquid strike)
This ability is quite similar to the shikai version, but now the user can freely travel through any ice whatsoever, as well as anything frozen., allowing the user to strike from places that would elude the opponent’s reach.

Ability #2 Koota Kirikizu (active) (frozen cut)
Wherever the sword is slashed, ice is created where the user slashed, which is suspended with spiritual pressure and cannot be moved by anything other than Hakurai. This technique can be used through air, so the user can effectively make impenetrable walls to control where the opponent moves. This is always used in conjunction with Ippai Rikiddo Tataku to constrict the opponent but not the user. The ice created with Hakurai’s bankai is half as strong as Hakurai himself, making the ice walls almost impenetrable. A passive ability that stems off of this effect is when the user can use the reflections through the ice to cause the opponent to think you are behind a different ice wall than the one that you are actually behind.
Ability #3 Koori Tsubushimasu (active) (ice smash)
The user channels their spiritual pressure through Hakurai to control any suspended ice made by Koota Kirikizu, so that the user can turn the previously neutral ice “walls” into an offensive weapon, to crush the opponent. Because the ice walls are made of spiritual pressure, the larger, thicker ice walls can be moved much faster than the smaller ones. While this is active, if the user needs to borrow spiritual pressure from Hakurai, then Hakurai can also borrow spiritual pressure from Koota Kirikizu’s ice walls, making them weaker, but sustaining Hakurai’s power.

For further description, the spiritual pressure of Hakurai is betraying to his power. The spiritual pressure is fairly light, and has a feel to is as if it were a cool winter's breeze. Because of the light feel of Hakurai's spiritual pressure, Hakurai can suppress its spiritual pressure that much easier, making Hakurai hard to detect.

Hakurai and his owner (havent thought about what the shinigami would be like yet) are very noble. Hakurai does not kill for the pleasure of it, but only when it is necessary. Hakurai is one who looks out for others and fights to protect those weaker than himself. Hakurai values the lives of his allies just as much as his own.

When I was trying to think of Hakurai and his powers, I wanted to make a unique and interesting sword instead of an all powerful one that half of it's powers are just a copy of Ichigo's. I'd like to think that Hakurai is a pretty powerful zanpakuto, but not nearly as powerful as Riyujin Jakka or Zangetsu.

Edit: I thought that some of the people here seemed to thing that "evil" was "bad@ss," but I beg to differ. I think that even if my sword is weaker than some others, when working with a group instead of against it, the weaker has a much larger chance. Some of these swords are so powerful not even Yammamoto could rival them. But picture one zanpakuto vs Yammamoto, Ichigo, and all the other captains. Now who would win?

Also, my mindset is that if you are helpful to others, then they will help you back. This is kind of aimed at all of the people with zanpakutos that are pretty much invincible.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GruntSquad92 said…
A remake of a zanpakuto i made a year ago, Bladeshifter

[name yet to be specified] (someone help me?)

"...and though he strides (through darkness) with wakeful eyes, blind and unseen..."

type: kido/physical
sealed form: chinese double-edged sword. two handed grip, decorated, black & silver
predominant colours: transparent reiatsu/ faint white & normal coloured leather and steel | bankai: dark red (burgundy) reiatsu with occasional black ripples & black cloth
spirit: torchlights, scattered around | bankai: armored spectre, ancient, defined by dark, purple outlines
spirit realm: huge cavern under the ground, very dark only lit by lone torches here and there sticked to the ground, expands forever, estimated 20° downhill, no visible walls, most parts of the ground and the ceiling are gulped by the darkness with stalagtites and stalagmites poking out in random intervals. Lone, idle and somewhat peaceful atmossphere, represents the curiousity, the depth, the unexplored and hidden secrets and the fears of human mind


A simple leather glove on the right hand that can be infused with energy, chained to a simple, single-edged sword, curved, short and undecorated.

natural ability: sets spiritual energy "on fire". despite the blazing flames the process results in, rather beeing actual flames it is a self-destruct sequence of energy, a virus, unlike flames it won't burn flesh and matter. this process will take its time and spreads out as long as their is fodder to feet the "flame" or until the target uses up all his contaminated energy, like emiting spritual pressure.

technique: Summon - energy - stored within the glove prior to the execution - is shot at a target location, a bright flaire. If it hits something burned energy will form a second sword, identical to the first one, however it lacks the chain. The chained blade then has the same reflection as the summoned one.

Attacks are performed with the blade(s), scouting can be done by throwing the summoned blade to a desired location. Upon watching the reflection of the chained one, the wielder can see everything that is in sight of the thrown one. A reckless, crippling attack can be executed with a punch or a contaminated kido attack out of the right hand. The chained blade could be used for a swipe employing the chain that links it to the glove for a medium range attack.


A slowly pulsing rune - midair, in a fixed position close to the (right) hand. used for casting.
Heavy coat. can be infused with spiritual energy.

natural ability: sets spiritual energy "on fire". despite the dark burgundy flames the process results in, rather beeing actual flames it is a self-destruct sequence of energy, a virus, unlike flames it won't burn flesh and matter. this process will take its time and spreads out as long as their is fodder to feet the "flame" or until the target uses up all his contaminated energy, like emiting spritual pressure. the bankai version will leave dark ashes behind.

technique 1: Seal - energy - stored within the rune prior to the execution - is released at a target location, where a circle of runes manifests. The infused energy within the seal will create a vacuum of spiritual energy at the center of the circle on command until it leads to an implosion followed by an explosion. The timeframe and power for each phase is determined by its user.

technique 2: Summon - The blade spirit, a spectre - double the size of the wielder, forged in a cascade of burgundy flames from dark ashes - will appear at a target location given the condition that enough spiritual energy of its wielder is present. The somewhat stationary spectre acts as the wielders armor, excels in brute strength and consists of bodyparts that can be summoned individually. The spectre will constantly drain on ashes. Additional ashes can either be compressed into existing armor to improve defenses, replicate new bodyparts if those were destroyed or held back as a back up. The wielder is restricted to one fully build spectre and cannot spawn bodyparts in different locations. The spectre can be send away to save ashes or to recreate him in a different location.
each bodypart offers independend from their individual ability additional armor
- Head - grants a extra pair of eyes.
- Torso - unleashes bolts of energy into the sky, shot like missiles, consumes additional ashes
- Arms - clawed hands /or/ summons a fiery blade with enhanced flames, strips its other bodyparts from their abilities and the spectre off its left arm, stoking up the flames on the blade will drain on ashes. enhanced flames "burn" very rapidly through energy and only these flames are capable of burning flesh and matter. it makes no difference between friend, foe or wielder. only accessible through the summoned blade.

(if you just want to get a rough impression of my zanpakuto, you can stop here)
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GruntSquad92 said…
General Usage, Strategy & Tactics:
execute normal attacks with kido and hand-to-hand combat and cripple enemy's stamina and power by setting them on fire, be flexible and adapt. The spectre is the core of a chosen strategy while seals are used complementary. Most commonly the spectre is used as a guardian aided by longranged attacks or alternatively the wielder can go on offense, overpower the enemy with spectre-melee and disrupting seals. While it is always needed to invest energy at the beginning of a fight, dependend on how the wielder does he can subsequiently rely on ash generation and consumption by burning up the enemy's spiritual energy and at the same time reduce the stress on his own energy.
execute as many tactics as possible, examples below
- infuse coat with energy, set it on fire for reckless defense, commonly for agressive approach
- sacrifice and burn up own energy to have immediate access to the spectre
- create seals and let them implode with increased duration, shoot through them with kido to compress its form into a dense attack amplifying its attackpower, release attack through explosion. same can be done with spectre bolts. stab the seals with the summoned blade for improved reach(like a ray or laser) and drastically amplified piercing power
- create seals with emphasize on explosion and short implosion time. create a scatter-shot version of any kido-typed attack including spectre-bolts. if used with the summoned blade, it gets destroyed in process, may be worth it to risk beeing hit yourself but spreading enhanced flames in a wide arc.
- create seals, use them as stepping stones for rapid movement or stop knock back
- create seals with high implosion duration to immobilize opponent, set energy within seal on fire to also set the enemy "on fire"
- create pools of energy (commonly via seals) in different locations, use them to recreate the spectre at predifined locations. switching positions will strongly strain the energy of the wielder
- save energy for transportation by summoning the spectre so that the wielder is inside. if the wielder moves, the spectre moves with him, sacrifices speed of the wielder for energy efficiency
- save ressources and keep movability by only summoning absolutely necessary bodyparts of the spectre for a given situation
- create spectre-head, aid in directing kido attacks and spectre-bolts and scouting
- create spectre-head if suspected to be influnced by illusionary manipulation of sight. beware: extra eyes can be influenced as well


Shikai: Well... its on par with Ikkakus "Demon Light" or Renjis "Zabimaru". Which is not "bad", but i fear most weapons in this thread outclass them by far, even when Ikkaku and Renji are meant to be strong fighters in Soul Society.

Bankai: Apart from the reliable seals, which are cheap in terms of energy compared to other abilities, everything else are either reckless or ressource dependent abilities in nature and can backfire in some way. The wielder cannot exclusively rely on seals in a serious fight, because seals are neither direct offensive nor defensive tools and only serve as amplifiers, and therefore can only be used for utility purposes. The wielder of this weapon is always forced to take chances and risks by creating strategies. 1. He has to hit his enemy regularly, only then he can steadily generate ashes to fuel his ash-dependent attacks and defenses, otherwise he cripples himself too much, burning up his own ressources may backfire if he messes up a "extinguish" attempt. 2. What makes this weapon dangerous is the ability to cripple enemy energy ressources (even hidden) before they can go all-out, the flipside of the coin, it means if the enemy has such vast energy ressources, that burning up energy at the wielders pace can't tire the enemy fast enough and restrict him from overpowering the wielder, he will be deprived off a great deal of his deadliness. 3. This zanpakuto is what commonly one mean with jack-of-all-trades weapon, the wielder cannot ever hope to cling onto a specific skill or trait of his, as there will always be someone who is better than him in a specific aspect. He must always comprehend and understand the enemy beforehand to act accordingly. 4. The bankai focuses its power into the spectre and leaves the wielder vulnerable.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GruntSquad92 said…
@ freedo
Ability #1 Koota kiri haraimasu: what do you mean with "replace"... can you... replace the opponent...? a little hefty i think. however i like the look of the picture i get in my head, a warrior walking through cold mists, the ground turns to ice...

Ability #2 Rikiddo Tataku: if i had a katana you turned into ice, could i attack you knowing you can´t block my attack either or is it something you also have free will about?

Ability #2 Koota Kirikizu: ice created cannot be moved unless the wielder of hakurai wishes so, ok i get the slash´n run theme of the blade, but can the enemy break through via force? will a wall automatically be created when a slash occured, or does the wielder/you have to strike multiple times, how tall is such a wall?

personal oppinion: love the idea of creating walls and slashig right through it, it has a great assassin-feel to it and is in most parts reasonable strong without going overboard with some exceptions

sadly i´m new too, so i hav not read enough other zanpakutos to put yours in relation and comparison

a general thing to everyone: i actually like to define weaknesses of everything, i imagine, because it gives a sense of realism(?), complexity (thought deeply put into the forged weapon)and makes a weapon in general more refined. of course its a personal thing, thought to throw it into the round and see, if someone jumps onto that aswell

edit: then i´m taking "with some exceptions back"

"i get the slash´n run theme, love the idea of creating walls and slashig right through it, it has a great assassin-feel to it and is in most parts reasonable strong without going overboard"
if you don´t have do worry about defense, you can focus your killing intent, ice cold killer, great!^^
(thats what i meant with assassin)
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Freedo said…

my ability #1 makes it so that if you cut through a tree, for example, the tree would not fall over, as the area that was cut will turn into ice, binding the two parts together.

My ability #2 Shikai's weakness is that if I did turn your entire sword into ice, then while my strikes would go straight through your sword and into you, if you slashed at me than I could not block, only dodge, as the ice would pass through my sword.

About ability #2... I said in the description that the ice walls would be half as strong as my zanpakuto, but if oyu had enough strength than you could probably break through the ice walls, because if you cut even the strongest zanpakuto's strength in half, then it would still be fairly wak.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Freedo said…
Also about the ice walls... An ice wall is created on every strike, but the ice walls are as thin and as long as the zanpakuto's edge. To completely encircle my opponent in ice would take some time, but because every time I slash ice is created, it would help me corner an opponent, as they would have a hard time charging right at me, so the main theme of the ice walls is just to push the opponent back.

Also thanks for the whole assassin thing, that is kind of what I was going for. Well, sort of. I wanted to make a sword that would make the defensive part easy, (ice walls) so that I could focus on the offensive. Pretty much the dream of an assassin is not having to worry about defense.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Freedo said…

I really like how you thought out your spiritual realm, I've thought or a while about that one and couldn't come up with anything.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas anisam1232 said…
here's mine
okami no nayami
the wolf's bane

release command: howl okami no nayami
abilities none
bokai none
awesome factor 100
description : glistens brightly in full moon it's the zanpactuo of sameyero miane the lost soul reaper
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas KatenKyokotsu said…
big smile
Hi Guys,

I am a new member here. I usually browse the website but do not participate and now I cant stay away any

I want to become part of this community and contribute as much as I can. I browsed through some pages of this thread and the zanpakutos are really awesome. I am curious though. Does anyone here have a zanpakuto that is psionic like having abilities like telepathy, empathy, or even puppetry but not in actual puppets but controlling via mind...These tend to be overpowered, but I am curious whether anyone made such zans without it being op.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
@KatenKyokotsu. That is an interesting inquiry, but sustained nonetheless... Yes, I do believe that people have done ones revolving around the concept of empathy, like with emotion... I made one like that, which is called Sekishoamatsu... I believe it is located somewhere around page 215.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas KatenKyokotsu said…

Thanks. I saw the zanpakuto. Its a very good one and it gave me some ideas. I am trying to make a telepathy-empathy kind of zanpakuto with inception like powers though not overpowered like Aizen's. So I am gathering ideas and see how people have created similar zanpakutos here. If you know anyone who has created a similar zanpakuto please refer them to me.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
@KatenKyokotsu. No problem. Thanks for saying so. That was one of my first Zanpakutous... My third or fourth, I believe. I know what you mean, I think, and I believe I did actually do another more similar to how you mean, than the one I referred you to. I'll find where it is and let you know. Honestly, I don't recall seeing any really how you wanted and I've read through pretty much every page on this forum. XD
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
Just to let you know, my blade, Shinnyo, is located on page 225. Hope this helps.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
This is my latest blade. I was thinking of the best way to make blade that could encompass use of energy around the user, rather than drawing from their own spirit energy and that of their blade. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

Name: Seishou Keiretsu ('Energy System')

Release Command: Become part of me (Ware no gawa masu)

Bankai Name: Netsuri Kigakuteki Ami ('Thermodynamic Network')

Sealed Appearance: Blade is a regular katana – it has a light green tsuba, with a silver guard, that is shaped as a circle, but a symbol of a regular atom is carved/etched into it as well. The blade is a dark grey colour – that is halfway between grey and black.

Shikai Special Ability: The Zanpakuto is released and the user becomes more spiritually-aware, being able to see which living sentient beings possess energy and how they can use that energy as their own. This Zanpakuto actively specialises in using energy, other than the user's spirit energy and the Zanpakutou's own spirit energy, to create stronger and faster attacks, whether they are energy-based, or melee-based. The actual process itself is designed around extracting smaller amounts of energy from biological sources, even if they aren't necessarily alive. For living organisms, small amounts of energy are extracted and used; this is in order to not damage the organism itself. For biological sources that aren't alive, the extraction process revolves around using the energy that these sources create and then allow to flow into nature. One could think of this part as using energy from the great flow, where any of the world's energy can be used, if necessary. Another vital part of understanding this ability is to consider the relationship between the Zanpakuto itself and that of nature (and Gaia).


Redirection: Any of the energy extracted is used to redirect onto the opponent. The opponent can decide how much of that energy they wish to use and then concentrate that amount into their blade, firing an energy attack at their opponent. The energy attack varies in size, depending on how much energy was used to bolster the attack... the more used, the stronger the attack is, the faster it is and the actual size can also increase too.

Regeneration: Any amount of the energy can be used to heal minor injuries, such as scratches, burns and small cuts. Any damage done to an organ will not recover from this ability. Also, only small cuts will be healed, large cuts will take longer and use more energy than what is advisable/available.

Retainment: The energy can be retained in any spiritual body, whether it is a Zanpakuto, or a spiritual being like a Shinigami, or Hollow. Generally, this ability is used to retain in the blade of their Zanpakuto, making their physical attacks far more powerful. However, the power of these physical attacks only last the period that the energy does. The more attacks made, equals the more energy used by the user.

Final Shikai Ability: The energy can be released all at once. This will cause the user injury, too, as well as use their energy to concentrate such large amounts of external energy. The area covered by this attack depends on the amount of energy retained by the body, but, in general, the area is absolutely massive, designed to destroy the opponent without them escaping. This occurs in much the same way that a nuclear bomb would go off, or similar in size and power of Jakuho Raikoben. However, once this attack has been used, the user will not be in shape to fight anymore powerful opponents, as this uses approximately a quarter of their spirit energy to concentrate the extracted energy and then the explosion will cause them grave injury – this is because of the nature of the ability. The explosion goes off around, much like the way that Vegeta tried to kill Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z.

Shikai Appearance: No change.

Bankai Ability: The Zanpakuto reaches its threshold in efficiency. Instead of only extracting energy as a whole and using it for one similar application, this blade converts all energy drawn into their rightful classifications. For example, it relies on chemical, kinetic, gravitational and heat/thermal energy to achieve certain effects. Sound, metabolic and light energy are also drawn into this equation. The corresponding effects are as follows:

Chemical energy: Chemical energy is used in order to strengthen energy-based attacks, and fire off large amounts of energy in this way. As with Shikai, this ability largely depends on the amount of energy extracted from the biological source.

Kinetic energy: Kinetic energy, as it is the energy created by movement, is naturally used to benefit the body by allowing it to move faster than usual. The energy extracted is absorbed by the musculature of the body and used to allow these muscles the potential to overwork. This overworking means that the body is put under more pressure than usual and will affect the body in this way – essentially, the body will be overworked once it has used all of the available kinetic energy and will not function properly after this, unless more energy is used in this way.

Heat energy: Heat energy is the most difficult of these to use. Instead of following a principle, like the others, heat energy is used much differently. It is used to benefit the reiatsu of the user, by extracting the heat energy, allowing the body to absorb it and then using it all with the user's reiatsu, which also affects the atmosphere by creating huge amounts of disorder.

Gravitational energy: By using this energy, the body is made to feel lighter than it usually does and this benefits the user's reaction times and shunpo drastically. Not only that, but movement, in general, is made to feel more fluid.

Metabolic energy: This energy goes hand-in-hand with the other main types of energy and is used as a support mechanism. This energy allows the body to temporarily withstand the huge amounts of energy that are being absorbed by it.

Sound and light: These are normally inconsequential and are only used as back-up energy, when the body runs out – instead of using them as their normal form dictates, the body converts the energy into usable energy as an emergency.

Bankai Appearance: The Zanpakuto gains another blade and becomes more square, as well as somewhat longer, by about 50 centimeters, making it approximately 1.75 meters long. It also gains a chain hanging from the end of the tsuba. Otherwise, the blade does not change.

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas KatenKyokotsu said…
@blackpanther: This is a good concept. Its way op though. If for example take kinetic energy, its present in all thats moving. Heat energy is a form of kinetic energy as heat is produced by vibration of atoms that is caused in turn by kinetic energy. If all KE is absorbed or you know used then no sword slash or anything can harm the user. Is there a limit? What happens if the character fights with a person who has higher reiatsu than him?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
Actually, this blade is nowhere near finished yet. This is merely the first revision. Undoubtedly, I will end up re-editing it several times before I'm actually happy about it. Anyway, yes, heat energy is a form of kinetic energy, but, according to thermodynamic law, they are separate... Hence why I used them differently. Plus, the blade specialises only in using the energy to extract and absorb... Anything else is entirely up to how the user fights and how the opponent fights.

Thanks for the comments and questions, though. Much appreciated. Oh and did you check out that blade I mentioned? It may help.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
Oh and I think I should mention, the kinetic energy, can only be extracted from natural biological sources and once that energy has been used, it is entirely dependant on whether the user even has enough spirit energy left to absorb more energy.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas KatenKyokotsu said…
Thanks for the info of ur blade. I am not gng to do a reality bending type though...too complex for

Anyways we can see heat energy as the vibration of atoms and molecules. So in a sense thats the kinetic energy if we see it microscopically. Well I am waiting for ur revised zan though..
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
Don't get too comfortable... It isn't a priority for me at the moment. I will revise it, but it won't be for another few days at least. XD

Just wondering, but have you ever roleplayed before?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, well I haven’t reviewed in a while, but BP’s a special case.

Seisho Keiretsu:

Shikai special ability – So is there a range of extraction required? Rate is also an issue, and it’s really difficult to define, but I’ll get to that when I reach the individual sources.

Final shikai ability – Perhaps a little overly powerful, though it could stand to be better explained, specifically the threshold of energy required from external sources before this ability can be used, or, if it can be used beforehand, what extra harms it causes.

Bankai Ability – Since the efficiency wasn’t defined before, it’s kind of difficult to evaluate what an increase in that efficiency means in terms of increased power. Again, difficult to define, but important if you’re going to move along these lines.

Chemical energy – In what ways would this add to the strength of an attack? Does it create a separate halo of energy around a cero? Does it increase the concussive force of a bala, or the size? And is it the same across the board in terms of what it does? And with regards to rate, I’m wondering what certain chemical reactions would provide by comparison to others. Perhaps give a few examples.

Kinetic energy – I think I have a solution to the concerns of the difference between heat energy and kinetic. You could make kinetic the result of deliberate movements whereas heat energy would be garnered from forced or involuntary motions. Just a thought. And, again, it’s worth stating some metric by which it is acquired and how much movement translates to how much energy.

Gravitational energy – This probably needs to be defined most of all, especially since gravitational energy is, mostly, constant. You’ll want to be specific on how much energy the gravity of the earth would provide over time.

Metabolic energy: Here’s another one that needs to be well defined, especially there are specific sources. How much would, say, a blade of grass provide versus a small rodent?

Sound and light: Even if this is only just a back-up energy generator, it’s worth defining what each provides. Does intensity of light matter most, or the wavelength (i.e. would blue or red light provide more)? Is the frequency of the sound most important, or the volume?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. It’s an interesting idea, though I think more could be done with the abilities.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
@Flame. Thanks for the review, dude. I see what you mean. And I do plan to revise this blade and I'll definitely add in what you have put in this review. At this point it is mostly a rough idea and will probably be about twice as long - maybe longer, when I'm done with it.

Rate: This is one I will definitely have to add in. I can't believe I forgot to do this. Lol.

Energy: I will add a lot more to each of the types of energy and explain more about how the techniques work, as well as anything else that should be added in there, unique to each one.

Range: I can answer this now, but I will instead add it in with my revised version.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas KEISUKE_URAHARA said…
hey guyz i finally made my zanpakto

Shikai name : bakusaiga

command : heads up bakusaiga.........
Shikai takes the form of a sleek, medium-sized sword. The hilt's grip, which has a gentle black-decorative wrapping, bends forward at the end, with a pommel shaped to look overlapped three times
Hyper-Speed Combat: when i release my shikai i can perform high-speed combat. my speed is so great that it enhances his Shunpo prowess, and allows him to create dozens of afterimages to confuse his opponent and strike him from point blank range
Razor waves : A technique that fires an energy arc capable of cutting through materials and substances with relative ease. It can cut through a Hierro with ease
Mozo : not powerful as bankai but I can imitate/mimicry any energy wave by first observation of my enemy

bankai name : bakusaiga yugo.
command : vanish bakusaiga yugo..
Yugo (“fusion/merge”), and thus i can fuse with any substance whether it's inorganic or organic. Through the use of this ability his presence can't be sensed and this reiatsu can't be felt by anyone. "it can make my opponent faded out of existence itself", proving how powerful and effective the ability is in both combat and espionage. i can fuse with multiple substances at will, allowing me to gain a great advantage over my opponent(s). Since the ability is not limited, i can use it to mix in my physical and mental capabilities with the air or surroundings. Through the use of this ability, im also able to see through all situations at-hand and can hear everyone’s conversations by mixing in my senses with my surroundings. Using this same ability appears to allow me to outmanuver Aizen's Kyōka Suigetsu's power of complete hypnosis, to the point that Aizen himself claimed that Kyōka Suigetsu would be rendered useless against me. This ability can be used for teleportation towards vast distances within a certain area effortlessly since i can transport myself within the same space.
Mōzō ("imitation/mimicry"): With this ability, i can imitate/copy my mouth and hands within many spaces. This allows me to create multiple attacks within many spaces. With this, i can launch multiple attacks of the same spell to devestate my opponent(s). When i used this, i will able to chant and cast hundreds of “ittokaso” and “kurohitsugi” level kido at the same time, damaging most of the captain-class shinigami.
Seitai yūgō ("Living Body Fusion" or "Biological Fusion"): This is his Bankai's ultimate attack. With it it has an offensive form and a defensive form. In offensive form, by opposing my enemy, i can destroy my enemy’s internal system. This is an attack that even can damage myself if used incorrectly. As for defensive, i can be fused with the air, hence all the slash from my enemy has no effect on me. my overall weakness is the involvement of reiatsu absorption which i will receive much damage.
Unknown Razor Technique: Using the air around me, i will be able toproduced a blade/razor from the air, killing my enemy with no motion. (eg: the moment his enemy releases shikai, i chops down my enemy’s tongue). i can produce multiple of these razors that can skewer many enemies at the same time killing off large armies of enemies at the same time. Each razor is considered to be very painful if it touches the skin, comparing it to "A thousand white-hot knives carving against one's flesh."
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Jamesis666 said…
My Zanpakuto

Name: Kageki (Shadow Demon)

Shikai Release: Call forth the Shadows, Kageki

Shikai Abilities: 1. Shadousurasshu (shadow slash) Kind of like getsuga tenshou but more destructive and it glows dark purple
2. Shadōkyanon (shadow cannon) Shadow version of Mega Flare (Final Fantasy X)
3. Shadouburasuto (shadow blast) Shadow version of Hado #31
4. Kage parusu (shadow pulse) pulse of shadow from my body or from my hand
5. Kage tate (shadow shield) hard to penetrate, when shattered read next ability
6. Kage no hahen (shadow shards) after shield is shattered the shards are used to attack, can be used from next ability
7. Shadouattacku (shadow attack) can attack with shadow with pretty much anything that does damage (shadow shards included)

Shikai Apperance: Complete Black Blade, hilt and hand guard

Bankai: Jinsoku Satsugai Shadō Oni (swift killing shadow demon)

Bankai Abilities : 1. Shadō hinan (shadow condemnation) creates large pentagram emblem on the floor with shadow and explodes when released
2. Shi o shadōingu (shadowing death) basically the killing move on hollows but massive damage to other enemies

Bankai appearance: whatever i need can change weapon style instantly if needs be.

Basic abilites (without releasing zanpakuto): 1. Semari kuru kage (looming shadow) speed ability, faster then the flash step
2. Kage meisai (shadow camo) can use shadow to blend in dark places or disguise as someone else
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas leonides said…
Zanpukuto:Kübler-Ross (five stages of grief)

Release command:hajimeru (begin)

(cuz its only 3 ability's l'll just do 3 of them cuz my zanpukuto has 5)

Ability 1: kyohi (denial) this move produces a illusion that only the opponent can see and the user can make him see anything even stuff from his past to make him deny anything and as the opponent is traped in the illusion its gives the user time to finish him off

Abilliy 2: Kōshō (bargaining) this move will allow the user to steel his opponents Reiatsu to make the user stronger while the opponent weaker but if the effects of this move die down it will leave the user weak

ability 3: Ukeire (Acceptance) this move is similar to the getsuga tensho but has more power and rage bult in to it and once fired it look similar to hollow ichigo's getsuga all white and a masive explostion and if the opponent somhow savives the attack he accepted that he will never be able to defeat the user

Shikai Description: when Kübler-Ross is released it becomes a huge black blade a little smaller than ichigo's shikai with a cerve like the moon on the blunt side and a hole in the middle on the sharp side and no hilt but fo a really long chain so the blade can only be used if the user can use deadly dartz if people dont know thats the way hollow ichigo uses his sword where he uses the bandage to throw his sword around or the chain of the bankai

Bankai: Teishi shinaide kudasai Kübler-Ross (dont stop the five stages of grief)

the user must spin his sword around his bodie still theres nothing but a blur to activate his bankai after that the user is coverd in a brite red light and his top become nothing but pure red Reiatsu in the form like what zangetsu wear's but the front is open to show his abs and his sword his nothing but a hilt he uses Reiatsu to form the sword in anyway he wants

Basic abilitys: becomes faster and stronger

(the bankai only has 1 ability)

Ability: Utsubyō no bakufū (blast of depression) the user points the tip on his sword to his opponent and make's a blast similar to a cero but wavy and has a skull apperince to look like it will eat you and after impact it makes a huge explosion and anyone caught in the blast wont live to tell the story this move can be used with out having to point and stand still but it wont be as powerfull

this is my first making of a zanpakuto l hope you guys like it :)

last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sparkman98 said…
I'll make up a Zanpakuto soon, finishing schoolwork then I'll find time tomorrow xD, either way, I enjoyed reading a few of them since its well... 243 pages of like 4 paragraphs each post and 5 posts per page, anyways my Zanpakuto will have something to do with lightning, I know that lol
Also I recently started watching Bleach, on 230 something, basically I'm on the storyline when the Zanpakuto's leave their master's body, and I was looking up the names, since me and my friends like to joke around how some of the names would sound so retarded if the characters said their attacks in English xD
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sparkman98 said…
How do you find the way to translate from English to Japanese, then Japanese symbols to words? >.>
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
zanpakuto Kaminari ite lightning archer
release flash
zanpakuto turns into a bow and arrow and a guantlet the guantlet absorbs electricty and make them arrows

abilty Kaminari chēn lightning chain
the user shots arrows in the shape of a chain around the oppents body shocking them

abilty Kaminari fīrudo lightning field
user fires arrows around the target then presses a button on the gauntlet and lightning connects them and shock any one in the area

abilty Kuroi inazuma black lightning
black spirit energy surronds and making it stronger and can pierce most shields

bankia Kaminari no yumi o kurasshu crashing thunder bow
gauntlet covers arm and bow turns into a bow the shape of a lightning bolt and gains a scope that locks onto a target

Sen rakurai thousand lightning blast
the user makes a arrow and in the shape of a lightning bolt and the size of his arm and shoots the arrow in the air after its locked on to the target then it seperates into a thousand arrows and strikes the target it has a 1 a day limit if not the user gets weaker
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
@Sparkman98 use Google Translate and play around with it
And if that doesn't work for you try these sites:
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
name : mizuki (water princess)
release: splash
seald form: a katana a gaurd shaped like waves on 2 sides

turns into a anchor with a broad sword tip on the top
abilty 1
allows the controller to control water even the water in the air
abillty 2 turns the zanpakuto into water and any other blade the controller is touching by holding out ur first two fingers on the right hand and slashing them in the air to make it in blade form agin u do the same but with ur left hand
abilllty 3 mizuki burasto (water princess blast) controle jabs the zanpakuto in air and says mizuki burasto and a water shape of the shikai form and covers it in blue spiritual pressure and is used as projectail like gestuga tensho
(note every abilty can be destroyed if cut of from the tusba )
jenshi mizuki (humanoid water princess)
blade turns into water that the controller controls with his thoughts same as shikai abillty 2
bankai abilty 1 :sword by thinking sword the water becomes a sword and is swung around like zabimaru bankai
bankai abillty2: shield by thinking shield the water is a shield and is swung to protect people and pluses
bankai abillty3: Bunshi dekishi molecule drowning
all the mosture in the air forms with each other to make cube of water around the oppents drowning them can be turned into smoke and frozen
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
DAICHIKINJO356 commented…
upside down anchor i always forget that sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
Burēzu kame (blaze turtle)
relase blaze

sealed a complete black sheth hilt and a black turtle shell tsuba

shikia turns into a double edged sword with handle in the middle (pic below) and black turtle shell metal shield

abilty 1 Sherusupin o moeru (flaming shell spin)
the user spins the double edged sword and it catches fir then user throws it at the enemy and then it comes back

abilty 2 Kame no sutoraiki o gyakuten (reverse turtle strike) counter
the user blocks an oppents attack and ignites the shield and then it sets the oppents whole sword on fire even to the hilt set the oppents sword on fire for half a minute

abilty 3 Kame kara kabe (turtle shell defense)
the user holds the shield straight and it ignites causing a flame in the shape of a turtle shell around the shell until about 6ft its also hardend by red spirit energy for defense

bankia Kame moeru ( blazing tortoise)
summons a huge blazing turtle to fight for you, you command it by saying the attack names

Kame no tekunikku : Kaen hōsha-ki(tortoise technique:flamethrower)
the tortoise spews out flames at the enemy

Kame no tekunikku: Honō bōgyo(tortoise technique:flame defense)
same thing as shikia abilty 3 but stronger and larger

Kame no tekunikku: Honō no ame(tortoise technique:flame rain)
the turtle spits into the air and it rains down on the enemy
heres my shikia link
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
heres my wielder for mizuki name diachi kinjo hes nice for loving never drinks sakue is smart and responsible he cares about his subbortants hes exalant in kido and swordsminship but not so fast with shunpo, he has brown simispiked hair and wears regular captian robe
hes the captian of squad 8 after shunsi got promoted he picked lisa as his liutenet
heres what the spirit of mizuki is like and looks like:
shes a female zanpakuto white,wears a dress light blue with a dark blue line arcoss the ends, shes got a japenese water symbol tiara that she wears she wears light blue ballet shoes,her hair is sky blue its long and straight with bangs going down to her eyes are hazel
personality mizuki is a fun out going risk taker but also smart and responsible
her inner wold is a sea of water that gos on forever

sorry for mispells its the internet i really dont care
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Name: Kaori (Fragrance)
Sealed appearance: Takes the form a regular katana with a guard shaped like a six-petal flower. It has a mauve hilt and a mauve sheathe.
Release command: Intoxicate

Shikai appearance: Its guard becomes flower-shaped, with eight alternating red and pink metallic petals. The flower shaped guard covers the habaki of the blade.

Shikai special abilities: Kaori has the ability to alter a person’s emotions. On command Kaori absorbs some of the wielder’s spiritual energy then emits a coloured sweet-smelling mist from its flower shaped guard; the mist can cover large areas in a short space of time. The emotion altering effects begin the instant the victim(s) inhale the mist; the victim(s) must inhale the mist for the effects to occur. What emotion the mist induces depends on its colour. Inhaling the pink mist induces a powerful feeling of tranquillity and reduces the fighting spirit in the victim(s); the red mist induces a powerful feeling of rage and anger while also suppressing conscious, rational thinking. Only one colour of mist can be emitted at one time and inhaling the other type of mist will override the effect of the previously inhaled mist. The effects of the mist can be targeted at or neglected from specific persons but will generally affect anyone and everyone caught in the mist. The emotion altering effects last until the Kaori is resealed or if the victim has a strong enough will to overcome its effects. The mist can be blown away by a strong enough release of reiatsu; the mist dissipates naturally after several seconds. Opponents with more powerful reiatsu than the wielder or with an indomitable will are resistant, and sometimes even immune, to the emotion altering effects.

Bankai name: Haha no Zenkaori (Mother of All Fragrances)
Bankai appearance: It is similar in appearance to its shikai form except the flower shaped guard now has ten metallic petals (that are red, pink, blue, yellow and black in colour). The wielder now wears a long mauve robe decorated with white roses; the sleeves end in petals which match the colours of the flower shaped guard. The wielder also gains a crown of beautiful flowers on their head.

Bankai special abilities: It now has the ability to manipulate emotions. Haha no Zenkaori absorbs a larger amount of the wielder’s spiritual energy then emits a mist from either the blade or from the wielder’s hands. In addition to inducing anger and tranquillity, Haha no Zenkaori can now induce sadness (blue mist), happiness (yellow mist) or fear (black mist) into the hearts, minds and souls of its victim(s); unlike in shikai the wielder now has control over the intensity of the emotion that they induce. Like in shikai only one mist can be emitted at one time and inhaling a newly emitted mist overrides the effects of a previously inhaled mist; the effects of each mist can be targeted at or neglected from specific persons but will generally affect anyone and everyone caught in the mist. The emotion altering effects are quite potent and can last for several days after bankai has been resealed. The mist can still be blown away by a strong enough release of reiatsu; the mist dissipates naturally after several seconds, but after a slightly longer period of time than in shikai.
After emitting its pink mist, at its most intense, Haha no Zenkaori can induce powerful feelings of peace and tranquillity; after being under this effect for an extended period of time victims may become extremely lethargic and lackadaisical. After emitting its red mist, at its most intense, Haha no Zenkaori can induce powerful feelings of rage and aggression; after being under this effect for an extended period of time victims may become extremely violent, completely primal and may lose all sense of human rationality. After emitting its blue mist, at its most intense, Haha no Zenkaori can induce powerful feelings of sadness and depression; after being under this effect for an extended period of time victims may become suicidal. After emitting its yellow mist, at its most intense, Haha no Zenkaori can induce powerful feelings of happiness and confidence; after being under this effect for an extended period of time victims may become extremely overconfident and irrationally optimistic. After emitting its black mist, at its most intense, Haha no Zenkaori can induce powerful feelings of fear and insecurity; after being under this effect for an extended period of time victims may go insane or become physically paralyzed with fear.

Bankai special ability:

Kanjōtekirei (Emotional Zero): The wielder must first cut or stab a target with Haha no Zenkaori’s blade. Afterwards all of the target’s emotions are nullified and they become completely apathetic and emotionless. This technique lasts for as long as the wielder wishes or until bankai is resealed and it can be used on the wielder to the same effect.

Couldn't help but post another one...
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
hey if you dont mind id like some one to review my mizuki just to see if i can make better and if its op ill nerf it i reposted it at on this page her name is mizuki
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, not making a habit of this again, but I’ll give you a review.


1) Limitations on the amount of water that he’s capable of controlling would be a good idea here, mainly because the only person who was capable of doing this was the 3rd Espada. Also, you should make sure to explain what level of control is allowed. Is it highly specific, or is he required to control the body of water as a whole mass? Also, what’s the range of control on this?
2) This might be a little overly powerful against melee users, since a simple touch is basically all you would require to render them completely incapable of fighting with their blade. At least for a shikai ability, this is probably too strong.
3) If you’re going to compare this to Getsuga Tensho, use that to make this more specific. Does this hit in the same manner as Getsuga Tensho? Is it the same speed? The same size? Is it possible to manipulate the shape?

Bankai: How much water does the blade turn into? Is this the only water that the wielder can now control, or can they still control all water in the vicinity?

1) Again, this is where it matters how much water there is. Is the amount similar to the size of Renji’s bankai?
2) How large of a shield is this? How much damage can it take? Is it effective against kido and physical attacks? How many people can this defend at once? Is it less effective if it’s defending multiple people?
3) Not sure I really get this one, since it’s awkwardly worded. You create a cube of water around them… and that cube can be turned to smoke or frozen, or the opponent can be turned to smoke or frozen? Does this ability not work if there’s not enough moisture around them? What’s the range on this? How large is the cube? How long does it take to form?

It seems like an interesting water blade, but in many ways I’m surprised at the order of abilities. You could very easily switch abilities 1 and 2 from shikai with abilities 1 and 2 from bankai and probably make this all quite reasonable.
AceM150 commented…
uy I know you don't want to make a habit, but I put a lot of thought into the two that I made on the susunod page, and your reviews have earned my respect. It'd be an honor if you'd give 'em a quick read. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
shkia 1he can control 10 gallons of water at a time
2 yea its a bit op but not aginst good kido users
3yes< its goes a bit faster then getsu ga,yes,no its te shape of the tip of the shikia
bankia yes its the only water the controller can use its the same size as renjis shikia ok and sorry i left this out its basicly the shape of ho and bans dolls on the end of mizuki srry i just copied and pasted it
2 its the size of kymon it can take 1 hit from bankia or cero 3 hits from shikia and 10 hits from a regular blade it can defend 5 people at once and yes
3yes you create a cube but no the cube coulde be frozen by the enemy or burnt to smoke by the enemy< yes2 times the size of there body yes if there is not enough mosture it takes a minute to form and you cant switch them beacuse the benkia abilties need jenshi mizukis body form
DAICHIKINJO356 commented…
3 bankia and it takes 5 segundos to form and no he doesnt have to control the whole mass of water he can just control water and he gets the water from the molucels in the air\ sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
ok how bout for shikia 2 if the oppent has more spirit presure then you it doesnt work
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
That would help I think.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
hey bleach0123 we never reallt got to see whats better my mizuki your ketos
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
is it wierd that i feel attached to my first zanpakuto i ever made
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
hey im thinking of and illusion zan hope you like it im gonna post it tommorow
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DAICHIKINJO356 said…
that is very creative if you have another i would like to see it
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas AceM150 said…
OK, Zell Metzger, unlike his older brother, was not confirmed to have any spiritual power by their death, but he gained power very quickly in the Academy. He wasn't the strongest fighter then, but he was a Kidou genius. The relationship with his Zanpakuto was forged purely in battle in Hueco Mundo, as was his relationship with his brother largely.

Zanpakuto Name: Eine Faust [German] Itsuken [Japanese] (The One Fist)
Release Command: None
Bankai: Muteki no Itsuken (The Invincible fist)

Appearance: The normal looking Shikai melts to form a seemingly liquid metal coating around his knuckles and the tops of his feet. It's a hand to hand, clad type.

Zell developed the frightening tendency to build up Spiritual pressure with bloodlust through battle. Itsuken responds to the increase by slowly expanding to cover the entirety of his arms and legs.

Abilities: Small knife; When the metal covers most of his hands, he can form it into a blade for a quick, silent, or merciful kill.
Pistole; When a ranged attack is needed, Zell very comically makes his finger into an improvised kidou gun. (when the metal covers the hand)

Bankai: The metal covers the entire body. nearly impossible to break, and very dangerous as any striking point can form spikes or blades, and excess reiatsu is discharged strategically or at random.
What may be the most terrifying part of the bankai is that Zell, who was raging like a beast by the time he was able to make the jump, suddenly becomes a cool, collected, emotionless figure with the sole purpose of shredding his opposition.

Favorite technique: When he's calm, Zell has a tendency toward a particular set of blocks that throws his opponents guard open, at which point he flash steps to them, thrusting both hands into the chest and abdomen and shatters the soul chain and spirit sleep in his fists.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas animeboy13 said…
Miryoku(charm) aikuttsuku(love stick)
Abilities: able to attract a person to another.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
@animeboy13 seriously man, add some detail otherwise there really is no point in posting...
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas brokenhearted37 said…
Inferuno sōzoku rushifā 'Inferno inheritor lucifer
Jigoku kara jōshō shi, subete no anata no nikushimi, kasai ya ikari de, kono hikisaka reta sekai o moyasu 'ascend from hell, burn this torn world with all your hatred, fire and anger'

The normal sword is a sword with a flame design on the hilt and grip of the with the usual diamond like grip design as well. Though the shikai is where the blade turns into a crimson flame red and the pattern of flames on the blade only. the hilt has a volcano pattern engraved on the back while the front is a burning mountain. finally the hilt is blood red with blood burning from teeth of fire. A special action is for told that every decade a shinigami who has blood of the shiba and kuchiki clan (every millennium) will wield this swords shikai in a week and learn its special ability, 'volcano adreanaline'where the sword gives a temporary boost depending on how long they master the steps to activate but once used they cannot use the shikai (meaning disabling the bankai as well) until a month has past in the real world.

Yami doragon'inferunofenikkusu shinka rushifā-chō 'Darkness dragon and inferno phoenix evolution lucifer ultra'

The bankai blade is 60in long and blade is crimson flame red anda phoenix wing on one half and on the other dark purple with a dragon wing. like zangetsu and tensa zangetsu it has immense reitsu but to amplify it the hilt and grip come in. the hilt is now split in the same colours as the blade but the other way round like chess when you have in a vertical like black and white (there is another sword idea i have without a bankai). most of all there is the chained grip of the sword, the grip is made from orange and blue plated chains and two tails of chains a bit like tensa zangetsu but instead it is rapped around the bankai katana and connects to the base of the grip then the rest are loose bit of the chains left. the chains and hilt amplify the blade so it doesnt over flow and the user doesnt loose his powers.but there is a trait where you can say activate an which ever out of the dragon and phoenix but you say to the other stay dormant. e.g. stay dormant inferno phoenix 'Kyūmin inferunofenikkusu taizai' and activate darkness dragon 'Yami no ryū o Akutibu'.

shikai abilities : Burning hell (Shōnetsu jigoku): a massive laser that spreads its flames 200ft3 and goes 330km and can be converted as a wave slash like getsuga tenshou or an explosive ball blast like some hadous such as hadou no.33 shakahou.

mountain fire rain (Yama kaji no ame): the perimeter of mt.everest is seen a little visible but untouchable, then a rain of fire comes down inside the perimeter and burns everything inside it.

volcanic half genocide (backwards hilt special) (Kazan han jenosaido) (kōhō-gara tokushu) : this is the special where your shikai splits into three pats and the hilt rotates releasing all of your shikai reitsu (once the sword connects back together after rotation). then once you've said the words a large volcanic eruption the size of earths moon covers the area.

Bankai abilities: inferno phoenixes bullet dart extreme nuclear fire bomb (Inferuno hōō no dangan dātsu kyokutan'na kaku kasai bakudan): the phoenixes special move where it soars into the sky and stays there for ten seconds until it has charged and then goes and fast as bullets, darts, light and lightning. to the ground and destroys a collosal ammount like 20 nuclear bombs.

dragons dark revealing of anguish pain and screams... the dark deathly finale (Kunō no itami to himei no akiraka yami no ryū dāku... Kurai shibito fināre): screas inside silence makes the trapped go insane and suicide but if they survive then a silent but faint whisper saying 'die' will come and the person will disintegrate into an eternity of suffering.

this final universal dimension inferno and darkness destruction + the death wish (Kono saishū-tekina fuhen-teki jigen no jigoku to yami hakai + shi nozomu) :the final move to finish everything with just saying the attacks name. you will die using this.

this is too creative but unfair u would think the same id say but the next idea will be a ideal but a creative one and a double side again called the angel devil sword of judgement (Sabaki no tenshi akuma no ken)i will post it on sunday the 17th of febuary 2013 at 15:00pm London GMT and the characters for both swords will be announced on the monday same time. thanks for reading!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas fantasyfire said…
EdCepG,OK so first zanpakuto

Name: Yosei Sakuru (Fairy Circle)
Release Command: Hashagu (frolic)
Appearance: Yosei Sakuru is a very small blade measuring at 4 inches. The hilt is a bright lime green with a golden guard; the blade is ordinary except for a single golden streak going up the spine or back of the blade.

Release: when the blade is released it scatters into thousands of small lights and reforms into a circle around the user with a radius of 5 ft. And its wire thin measuring three centimeters all around. In 1/4 segments around the circle there is an orb. The entire circle is golden.

Shikai abilities:
Wings of the fey: This ability triples the shunpo speed of the wielder, walking, running, and reaction speeds stay the same. This ability can be used up to 3 times in succession however there is a cool down time of 30 seconds. There is also a 2 second delay where no other abilities can be used.

Defence circle: Whenever an opponent who the wielder has sensed enters a 15 foot radius of the user the ring sprouts 1 inch long blades and spins at rapid speeds of 350 mph. The ring can be rotated around the users body at 50 mph. If the user wishes it the ring will spin in the opposite direction in under half a second releasing with it a small shock wave equal to the power of a level 20 kido.

Fairy orb: When injured the wielder can take one of the orbs from the circle and make it grow to the size of a basket ball. These newly formed orbs can be attached to injured limbs to heal average injuries such as burns, cuts, and fractured bones. The orb also acts as a barrier fending off kido under level 50 and minor blade strikes.

Bankai name: Fey crown
Appearance: the circle becomes a vine crown upon the users head, and a pair of golden wings upon their back. A circle is placed upon the backs of both hands as well.


Fairy chase: a skill that extends the wings into energy that resembles golden fire. The flames can be directed at the will of the user moving at 1.5 times kid speed. The flames are highly destructive crushing objects that they collide into instead of actually burning them. The wings can extend up to 200 feet. This skill costs the equivalent of a level 40 kido for every 3 seconds it is used.

Blessing of titania: The body is covered with a thin force field able to sustain blows much like the fairy orb ability except it can sustain blows from level 75 kido and to stop attacks from most physical attacks. This barrier constantly drains the user and attacks against them are especially subtracting reiatsu equivalent to the blow delivered.

Wrath of Oberon: The wielder of the blade can summon forth blades of light from the sky to impale their opponents from above. The blades move at kido speed and only 10 may be summoned at a time, however they may be summoned in succession as each one hits or misses its target. The blades summoned are very sturdy however they can be broken by level 50 kido and above as well as be deflected by weapon strikes. These summoned blades can be wielded by the user as a real sword during which time they become as sturdy as a zanpakuto. Each blade costs the reiatsu of a level 20 kido, and can be summoned up to 50 feet away.

Anybody feel free to comment on my ideas.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
@fantasyfire. For a first blade, that is pretty damn suave. XD. Nice job!

Comments: I like the idea behind this - it is something that I don't think I've seen on this forum before. You really made an original one, here! Secondly, the techniques are quite well-explained and I find them interesting. Wrath of Oberon and Blessing of Titania sound pretty darn awesome!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
This is for my current fan-fiction, regarding Ashido. This will be his Shikai and Bankai. I'm sure they will serve the purpose.

Name: Ashido Kano

Zanpakuto Name: Mijin ('Atom')

Release Command: Conform (Tekigou)

Shikai Special Ability: Because of the nature of the blade, of his Zanpakuto, in Shikai form the surface of the blade can change rapidly, allowing him the option of taking the form of any substance chemically-known - this could include acid, ice, methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen - anything that is either an element, or a compound, for example, this could include alcohol, or an ester, or polystyrene. While many of these aren't useful, nor idea for a battle situation, the most utilizable feature of this blade is that of being able to change to any metal, while retaining the essence of another chemical in the blade itself - this is where it comes in handy, and this is what Ashido uses it for. Take, for example, the factor of a blade that has turned from regular Zanpakuto steel, to titanium, this would increase the durability and toughness of the blade. Mixed with the essence of ice, or acid, or whatever chemical, this would be deadly, especially combined with the speed of a veteran like Ashido. All-in-all, this is a powerful blade.

Ability 1: Kijo Mamori: In emergency situations, the blade automatically responds by a rapid change in size and structure of said blade, allowing a swift defense barrier. Because of the way that the atomic make-up, of the blade itself, changes - it allows size and strength to be manipulated, especially in terms of metal to metal ionic bonding. However, the best defense is that of incredibly strong carbon to carbon covalent bonding - diamond - where the blade itself changes to diamond and can be manipulated into a shield-like structure, that can resist all but the 90's Kido, and from opponents as strong as a Captain (physical attacks).

Ability 2: Genshihou: This combines all of the reiatsu of the wielder (Ashido) and the energy created by the swinging motion of the blade, with the energy contained in the bonds existing within the metal of the blade (when unchanged), or whatever is present in the blade at the time. This takes ten seconds to charge after the swinging motion (which can be regarded as a normal attack/parry and is not released during the swing, but when the wielder decides that it should be released) and is then fired, like a cannon, straight at the opponent. The speed is about ten times that of a Cero, and generally about equal to that of Gran Rey Cero (if the blade is normal at the time), but can be more powerful, even creating more energy than a blast like that of Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras, at best (however, this creates a problem for the wielder, taking a lot of spirit energy to concentrate the blast and leaves them exhausted). However, this is abnormal, and would only be used as a last-resort, generally the energy released would similar to that of a Gran Rey Cero, or less.

Shikai Appearance: No change from sealed form, due to the atomic manipulation ability.

Bankai Name: Genshiri Kigaku ('Atomic Mechanics')

(To be Completed at a Later Date)
woooooooooooooooooow amazing......................... sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas