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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
Finally, another blade I have come up with. This will be the first one I have created that revolves around fire/magma. XD

Name: Hebi Enkou ('Flame Serpent')

Release Command: Flare up (Moeagaru)

Bankai: Maguma Orochi ('Magma Hydra')

Regular Appearance: The blade is a katana with a golden guard that resembles a flame and a red tsuba, with orange parts in between the red. The blade is silver, but has a flame-like shape etched down the length of the blade.

Shikai Special Ability: When the Release Command is uttered, the blade reforms and turns into a serpent composed entirely of flames, which is controlled from the tsuba of the former katana, which still retains the same colors as before the Shikai release. The serpent can extend and retract, depending on the user's command. The flames that it puts out heat up to around 800-1000 degrees Celsius. The serpent is completely composed of flames and spiritual energy; in other words, it is fully intangible, but will weaken as the user's will and spirit energy weaken. The serpent can extend no further than 500 metres.

Kaen Houshaki: ('Flame Thrower') The serpent can throw out flames further than the extensions of its flame-covered body. In a sense, it is spitting flames at the opponent, which are even hotter than the original flames of its body. This can extend about 100-200 metres from the serpent's length and can pivot in change direction, however, changing direction is slow and inefficient, likely allowing the opponent to escape during that period of time.

Naien: ('Inner flame') A passive ability granted to the user of the blade. This grants them the Spirit of Flame, which affects their reiatsu giving it a wild, fiery feel; in fact, it changes the user's reiatsu completely, so it is more powerful than what it ever could have become without the Spirit of Flame. The other benefit of this attack is, every time the Flame Serpent strikes an opponent and deals them damage or an injury, the user's speed is doubled and the bonus lasts for 20 seconds; the actual appearance of this ability is flames issuing from their feet, propelling them much faster than usual, but not affecting their flash-step whatsoever.

Shikai Appearance: The blade disappears, excluding the tsuba, in order to form a serpent of flames, which appears to be about 20 metres long and can be controlled by user. The flames are a red/orange colour, with blueish parts right on the tips of the flames.

Bankai Special Ability: The Serpent disappears, reforming itself, and turns into a Hydra, composed entirely of flames and molten rock and has three heads, each of which can either spit flames, or magma. This 'Magma Hydra' can spit chunks of magma at the opponent, which is molten rock, heating things up to about 10,000 degrees Celsius. The user can control this Hydra by telekinesis. The Hydra is entirely a Zanpakuto, having its own spirit energy and can combine itself with the user at opportune moments. However, if the Hydra strays too far from the user (which is about 1 km), it will disappear and Bankai will not be able to be used for about an hour, or two. There are a variety of attacks that can be used with this Bankai and require a creative mind. The major abilities are as listed:

Kazan: ('Volcano') A powerful attack, with a massive area of effect. The Hydra draws magma up through the ground, by burrowing down and using the heat from its own magma to draw the rest to it, then it creates a depression and a crater, finally forming a volcano in the area. The Hydra can determine when the volcano will erupt and this will cause mass flows of lava, large amounts of smoke and ash, as well as exceptionally hot mud. All of these will likely affect the opponent, i.e, the smoke will obscure the whole area, while the ash will cover much of it; the lava is as hot as magma, but cools down from the cooler air around it and the mud will also cover much of the area mixing in with the ash. Essentially, this ability changes the whole environment around them.

Henkei: ('Metamorphosis') When the user is in Bankai mode, they can say 'Metamorphose, Maguma Orochi!' and they will become one with the Hydra. To explain better, the user and the Hydra meld into the form of one being for their Bankai, however, because the user is a part of the Bankai itself, it takes a lot of spirit energy to maintain, therefore, it is not an efficient ability to use, unless the user plans to cause destruction for a short period of time, then force their Zanpakuto back into Shikai form.

Enkou Yari: ('Flame Sword') The user can take flames from the Hydra and shape them into a sword of flame. In fact, if they are skilled enough, they can even create two blades of flame. These swords last only as long as the Bankai is active.

Bankai Appearance: The Serpent disappears from sight, completely, and reforms itself into a three-headed legendary Hydra, which is made from flames and molten rock. The beast is about 3-4 metres high and it stretches out around 5 metres from head (s) to the tip of its tail.
Aizen07 commented…
pretty cool apoy based Zanpakuto. I'm new to the site and checked as many zanpakuto as I could. some are pretty exaggerating. but yours and some others' are something else! ;) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Ryuuikari commented…
Good to see a well detailed zanpakuto again. Generally I dislike elemental blades because they're usually quite one dimensional, but yours is an exception XD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
blackpanther666 commented…
^ Thanks, guys. I try my best to create Zanpakuto that are thought out properly and aren't stereotypical, or overpowered. XD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Aizen07 said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai: Ōkamineko (Wolf Cat)
release command: Warai (Laugh)

manifestation: it is composed of two spirit manifestations. the first one is a chesire cat (like the one in "Alice in Wonderland", while the other is a half-black and half-white wolf.
description: when released the first blade takes the form of a sword with a wavy like blade without a guard and the second one grows in length taking the form of a katana with a blade half black and half white with a normal circle-like katana guard.

Bankai: Akuma Ōkamineko (Demon Wolf Cat)
description: the first blade turns into a big Sai with a shiny silver blade and a yellow hilt, more durable and a lot faster than its shikai form. the second blade turns into a Wakizashi (like Gin's Shinso) and retains its black and white color as well as its guard.

Shikai abilities:
>Cheshā no sasayaki (Cheshire's Whisper) As the fight progresses the first and more agile blade releases a scent which begins to take over the opponent's senses and decreases their effectiveness. However it loses its effectiveness if the opponent aknowledges it is being used on him/her.

>Ōkami no tōboe (Wolf's howl) The second blade's colors are getting more tense and bright by absorbing the spiritual energy of its holder. when fully charged the blade unleases all of its energy with a decisive spiritual pressure blast which takes the shape of a half-white and half-black wolf's head with its fangs open.

Bankai abilities:
>Wandārando no Sen Fune (Wonderland's Thousand Ships) Since the beginning of a fight the first blade emits an aroma undetectable by the eyes or the nose of the opponent. Once smelled by the opponent its effects cannot be reversed. The aroma contains a deadly poison which manipulates all of the senses and makes the opponent travel to his or her own "Wonderland", the ideal utopia everyone dreams of.

>Ōkami-Shin no sen kiba (Wolf-God's Thousand Fangs) the second blade is basically an enhancement of its Shikai powers while in Bankai. the blade absorbs not only spiritual energy from its holder, but also collects spirit particles which exist in the atmosphere. when fully charged it can unleash a blast made from spiritual energy 20 times stronger than when in Shikai. when hit by the blast, the opponent feels the power of a thousand wolves tearing him/her apart with their destructive fangs.

>Wandārando no Yami: Yomi (Wonderland's Darkness: Underworld) this is the final and real form of Akuma Ōkamineko. the illusion of Wonderland the first blade creates is suddenly gone, setting the opponent in a hellish and atrocious version of his or her "Wonderland" and plunging him into despair. when the opponent finally loses all of his hope and begs to be let out of that Hell, the second blade attacks with almost all of the holder's spiritual power, crushing the opponent instantly.

blackpanther666 commented…
This is interesting and pretty well different to others that get spammed upon this site. I like that it is unique, too, as well the addition of the Alice in Wonderland theme. XD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
GruntSquad92 commented…
a playful (colourful?) cat, that toys with enemy, while the cold, serious (black and white) lobo gets to buisness, outright killing the enemy. thats, what i understand is the theme of your blade., which i really like. if put into the manga, it would be a terrific tool for storytelling. like someone, who wished back "old times", if he wants to soothe his emotional pains, he has to give into the dream world, while the "reality"/the lobo kills him. if he fights his inner wishes, he is emotionally hurt, but if he accepts reality, he gets the fighting chance to confront "reality"/the wolf. just perfect! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Aizen07 commented…
thanks a lot guys! before I made my Zanpakuto I took a psychology test to see what my character was really like! that was the base. the chesire is my mischievous side naughty cunning and riddling. the lobo is madami like my mature side. lone, a bit shy and wise. also I used elements from other zanpakuto but only made them slightly noticeable. took the final form idea from senbonzakura kageyoshi's final form, the whole illusion type idea from kyoka suigetsu, the wolf's howl ability from engetsu's getsuga tenso and the dual blade idea from katen kyokotsu. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Aizen07 commented…
Also what gruntsquad92 sinabi was true. the manipulation prossess Akuma Ōkamineko uses is made in such a way the opponent doesn't realize Akuma Neko (first blade) is toying with his mind. all people deep inside desire a world with nothing but their desires fulfilled inside it. while they are suddenly driven away from the battle opponents forget about it while arriving at their "Wonderland" the only one the even my Bankai's manipulation would not work would be Zaraki Kenpachi. that's because even with the effects Zaraki's paradise would be a world full of war and people to kill. in general my zanpakuto like to seduce the enemy, take down his defences and then strike him. I was planning for the shikai ability of my first blade to be irreversible as well. but I really didn't want to make an overpowered zanpakuto. I wanted one kinda like Katen Kyokotsu. one that is powerful enough in shikai is used well and one whose bankai mustn't be revealed unless absolutely necessary. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GruntSquad92 said…

--- General ---
release command: "more and more"

type: physical
range: close-combat
sealed form: katana, medium size
predominant colours: “ordinary-looking” materials | colourless, transperent - brownish reiiatsu
bankai colours: additionally hues of copper and beige. golden decorations and symbols
spirit of the blade: a gigantic amoured boar, "weaponized" tusks, LotR-style

spirit realm: the sun is setting, red sky, red soiled battlefield, torn banners everywhere waving in the sorrowful wind. corpses with faces of those, the wielder has slain before. the blade spirit hates the cold wind and the silence, beeing bored and lusting for carnage, he wants this battlefield filled with combatants. new combatants are added each time the wielder slays someone in the real world, a reflection of those mourning spirits are then added to the battlefield. they will fight, seek vengeance and go for each others throats, blind and filled with fury and fire. the heat they radiate and the fresh "blood" that is spilled will please the spirit, he will watch these new combatants, amused, until all combatants are slain, the last spirit standing will become a banner, a herald of triumph and victory, leaving the spirit lusting for more glorious battles.

--- Shikai ---
a giant, spiked, "toothed", heavy broadsword, on its hilt, a chain is linking the weapon to its wielder, he wears a pair of leather wrappings on his hands and wrists.

passive ability 1: the wielder will not feel the full weight of his weapon
passive ability 2 (consume): each time, the wielder inflicts damage or renders reiiatsu, the blade will consume the physcal and spiritual strength of his opponent.

--- Bankai ---
"Hungry Pillager, Triumphant Warcry"

a giant, spiked, "toothed", heavy two-handed axe, adorned with skulls and other symbols of might and triumph. on its hilt, a chain is linking the weapon to its wielder, he wears heavy amour - decorated - on both arms and hands, the chest, shoulders, a heavy belt around the waist
aditionally to the abilitys gained in shikai

Impending Victory: the wielder lets out a warcry, heats up his reiiatsu, with it he "forges" (additional) amor or is reinforcing/repairing existing ones. he can also create a giant shield, spartan-style, that will appear right infront of him. the wielder can choose to pick it up or let it fall to the ground.

passive ability 3: the wielder will not feel the full weight of anything, he created in bankai

--- Strategy ---
focusing on close combat and overwhelming power, the wielder will go for a direct, reckless approach. any damage he inflicts will give him additional strength and endurance to continue the battle. in bankai, his defenses translates into offensive capability. any armor will cover for the reckless fighting style. the more the pillager maims, rends, kills, the more is he rewarded with protection (and strength), which encourages the wielder to be even more reckless, which will reward him with even more protection and so on.

on a big battlefield the pillager will initiate fights with any, he surely can win against. the wielder lives not only for battle but primarily for victory. with enough raw strength, endurance and protection build up, he can engage fights with stronger opponents. those should be able to take mush more punishment, so these targets will reward the pillager with even more offensive potential.

as a result, it comes down to "math". he has to "invest time" (protection and endurance) to reap the benefits. if the benefits exceeds the strength and protection sacrficed, the pillager can fight infinetely.

--- Weakness ---
the pillager needs opportunitys to inflict damage, anything that keeps him from doing so is considered his weakness. the weapon is highly dependant on the skill of its wielder, any rewards reaped only buys time and opportunity. it has no "safe" ways of dealing damage or build-in "win-states". his only defense consists of his offense and his ability to soak up damage. "pesky" (long ranged) attacks will wear him down, enough damage will destroy protection, armor therefore only provides time for him to rush in. reward demands sacrifice, risk and skill.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Aizen07 commented…
good one! :D I don't really like mostly attack based zanpakuto mainly because they give their all in attack and the wielder could die in the prossess. ikkaku's bankai is a typical example. but your idea of basing your defence to your attack while taking the high ground in the same time is something exceptional! well done made! oh and pretty cool designed inner world. mine would be a landscape much like Hueco Mundo but with madami unique fanstastic plants after a long finished fight with the skeletons and the flag of the fallen sitting there quietly while the moon shines half-silver and half-black sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sinwalker7 said…
I know this one is overpowered. But hey we all would love a sword like this. And I did add weakness.

Zanpakotu: Sen no Ken (Thousand swords)

Sealed: A empty sheath and a handle with no blade.

Release phrase: All the ones of the other zanpakotus.

True release phrase: “Add me, Sen no Ken!”

Shiki: When Sen no Ken’s user says the release and name of another zanpakotu. The handle becomes the zanpakotu named. However, the user needs to know the powers and attacks of the zanpakotu to use it. And the copied zanpakotu is only half as strong as the real one. Basicly, no names…no zanpakotu.

Bankai: Senjō sen ken (Battlefield of thousand swords) This form is only used when the master say the true release phrase. First the user takes the sheath and handle and drops them. When the hit the ground a rift opens and the user starts calling zanpakotu names. All the zanpakotus that the user calls are in shiki form or sword form and are only half as strong as the real zanpakotu. The zanpakotu fly out of the rift when called and impale the surrounding area, forming a “battlefield of thousand swords”. Now the rift closes and in it’s place is a pair of silver gauntlets. The user wears the gauntlets so they can use more then one zanpakotu at a time. (1-2 and if they have insane skill up to 8 can be used.)
GruntSquad92 commented…
I don't see, how Sen no Ken is overpowered. Not in itself for that matter. the fighting style would be pretty much the same, when ichigo had his bankai training. what happens, when somebody else picks up any of the weapons, summoned in bankai? if anyone can't pick up weapons without permission, the strength of sen no ken would be flexibility and practically the guarantee always to have a weapon, even if the wielder looses his current one. if anyone can pick up summoned weapons, your bankai would even be a bit underpowered sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Aizen07 commented…
I think I know why he's calling his sword a bit overpowered. this is practically TOO overpowered because for such a zanpakuto to be created its holder would've to be some kind of chameleon with any personality he or she wishes. zanpakuto are based on the puso of their shinigami. anyway, even without the full power of the zanpakutos Sen no Ken summons its pretty overpowered mainly because it can call the power of ANY zanpakuto, even the most powerful of their own kind like Ryujin Jakka, Hyorinmaru etc. these two for example are the most powerful apoy based, ice based zanpakuto to exist. also some powers like Ryujin Jakka's apoy powers which are enough to unleash an Inferno even in shikai will still remain pretty strong even when not in full power. also zanpakuto with passive abilities such as Kyoka Suigetsu's "complete hypnosis" cannot be restrained or the power would become useless. kira's wabisuke is another example. all in all it's a good zanpakuto. but its powers leak in theory sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sinwalker7 said…
I see. I tried to make it so Sen no Ken had weakness like all other zanpakotu, but that was a challenge because it can become any zanpakotu. As for someone else picking up one of the copys, if you think about it only the true master of the zanpakotu (other then Sen no Ken) can use its power. So say that Ichgo tried to use the Ryujin Jakka copy. Without the silver gauntlets it would be impossible for him to use it other than a normal sword. And as for the user losing one of the summoned zanpakuto, that is why the scatter. So if he loses one, odds are there is another in arms reach. So in a way the sliver gauntlets are the only real zanpakotu fighting. The one wearing the gauntlets can use the copys of the zanpakotu up to half of their full straight. So, one big weakness is, if the user does not use the gauntlets then the banki of Sen no ken is pretty useless.
Oh...and thanks for the comments.
Sinwalker7 commented…
Oh...and i'm was not sure how to fit in the bankai forms of the copyed zanpakotu. I was not sure is they sould be add. But then i thought about how a master and zanpakotu are one. So that would lead me to think that a copyed zanpakotu would not have the power of it's bankai. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
One madami thing...Azien07. I have notice that you perfer mental tape zanpakotus. I have read your Ōkamineko and found it both playful and deadly. If you wear part of the anime then you could be one of the most powerful meantel tape fighters i would know. And i would like you to comment on a zanpakotu i made called Kokoro no kyōfu. I think with your level of knowlage of meantal tape, you could give me great feedback. If you need to find it, scrol up...please and thank you. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
GruntSquad92 commented…
back to sen no ken. why i think, its ok: that weapon is a "jack-of-all-trades", literally. a less than perfect copycat, if used to fight the original, it looses straight up. anything he copies is, as far as i understand, cut to half. the wielder can never ever expect to overwhelm the enemy while on the attack, and he can't go direct counter on the defense, he lacks the raw power. yes, illusion-types do give its wielder a edge on the battlefield, and maybe that facette of his weapon might be overpowered. the general idea however is ok. sen no kens wielder has to rely on the fact, that he remembers a weapon, that exploits the weakness of the enemy. in bankai, furthermore, he also has to position himself so, he can grab it, or any other zanpakuto he might need. if the enemy is aware of his strategy, he simply can block it with his body. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sinwalker7 said…
This is not my ideal zanpakotu and I have yet to make one. But I say this one is pretty good.

Zanpakotu: Buraddobara (Blood rose)

Sealed: A katana with a red handle a flower shaped guard.

Release phrase: “Bloom, Buraddobara.”

Shiki: Buraddobara takes the form of a strap the cross over both shoulders of the soul-reaper. Spikes are wrapped on the strap. The spikes are thrown at the enemy, they also regenerate as if they are alive. So basically you never run out of spicks.

Powers: Poison, this poison changes based on what attacks are used.

Attacks: Aka toge (Red thorns) This makes the spicks bright red and they have a poison that attacks the blood and heart. When inside the body it’s starts to destroy the red blood cells and when it reaches the heart it slowly kills it. Howaito toge (White thorns) This turns the spicks white. This poison attacks the nerves and can cause hallucinations. This is used to confuse the enemy and then is fallowed up with another poison. Midoriiro no toge (Green thorns) This poison attacks the muscles and slow and painfully destroys them. This one is mostly used to slow down the enemy and is fallowed up with Aka toge.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
Name: Karuyaka No Mori ('Lance of Light')

Release Command: Arc brightly (Kosen koukouto)

Bankai: Tatsujin No Hi ('Master of Light')

Normal appearance: A regular katana, which has a regular, steel coloured blade, a silver/steel coloured guard, which is shaped in the form of a lance, as well as a yellow and white handle.

Shikai Ability: The blade turns into a sword composed of light. Other Zanpakutous can only make spiritual contact, which actually encompasses physical as well - basically, the opponent's Zanpakuto can only make physical contact via spiritual contact with the blade... this means that the two opposing spirit energies' will contact each other, which will show itself in a physical way, but, if the opponent's spirit energy was running out, or their resolve had been shattered, their blade would not be able to make physical contact with Karuyaka No Mori, meaning the opponent's blade would pass right through it. This isn't always a bonus for the user, as they could accidentally take damage to themselves via this property of the blade. When Karuyaka No Mori is swung from the left to the right, when it follows with the next swing, it releases a blast of light, one that can cause minor damage to the opponent. Lastly, at will the user can allow their body to become intangible for 10 seconds, where the opponent's blade cannot touch them, nor their spirit energy - this ability has a 3 minute cooldown after it has been used.

Kokou ('Arc light') When this ability is activated, at the speed of sound, ten jets of arcing light are fired at the opponent, each of which causing about the same amount of damage as a Cero from an Espada. These arcing lights are drawn to the heat of the opponent's body, therefore will follow them until they make contact with the opponent (or whatever they are currently seeking), or are drawn into the vicinity of an obstacle and explode upon contact.

Shikai Appearance: The katana disappears and the handle changes somewhat. The blade becomes composed entirely of light. The handle turns yellow and a light purple colour. From the end of the handle, a chain hangs.

Bankai Ability: Retaining the same general properties of Shikai special ability, however, now the blade of the Zanpakuto can extend and retract at the speed of sound.

Tenkin Setsuna ('Instant Transmission') At the speed of light, the user of this blade can move from one position to another, by visualising the destination vividly in their head. However, there are restrictions to this ability. The user can ONLY move to that position, essentially in a straight line... they cannot cancel the movement once they have visualised the destination in their head. Also, they can only use this ability once every 2 minutes.

Bankai Appearance: Little change, only the chain becomes longer and the light-blade can extend and retract.
GruntSquad92 commented…
the slash from left to right gives that weapon a certain kind of charm. it gives the "choreography", the dance of two opponents, direction. the wielder can try to exploit it and even the opponent can come up with a strategy. i'm not sure, if the speed might be a tad bit too much. gins bankai for example focuses on speed, expansion and retraction. nothing else. not necessarily 100% true, but simply put and said, your bankai has gins strength + additional tools. is it possible to dodge arc light with something, that generates heat, that exceeds its original target? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
GruntSquad92 commented…
from what i can read and imagine, the ability to be intangible, arc light, the ugoy from left to right, control of blade length and the exploitable weakness, tenkin setsuna, its pretty much a assassins tool. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
blackpanther666 commented…
Heh, thanks for the comments. I do actually agree with you it would make an excellent assassin's tool. Haha. An, for the tanong about generating heat, in order to exceed the original target woul certainly affect the usefulness of the Arc Lights. XD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
blackpanther666 commented…
@GruntSquad92. To be honest, the Bankai is less so than Gin's... Tenkin Setsuna has restrictions - you can't just ilipat at the speed of light whenever you feel like it. Also, Gin's Bankai had the ability to leave a chip from his blade, which would leave a poison that could completely destroy the opponent. Also, Gin's contractions were instant. Ichigo noticed that his blade would extend at probably the same speed as my blade, but retract instantly. I can understand your view on this, though, as it could easily be viewed as OP. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Name: Museifu no Hako (Anarchy’s Box)
Sealed appearance: While sealed it takes the form of a single black metal-clad glove. The glove has the symbol for infinity embossed, in a metallic white colour, on the top of the glove and it has a skull and blue flame mark on the palm (which can separate souls from bodies by pressing the mark to it). Small clear crystals are embedded into each knuckle of the glove. The glove can shift the position of the thumb allowing it to be worn on either hand.
Shikai release process: The wielder clenches their gloved hand into a fist and raises it into the air and then releases via the command “Randomize”

Shikai appearance: Its shikai appearance ties in directly with its ability to transform into any weapon. Whatever weapon it transforms into will be completely metallic black in colour, will have a white infinity symbol embossed somewhere on it and will have small clear crystals adorned, in an orderly design, on it.

Shikai special abilities: Upon release Museifu no Hako’s glove form will transform into a regular form of almost any weapon including, but not limited to: flamethrowers, pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, battle rifles, grenade launchers, carbines, chakrams, shuriken, slingshots, spears, throwing axes, crossbows, knuckle dusters, gauntlets, wind-and-fire wheels, tekko, tessen, daggers/tantō, kodachi, wakizashi, shikomizue, backswords, cutlasses, dao, dadao, scimitar, szabla, broadswords, chokutō, flame-bladed swords, longswords, rapiers, katana, nodachi, tachi, hook swords, kujang, sickles, kusarigama, war hammers, battle axes, broadaxes, hatchets, tomahawks, clubs, sai, jutte, maces, kanabō, morning stars, sledgehammers, bō, jō, quarterstaffs, staffs, sectioned staffs, polearms, whips, nunchaku, flails, meteor hammers and rope darts. However what weapon Museifu no Hako transforms into is completely random and up to chance. If Museifu no Hako transforms into a projectile-based weapon then it will have unlimited ammunition and the projectile(s) will be energy-based, created from the wielder’s spiritual energy; therefore when the wielder’s spiritual energy becomes depleted so too does their ammunition for that particular weapon. Whatever weapon Museifu no Hako transforms into will be made of extremely dense material. Museifu no Hako cannot transform into any artillery, missile-based, rocket-based or nuclear weapons. Once it has transformed into a weapon it cannot change again unless it is resealed and released again.

Shikai technique:
Odoroki! (Surprise!): Upon striking or after a projectile makes contact with a target, this completely unpredictable technique unleashes one of its effects. The effects include: a gigantic, very powerful, highly destructive explosion; completely drenching the target in water; a large explosion of whipped cream; completely drenching the target in a highly corrosive liquid; an extremely loud, high pitched and irritating noise for several seconds; a flash of blindingly bright light; complete healing of all the target’s injuries; absolutely nothing at all. Which effect is used is totally random and up to chance. This technique can also be used in bankai.

Bankai name: Museifusuke (The Anarchistic One)
Bankai release process: The wielder first eats the weapon Museifu no Hako transformed into, then holds their arms outstretched by their sides and finally initiates bankai.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Museifusuke becomes a pair of black metal-clad gloves that cover both hands; the gloves are identical to its sealed form. Any generated weapons take the same style of appearance as the one's in shikai.

Bankai special abilities: Museifusuke has mostly the same ability as in shikai: it can create a single random weapon from its gloves; however the gloves remain after the weapon has been formed. The formed weapon can be made to transform into a new weapon, however what weapon it transforms into is totally random; weapon re-transformation can be done an infinite number of times and the transformation process is near instantaneous. The technique Odoroki! can now also be performed by the wielder placing one of their gloved palms on a target.

Bankai technique:
Detarame! (Random!): The wielder stretches their arm upwards and points to the sky then, while saying the technique name, they bring their arm down and point to a target. An unpredictable and completely random substance, inanimate or animate object, organism, element or presence will then rain down from the sky and strike/hit the target. This technique has the potential to attack with absolutely anything conceivable or even non-conceivable or may just end up being a complete dud; it’s all up to chance!
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GruntSquad92 commented…
brilliant. just brilliant. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Ryuuikari commented…
Haha thanks man :) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GruntSquad92 said…
"Horizon's Edge"

--- General ---
release command: "reflect"

type: physical / illusion
range: close-combat
sealed form: katana, medium size
predominant colours: bright, reflective steel; red reiiatsu
spirit of the blade: a reflection of the wielder, if said wielder is right-handed, the spirit is left-handed, like a mirror

spirit realm: a quiet lake, no shores to be seen, an endlessly long bridge, both ends not visible, white marble. out of the water, every now and then, high reaching towers, built out of the same white stone, some (when two are close to each other) are connected with each other via bridges or platforms they happened to share. everything looks unpleasantly sterile and empty. the wide reaching halls in these towers have no furniture or anything comparable, apart from huge pillars its completely empty. the world itself seems soundless, should the wielder make a sound, it will echoe, no response... except the waves on the water below. the lake is from almost anywhere, even inside the towers (they have no walls), visible. you can't see, whats beneath the water, instead you see a reflection of the spirit realm. the weather may vary, commonly its dusk, a beautiful red sky, and a cold lonely red sun, far, far away. the weather of the spirit realm itself will reflect the mood, the wielder presents to others in the real world, a facette. the weather below in the reflection will show his actual mood. the blade spirit may greet him from below, standing on the "other side" of the reflection, silently, with gestures, even if he opens up his mouth to speak. absolute silence.

--- Shikai ---
a normal katana, except the bright and very reflective steel, everything else is the same way, its sealed form was.

after-image: the wielder describes a circle with his blade, commonly executed via a quick and relaxed "twist" from the wrist, and slashes through said described circle. an exact copy ot that strike follows on the exact same spot with exactly the same direction and speed. the wielder may determine the lag in which the second strike will occur. the timeframe in which its possible ranges from 0,5 - 2 seconds.

spitting image, replica: a slash summoned by after-image freezes in time, instead of a visible blade, the slash expresses itself in the same way a not-so-modern-camera would captchure a fast moving object, though frozen in time, it still cuts. like if it was water, he can push his hand into the slash (avoiding the sharp spot) and draw a replica of his shikai out of it, breaking the image. from this point on he can shatter any of his blades, the one left behind becomes/stays the "original blade". if the replica-blade exists, after-image is not useable.

--- Bankai ---
"Horizons Edge, Opened Gates"
a more exquisite version of its shikai-form. it features a longer, inscribed blade, fine cloth and decorations. regardless of power usage, cancelling bankai will shatter any energy the wielder still has for fighting.

passive 1 (after-image): any movement of the blade will now conjure an after-image, no gestures needed, though not all after-images will cut as previously. which one actually "exists" is determined by the wielder. the opponent will see a twilight-red inscription, whenever an after-image physically cuts.

Prism: the inscription lights up, exaggerated. a slash will describe an wide red arc, in rapid succession a mulitude of slashes will flurry on that exact spot. lasts up to 4 seconds.

Horizon: a quick slash creates a mirror. it will reflect anything in both directions after a predetermined lag. the wielder may even slash through it himself, creating a blade, that will slash in his direction and one in the direction he is facing. he also can jump through it, the wielder will appear on both sides, one of them is the blade spirit. he then will join the fight. the mirror breaks upon reflection.
->Doppelganger: both, the wielder and the blade spirit may move independently, however only one can "truely" interact with its surroundings, the other beeing a mere reflection. which one is currently physically existent can be spotted when looking on the inscriptions of the blade. the doppelganger can be shattered and resummoned in a different location if needed. regardless of which of those two gets injured, any injury will only show up on the wielder. that means, if the blade spirit gets his head chopped off, the wielder will die. however the wielder may choose to transfer all wounds to his blade spirit ONCE per bankai usage, the doppelganger will then shatter and can't be resummoned unless, bankai is stopped and used at a later time.

Morning Red: a attack with a long preparation-phase, an incredibly wide-ranged brightly red shining cut, after a while an after-image-cut will draw a "wall", red inscriptions will decorate the "mirror". on completion it shatters into many little blades falling down to the ground. enormous energy-consumption.

--- Strategy ---
the more sophisticated "little brother" of the "pillager" inherits the same trait. aggressiveness and the urge to charge in, though less reckless, more precise.
the battle strategy for its shikai form is simple, overcome the enemy with a flurry of attacks using any strikes of opportunity possible, regardless of how trivial the damage might be and tiring him, the enemy, at the same time out, kill the dinosaur with an endless tide of bugbites.
additionally, its bankai form, while keeping high pressure on, will "zone" its opponent, actively denying or restricting space and movement with prisms, wide-arced swings and the potent danger the doppelganger poses. the doppelganger may conjure a prism behind an enemy and hand his physical existence over to the wielder, who then can carry out his own flurrys of attacks. alternating physical existence and attack between doppelganger and wielder from front and back might overwhelm or confuse the enemy, as he has to focus on two opponents at the same.
projectile based attacks can furthermore be reflected, but only, if a doppelganger is summoned. as "horizon" would reflect a projectile in both directions, to his opponent and to himself, so after executing horizon, he HAS to switch in order to reflect an attack without damaging himself.
the wielder may escape wounds and death once per bankai usage, but he has to consider, that, if he cancels his bankai, his energy gets shattered too. should he rely to much on that safety net, he will undoubtely loose.
"Morning Red" is not usable in a duel, there is no time for preparation, so it finds its use as a "sniping attack" from far behind the frontlines or as an "pawn-killer".

--- Weakness ---
Horizon's Edge's sole emphasis on multiple attacks from different angles leaves it with not much actual "fire power". if the strategy proves to be ineffectiv, for example because the opponent is someone, who can multi-task confidently while keeping his cool, or has unpenetrable defenses, where normal swordcuts are not sufficient or has such tremendous strength and is counterattacking regularly, then there is not much, Horizon's Edge can do apart from retreating.
his doppelganger might also prove to be a weakness, as any injury he takes is transfered to the wielder himself. with two bodies fighting, the wielder does not only enjoy the advantage of attacking from two positions but also suffers the disadvantage of beeing attacked on two positions. while he could just disperse the doppelganger or keep him unphysical, that renders Horizon's Edge defense to zero, as this, subterfuge, reflection and confusion, are his only traits, that can be regarded as "defense". also, everytime he cancels his bankai, the wielder is defenseless.
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Ryuuikari commented…
I like this blade a lot. It has unique strengths that are well balanced sa pamamagitan ng its weaknesses and it has some interesting techniques to go with it. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
GruntSquad92 commented…
thanks for your response. i know, he thanks came late, i forgot to watch "updates" on things madami older. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Mafenis7 said…
Kōkai no shōsha. ( Winner of Regret. )

[Sealed State]: A katana with a deep black handle and guard. Otherwise a regular steel colored sword.

[Release Command]: "Weep in regret.. Kõkai no Shõsha.."

[Shikai]: In it's released state, Kõkai no Shõsha becomes a thick and long steel pole with two scythes at both ends of it, molded together with the steel. The scythes are colored black and white, the colors extending to the pole a little, but not all the way.

[Bankai]: Yorokobi no shōri-sha no kankin. ( Redeemed Winner of Joy.)
In it's Bankai state, the weapon is two floating scythe-like blades that are double- ended. They are attached together by a long, black chain.

[Shikai abilities]: 1: Kōkai no namida. ( Tears of Regret.) The black scythe sends out a force of water directly at the opponent as a slice at a fast speed, that will cut what it hits. The attack has a considerable power behind it, but it can only be used twice in a 30-minute period of time. If the opponent has stronger reiatsu than the user, the attack will do less damage than it is meant to, and can be blocked and reflected far more easily. As the attack is water-based, it can be stopped by ice, freezing it in place, or by fire, making the water so hot it will be blown away as steam.

2: Yorokobi no namida. ( Tears of Joy.) The white scythe pours water over the user, creating a shield around him that will act as a repeller of a ranged or melee attack. However, this defensive shield will render the user slower, and if he exits the radius of the water, he will become vulnerable. The shield is not invincible, and as so, it can be pierced with a powerful attack, and as it is made out of water, it can be frozen with water, trapping the user inside of it. It can also be boiled down into burning steam, damaging the user further.

[Bankai abilities]: 1: Ōame. ( Heavy Rain ) The scythe-blades begin to spin in the air, creating a hard rainfall upon the user and the opponent. When this happens, the user's speed is increased, whilst the opponent's is hindered by the water. The water is filled with the user's reiatsu, and will drain it from him quickly. The technique's time of use depends on the user's ability to control his reiatsu, and the quantity of it. The area of effect is roughly around a mile from where the user is always situated in.

2: Mizu no megami no ken. ( Sword of the Goddess of Water. ) The user's blades begin to circle in front of him, beginning to create a large orb of water, which then erupts into a boiling hot blast of water that resembles a sword. The technique is powerful and can only be used once in three days, as it drains the user of most of his power. The technique needs time to build up, and so, the user is vulnerable when charging it, especially from behind. If he moves, the technique is cancelled, and the water vanishes into the air.

( I do apologize if there are any errors with the words, format, or anything at all that's worth mentioning. Don't be shy to tell me. I am not yet accustomed to the use of Fanpop.
Glad to be a part of the community.. At least, I hope so.)
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Ryuuikari commented…
First of all, welcome to Fanpop and the Bleach Anime club :) Now to get on to your zanpakuto. I'd like to see madami detail from your shikai and bankai techniques, because something about your zanpakuto appeals to me. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
This has a drak yet light appeal to it. It is very well made, i can't wait to see more. When your fully awake that is lol (: sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Mafenis7 commented…
Thanks for the feedback, Sinwalker7. :) Yes, I was aiming for a dark, yet somewhat lighter appeal to it. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas EbonyHeartKing3 said…
Zanpakuto/shikai= Chikyu seifuku "Earth Conqueror"

Release name= Uchiwake "Breakdown"

Description= The Blade becomes a double edged Axe with one side bigger then the other. and with a curved shaft and handle. its shaft is sand colored with a round cut emerald at the bottom of the hilt.

Shikai Abilities= The bigger side of the axe causes terrible tremors throughout the body and even when blocking causes terrible strain on the body making your weapon feel heavier and causing great lost in stamina and agility. If your level is below that of a lieutenant your zanpakuto will break. The smaller side when struck with it absorbs your collective riatsu and when the user collects as much as they want they can strike the ground and cause a massive (depending on how much they absorbed) sandstorm filled with shards of gems and iron like rocks.

Bankai name=Jigoku ni subete kuzureru "crumble all to hell"

Description= The axe dissolves into a green light and then covers the user and creates a emerald armor as hard as the users will and spiritual pressure. It also creates a trident with a goldish brown swirl pattern as the staff and has three emerald spear tips at the top and the bottom has the sam round cut emerald as before. The armor also slims the user and increases speed and power(also depending on the user)

Bankai Abilities= The armor itself has the ability to absorb minerals from the ground and heal itself in battle. its very strong against elemental based attacks such as fire, water and wind. but things such as lava,lightning and poison are good against it ( also depends on the user).

>Reaasugado "Earths Guards" The user has the ability to summon three guards from the earth one is made of diamonds wielding a spear, one is made of sapphire wielding two sabers, and one is made of crystals wielding a staff. For each guardian they summon one emerald from the trident is required so they can either summon one two or three guardians at a time but if summoning all three at one the energy it takes will weaken the emerald armor and the trident will dissolve until all three guard are defeated or the user calls them back. They have the same power as that of a lieutenant and act of their own accord (if the user allows it) and have their own fighting style making them each individual (they too can also use the minerals from the earth to heal themselves)

>Tochi Shifuto "Land Shift" The user has the ability (after stomping the trident on the ground ) to control the landscape however they want. Ex: They can create quicksand around the enemy and once they are trapped they can easily harden it again and crush the enemy instantly. or They can cause sharp shards to come from beneath the enemy and pierce them with an endless stream of shards.

>Fukakaina kabe "impenetrable wall" creates a rainbow shards shield that becomes part of the user arm it has the ability to absorb the opponents riatsu when they strike it and it can change size and shape thus making it an offensive and defensive weapon. It also is unbreakable no matter the users level of power. But the longer the user uses it (if they are a low level) it consumes there spiritual pressure and slowly turns them to dust sending them back to the earth.

Thats my zanpakuto i hope you guys like it. i imagine a well built guy using it with a lion skin draped over his head and a skull belt. His name would be Daitan Kurassha (roughly translate to Bold Crusher)
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Ryuuikari commented…
I disagree with the strengths and weaknesses the bankai armour has. If the armour is made out of Esmeralda then it would be strong against water, wind, lightning and poison but would fail miserably against apoy and lava. With the Earth's Guards technique what crystal is the crystal guard made of ? Also are the zanpakuto's shikai abilities usable in bankai (you never mentioned so I assumed they weren't) ? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
GruntSquad92 commented…
its a matter of taste i guess, so just take it as a sidenote. for me your weapon lacks a coherent theme. yes, i see the earth/jewels-theme... but thats just the visual part. what i meant are things like "what is your speciality?" or "what is your spirit like? are you a rambo-type charakter, so your zanpakuto is always on the attack, or are you subtile?". such things like "close-combat" or "summoning" or "tactician with a slight tendency for explosions" sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
EbonyHeartKing3 commented…
in the bankai form the axe is transformed into a trident therefore since the trident has equal sides the ablities are no longer there. so no you cant use the shikai abilites in bankai form. I didnt really think of what could be strong or weak against the armor i kinda threw those out there. (ill do madami research susunod time or think longer thxs) The crystal guard as i sinabi earlier i didnt really think that much of it as just a crystal guard. like diamonds a little but madami rainbowish. my specialty i would have to say is that to absorb minerals which as i sinabi heal him faster then riatsu. i made it madami off a defensive zanpakuto like with the guards for example if their attacking it gives the user time to rest and regain energy. thanks guys im really looking pasulong to my susunod one sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Fukushima_Kenji said…
Name: Datenshi (Fallen Angel).

Release Command: Jōshō (Rise).

Bankai Name: Chōetsu Oni (Transcended Demon).

-- Zanpakutō's Elements:

- Black Fire with custom properties.

- Darkness.

--Shikai Abilities:

- Kuretsusen.

Description: Kenji slashes the air with his Zanpakutō, sending a wave of solidified, sharp oxygen towards the opponent.

- Kazanbai. *Volcanic Ash*.

Description: The air becomes Volcanic Ash, causing visibility to disappear. Dissolved gas in Kenji's fire expand and escape violently into the atmosphere, causing thick oxygen and slight black smoke to pollute the area. Small bubbles of trapped gas, surrounded by a molten outline, slowly wisp into the air.

- Tenburenjin.

Description: Kenji plunges his Zanpakutō into the ground, sending a small ring of his extremely dense Reiatsu around him in a twelve meter radius.

--Bankai Abilities:

- Kenji becomes able to use Datenshi's special Black Fire in an advanced manner and can covert fire to Datenshi's, no matter the user of the flames.

- Gravity increases ten fold in an one mile radius.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sinwalker7 said…
Alright Aizen07, I think I finally made a zanpakotu for myself. Please leave a comment.

Zanpakotu: Mūn hikage (Moon shade)

Sealed: A simple katana with a round guard. The handle is red with a star pattern.

Release phrase: “Cover this word in your shadow, Mūn hikage.”

Shiki: The blade turns black and the guard forms a moon shape pattern. There is also a black torn up ribbon on the bottom of the handle.

Passive powers: Taberu hito ga kirai (Hate eater) This power takes the energy of the enemy’s emotions and uses it to power up the soul reaper. This can be used to quickly charge up for a battle. However it only takes the strongest emotions and takes time before it has enough to use the other powers. About three minutes to be able to use Atae-girai and six to use Sanpo o shadō and finally twelve to be at full power. You can see how much power by the coloer of Mūn hikage’s edge. The more power the reder it glows.

Atae-girai (Hate giver) This takes the power saved by Taberu hito ga kirai and transfers it to someone else. This is used to power up an ally. The ally however needs to touch either the soul reaper or Mūn hikage.

Sanpo o shadō (Shadow walk) This move is similar to a flash step, but it uses the power from Taberu hito ga kirai to completely transport the soul reaper to another area with him having to actually move. This can only be used if the soul reaper’s area of chice is in his line of sight and is at least in a ten yard rage.

Attacks: Kage piāsu (Shadow pierce) This attack is used to strike at a close range or to attack unexpected. The soul reaper takes Mūn hikage and uses him to pierce the ground. The blade then travels threw the shadows and pierces the enemy, as long as they cast a shadow.

Shadoubēru (Shadow veil) This attack is best used up close but it can be used at any range. The user takes Mūn hikage and cuts the ground either sideways or in a half circle. A blake line of power is made and rises up from the cut forming a veil. Now the soul reaper takes Mūn hikage and cuts the veil in a sideways motion. They veil now flies at the enemy and wraps around him. Now the soul reaper takes Mūn hikage a rises him over his head and cuts down. This cut forms a blade of power that flies at the trapped enemy and when the two meat it explodes. This attacks strength varies on the soul reapers focus on the cuts and the amount of spirit energy used.

Yami no ha(Blades of drakness) This is the strongest attack in shiki form. The user takes Mūn hikage and uses him to cut the air around him. Everywhere the blade cuts forms a small line of dark energy. So after a large amount of lines are formed (This can range anywhere from ten to one hundred cuts) the start to grow. Now they start to fly at the enemy, cutting everything in their path that is weaker. If the enemy has very strong spirit energy the he can stop or even destroy the blades.

Bankai: Raijingumūn hikage (Rising moon shade) Another sword is add, same style and color. The two swords are conceited by the ribbon.

Passive powers: Same as before only more powerful and takes only five minutes to reach full power.

Attacks: Same as before and twice as strong. And the fallowing.

Mūnkuresutokattā (Moon crest cutter) The two blades are swung in any cutting motion and release a cut of dark energy this attacks strength comes from the amount of spirit energy used. And unlike the other attacks it comes back around in a crest motion. Like a boomerang.

Mangetsu no kage (Full moon shadow) The soul reaper takes the blade and aims them in opposite directions. (left-right or up-down) Now he swings them in a circle, ending when the blades reach the other end of the one the started at. Now a circle of darkness forms and the soul reapers cuts it using his blades. As the circle flies it turns into a ball and traps the enemy. Now if the enemy is strong enough they may break free. But if not the ball will last up to an hour. This can be used more then once but takes a large amount of spirit energy to maintain.

Kage kuchiku-kan (Shadow destroyer) This is the most power attack of the zanpakotu. After Mangetsu no kage is used to trap the enemy. The soul reaper uses his flash step or his Sanpo o shadō to move rapidly around the Mangetsu no kage, cutting as he does so. Each cut is fuelled by the soul reapers spirit energy. Once the soul reaper has stopped attacking, the Mangetsu no kage explodes. The power of the explosion is based on how many cuts and how much spirit energy is used.
Sinwalker7 commented…
I made a mistack on Sanpo o shadō. It's ment to say "without" Not "with" sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Aizen07 commented…
sorry for the late reply. had a good deal of work to do for school and had forgotten about this site temporarily. anyway I really like this zanpakuto and how it's not based in an original element like apoy or ice. the element of darkness and light also exist even though they're not used in Bleach at all. anyway really good work making this. you just put a lot of passive abilities on shikai, but made really effective offensive ones too. I can safely say it's pretty balanced. you could also work madami with the bankai's form. finally I'd like to learn what the spirit manifestation of your blade'd look like. and the same goes for your inner world sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
The above zanpakutō reminded me of a blade I'd made a while ago. Enjoy !

Name: Tsukinomai (Dance of the Moon)
Sealed appearance: In its sealed form it takes the form of a regular kodachi. It has a silver guard that resembles two backward-facing crescent moons, its hilt wrapping is an extremely light blue colour and it has a blue tassel on the base of the hilt. Its sheathe is sky blue.
Release command: Flood the night sky

Shikai appearance: In shikai its blade lengthens slightly and curves more and its tassel becomes dark blue.

Shikai special abilities: Tsukinomai has the ability to manipulate water and lunar energy. Its power is directly affected by the time of day, the moon and moonlight. In the daytime, when the moon isn’t visible Tsukinomai is left virtually powerless and is unable to use its three techniques. When the moon becomes more visible and night begins to fall its powers steadily grow and its three techniques become usable; around and after midnight when the moon is clear and/or shining bright Tsukinomai is at full power (so in a place like Hueco Mundo it will always be at full power). Its three techniques can be used in both shikai and bankai.

Shikai technique(s):

Namiho, Kaiyō Sasu (Wave Step, Ocean Piercer): An orb of water begins to form and grow at the tip of Tsukinomai’s blade (tip of rod in bankai). Then a huge volume of water is blasted at high pressure at the target from the orb; the blast takes the appearance of two beams, one remaining straight while the other coils around the straight beam. The technique is powerful, drilling through most targets and concussively pushing back ones it can't. The power of this technique increases with the size of the initial orb of water; the orb reaches its maximum size when it gets a diameter of one metre. It takes about ten seconds to reach its largest size; in rainy conditions or when near a relatively large body of water, the time it takes to reach its maximum size is reduced.

Kaiyōho, Mizu Dangan (Ocean Step, Water Bullet): Tsukinomai enables the wielder to fire densely-packed orbs of water, each with a diameter of 20cm (30cm in bankai), from their fists, feet or palms at a target. The water orbs cause concussive force and explode on contact with a surface (similar to an Arrancar’s Bala). While not nearly as powerful as Namiho, Kaiyō Sasu it is ten times faster. In addition the technique can be used in rapid succession.

Yaruho, Getsukei (Night Step, Moon Whip): Tsukinomai glows white and generates a long luminous white whip made from spiritual energy from the tip of the blade. This whip generates strong heat and burns things that it touches. In bankai the metal chain (as well as the metal weight) that connects the kama to the metal weight glows white and acts as the whip; it burns much hotter in bankai.

Bankai name: Shio Tsukinomai (Tidal Dance of the Moon)
Bankai release: The wielder places Tsukinomai in the air front of them causing it to levitate and causing Tsukinomai to begin rapidly rotating a few seconds later. Then the wielder initiates bankai and it begins growing into its bankai form whilst still rotating; once the transformation is complete Shio Tsukinomai ceases rotating.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Shio Tsukinomai takes the form of a stylized kusarigama. The large scythe blade of the kama curves upwards instead of downwards and there is a dark blue tassel at the base of spiked rod of the kama. The metal weight, which is connected to the kama by an extendable metal chain, takes the shape of a bulbous crescent moon. The wielder’s arms are covered by slim metal gauntlets that have a strong lunar motif; the metal gauntlet is completely black on one arm and completely white on the other arm.

Bankai special abilities: Shio Tsukinomai retains its ability to manipulate water and lunar energy. Like in shikai its power is directly affected by the time of day, the moon and moonlight; in the daytime, when the moon isn’t visible Shio Tsukinomai is significantly powered down however it can still use its shikai techniques and its regular bankai technique. Shio Tsukinomai is now also affected by eclipses: when a solar eclipse takes place Shio Tsukinomai’s water-based techniques change states; instead of ordinary water Shio Tsukinomai uses super-heated water and steam. When a lunar eclipse takes place Shio Tsukinomai’s water-based techniques also change state; instead of ordinary water Shio Tsukinomai uses super-cold water and ice.
Its special powers also change with the lunar phases; different phases temporarily unlocks a different technique. During the quarters, waning and waxing lunar phases, Shio Tsukinomai’s only has usage of its regular abilities. In the presence of a new moon, Shio Tsukinomai takes on its dark persona and the entire scythe blade turns completely black. Its dark persona makes its techniques and attacks more powerful and slightly enhances the wielder’s strength and speed; however it also significantly increases spiritual energy usage, making it easier for the wielder to become fatigued. In the presence of a full moon, Shio Tsukinomai takes on its light persona and the entire scythe blade turns completely white. Its light persona greatly enhances the wielder’s endurance and durability at the cost of a lowered offensive power.

Bankai technique(s):

Ao Tsukiho, Tsuki Saikōgan (Blue Moon Step, Moon Crushing Sphere): Shio Tsukinomai’s regular bankai technique, it creates a large, dense, human-sized orb made from water and lunar energy. Then the orb is launched at the target (moving at speeds similar to Namiho, Kaiyō Sasu), trapping and immobilizing them inside; then at the wielder’s command the water implodes and crushes whatever is within the orb. Only one orb can be made at a time and its trajectory is very difficult to control. If the orb misses its target it explodes violently against the next surface it touches. An opponent with much stronger reiatsu than the wielder can burst free from the orb by releasing a burst of their reiatsu.

Mikadzukiho, Kuroi Tsukisatsu (New Moon Step, Black Moon Massacre): A technique that is only able to be used when Shio Tsukinomai takes on its dark persona. Shio Tsukinomai charges spiritual energy in its scythe blade and then the wielder rapidly spins the kama above their head. At the wielder’s command Shio Tsukinomai releases a giant eight-pronged fuma shuriken made of spiritual energy at a target. The energy shuriken rotates at insane speeds and flies at incredible speeds (three times faster than Kaiyōho, Mizu Dangan) through the air allowing it to cleanly cleave through most materials as if they were nothing. If the energy shuriken cannot initially cut through its target, it grinds away at the target’s surface for several seconds before harmlessly collapsing in on itself. The energy shuriken is completely black with a dark blue outline. This technique consumes a relatively large amount of spiritual energy to perform.

Mangetsuho, Shiratsuki Kōtaku (Full Moon Step, White Moon Lustre): A technique that is only able to be used when Shio Tsukinomai takes on its light persona. The technique causes the wielder’s whole body and Shio Tsukinomai to begin shining in an extremely bright white light; the technique also slightly increases the wielder’s durability. The technique is maintained for as long as the wielder wills it but the technique steadily consumes the wielder’s spiritual energy when doing so. Despite the extremely bright light that is being emitted from the wielder’s body and blade, the wielder’s vision is not affected or impaired in any way.
Sinwalker7 commented…
Not bad at all. I can tell that this is a very good zanpakotu. Hope to see madami :) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
GruntSquad92 commented…
i like the combination of water and moon madami than i like the combination of moon and hate. i think, i get why you chose a orb-centric visual... but sonmehow i feel, you missed the opportunity to incorporate the tides, water, that is pushed or pulled through the influence of the moon. to me it feels like the theme is bend to fit your imagination instead of the other way around (which i personally prefer). subjective critique from an asthetic point of view. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Ryuuikari commented…
How I see it, I indirectly included the aspect of tides being due to the moon's gravity sa pamamagitan ng giving the blade the basic ability to manipulate water (in the same way the moon 'manipulates' tides). Also I thought using the other features of the moon (lunar phases, eclipses) were madami important than just the effect the moon has on tides. But as you mentioned, each to their own :P :) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sinwalker7 said…
I made this one because I read the zanpakotu above an thought about ice and it's shapes.

Zanpakotu: Kōri-ō (Ice king)

Sealed: A katana with a star guard and a dark blue handle.

Release phrase: “Let your frozen tears fall, Kōri-ō.”

Shiki: The guard turns into a snowflake shape and ice covers the handle and the soul reaper’s hand. The blade turns into a ice sickle.

Passive powers: Furosuto (Frost) This power causes the soul reaper’s body tempters to drop when wounded and freezes the wound. This is only used when wounded and lasts as long as in shiki or bankai.

Attacks: Kesshō (Crystallization) The soul reaper uses Kōri-ō to stab the ground. When this is done the ground freezes and giant ice sickles shoot up out of the frozen area. The ground stays frozen even after Kōri-ō is pulled out, but it will melt over a long time. The amount of ground frozen is based on the soul reapers spirit energy and the amount of water in the ground.

Hahen (Shard) The soul reaper takes Kōri-ō and breaks the blade. They shards then fly at the target. Anything they hit will freeze solid, to a degree. For example if a shard hits the arm of the target, then only his arm freezes. Also the user can reform Kōri-ō by using Kesshō when not stabbing the ground.

Bankai: Eien no tōketsu, kōri no ō (Eternal freezing, Ice king) The soul reaper stabs the ground with Kōri-ō and calls bankai. Now it shoots out large ice sickles and freezes the surrounding area up to fifty yards ( 150 feet. Each ice pillar is about 200 feet high and 75 feet thick). This sickles grow in the shape the wilder desires to form a ice arena. The attacks are guided by the wilders hand. Most of the users spirit energy to form the bankai, but after it forms the soul reaper doesn’t have to use large amounts of energy to use his attacks. It’s mostly focus.

Passive powers: Can generate ice from anywhere within the ice arena. And keeps Furosuto. Also the ice pillars can reflect kido attacks.

Attacks: Chō shādo (Enteral shard) The wilder moves his hand in any motion and shatters one of the ice pillars at will. Now he can control their flight movements using his hand. When the shard hits something it freezes and grows into another ice pillar.

Aisushīru (Ice seal) The user uses Chō shādo twice to surround the target and then solidify them to form a sphere of ice. Trapping the enemy inside. Now the sphere is under the users control and can be used in many ways. Such as crushing the enemy inside by shrinking the sphere called Aisugurippu (Ice grip) Or throw it a great distance called Kōri no rakka (Ice fall) exc.

Garasu no tōketsu-fū (Frozen wind of glass) This is the most powerful attack of the zanpakotu. The soul reaper uses Chō shādo to shatter all the ice pillars. Now he uses the shards to surround the enemy in a frozen tornado. As the user closes the tornado the shards move closer together. As the hit something the cut into it and stick into it. Soon after a large number of shards have stuck to the target the start to freeze it solid. This takes only a small amount of shards to do. Now when the target is completely frozen the soul reaper uses the remaining shards to impale it. Larger targets need more shards to be frozen.

This may be my best ice tape yet.
GruntSquad92 commented…
feels madami coherent than your nakaraan blade. i like it. the idea of the bankai summoning a ice arena is cool, a king who plays with his enemy in his icey domain. two questions: when describing hahen you wrote "Also the user can reform Kōri-ō sa pamamagitan ng using Kesshō when not stabbing the ground. ". that i didn't quite understand. also, could someone theoretically come up with a strategy that focuses on destroying the arena? for example melting the ice and such. would it have success? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
The satment "Also the user can reform Kōri-ō sa pamamagitan ng using Kesshō when not stabbing the ground." means that the soul reaper can reform the blade sa pamamagitan ng useing the Kesshō attack. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
And as for some one melting the arna that would take a zanpakotu on par with Rujin Jakka. And it would take a very powerful man to even start melting it. And fnially even if they did melt it the soul reaper can simply use his bankai again to refreeze it or he can reverit back to shiki and use the Kesshō attack to use all that water to his agvantige. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
And when you think about it. His main for of attack is distroying it, in small amounts that is. So If some one wanted to shatter the arna that would only benafit the soul reaper. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GruntSquad92 said…
I've been "working" on this weapon for the last 4-5 years. its inspired by random things i really liked. based upon my personality i picked and chose abilities that would fit. because i forced myself to be honest and gave up on wishful ideas that, even though were cool, just didn't "suit me", many changes finally thereafter, i've grown attached to this idea of a weapon, a compromise of things i liked and honesty to my personality

"Veiling Light"

--- General ---
release command: "coil"

type: physical / kido
range: medium
reiiatsu colours: transparent (shikai); purple (bankai)
spirit of the blade: a wisp, essentially looks like a red shining flare

spirit realm: huge cavern under the ground, dark only lit by lone torches (spirit is watching) here and there sticked to the rocky ground, expands forever, estimated 20° downhill, no visible walls, most parts of the ground and the ceiling are gulped by the darkness with stalagtites and stalagmites poking out in random intervals. Lone, idle and somewhat peaceful atmossphere. somewhere, directly carved into the center of a stalagmite, is a little library, dimly lit by candle lights. the books there will show me experiences and "truths" i gained in my life time. with each "valuable" experience the library reaches higher and higher. right in the centre of the library is a circular staircase, with each expansion, new books and book shelves are added and organized around it, in hands reach. right above mentioned stalagmite is a hole, unpleasantly radiant light pouring out of it. with enough experience my library will reach it, with it, i gain the confidence to step out of the darkness (gaining additional abilities).

--- Shikai ---
a sheathed, two handed jian, a sword from china. mostly black and some silvery parts, as a whole its decorated with fine lines, typically found on chinese items. there, where i hold the sheath in my left hand is a stylized symbol of an burning orb, a seal.

passive: pulls and steadily absorbs small amounts of energy from the surroundings into the sheath. the blade is placed under an invisible seal and can't be drawn in a normal way.
-> Veil: energy leaks from the sheath, when conjured, it temporarily takes physical form, a barrier. the barrier becomes increasingly unstable, the greater the distance is between it and the sheath. it nullifys/exaggerates kinetic damage as far as the invested energy is able to.

(Un)seal Blade: the seal becomes visible: the stylized symbol lights up red and metal chains appear, coiled around the sheath, handle and fixed on the buttom of the pommel. the blade can now be drawn, breaking the metal chains/the seal, rendering the seal unvisible again. the passive ability still can pull and absorb energy, however any energy stored within the now empty sheath will automatically leak out again in a slightly faster pace than energy is beeing absorbed. the unsealed (normal looking) blade is slightly heavier than normal ones, its not exceptionally sharp, in fact, its duller than a katana. apart from beeing more heavy and its consequences, it doesn't do additional damage. it can cut/crush energy/reiiatsu-based abilities effortless. the blade can be sealed at any time, exposing the seal to sight for a short amount of time.

--- Bankai ---
"Veiling Light, Abyssal Shroud"
a dark-grey/black coat with occasional white, that reaches down to the mid-section of the thigh. it shrouds the body and (when the arms aren't waving around or anything) the arms, the actual sleeves reach down to slightly below the crooks of both arms. light protection against fire, cutting and to a much lesser degree chopping and crushing techniques. no weapons.

passive & Veil: same as shikai, the coat now serves as a substitute for the sheath. with exaggerated power, now in purple, it pulls energy strong enough that anything not yet absorbed will visibly coil around me, like a little purple vortex, faintly.

Summon Spectre: a heavily amoured spectre forms itself around me, consisting of physical, transparent-purple matter. the spectre consists of head, upper body (waist upwards), a tattered cloak and a right arm, armed with a blade. any body part of the spectre is twice as big as mine and finds itself always in a fixed position in relation to me. his non/half-existent waist would be there, where my waist are, i'm looking through his chest. it serves as a additional layer of defense and excels at brute strength. the blade's properties are exactly the same as in shikai and excepts its new size and weight (fortunately now beeing swung by the spectre) has no additional powers. he is controlled by me, gestures are not necessary. no penalty on energy storage, however the summoning itself costs a great amount (60%), sometimes i want to summon the spectre partially, for example only the right hand along with its blade.

->Spectral Lance: the spectre shoots out a volley of purple shining projectiles from its armoured back (into the sky) and then changes there path in order to crush and, to a lesser extent, pierce, the enemy. accuracy drops significantly with range, making it viable only in medium range in most situations.

--- Strategy ---
shroud yourself (defense) and expose your enemy (nullify enemy defense).
in shikai, i consider the sheath beeing the actual weapon, the unsealed blade beeing more of an attack-ability. with it, the sheath, i block attacks, gather energy and unleash it, conjured through motions with my right hand. i can create a layer of defense or attack with the sheath or go to hand-to-hand-combat, reinforcing the kinetic damage i do with Veil. its passive ability will neither directly help me in combat nor does it hinder the enemy at a given moment. however it helps me (re)generate my depleted energy in a longer fight, steadily. that is especially true, when i unseal my blade and manage to "chopp" an enemies attack into energy. while Veiling Light might not be able to absorb this new energy immediately, it is capable of "pulling" it with me, having it around me for a while until it 1) is absorbed or 2) is wasted after a longer period. the blade finds its uses, like tearing down enemy defenses or nullifying some of the hostile attacks, in actual combat however, its used rarily, i might add a slash into a combo of punches and smashes with my sheath. however unsealing the blade means i'll loose energy.
the general idea stays in bankai, my coat substitutes the sheath, the summoned spectre substitutes the unsealed blade, i'll keep a greater distance than before, hand-to-hand-combat will only be employed when forced to. in most cases the spectre is my first line of defense, and its also my first approach when on the attack. from there on Veils are used in a more supportitive role, enhancing the spectre-blade when needed, or reinforcing defense, like "repairing" the spectre. i might add a disabling grapple, when my spectre has done its work, both hands are free to do stuff after all.

Veiling Light is not a fencer or a duelist, it lacks speed. on a big battlefield i'm varying between standing on the frontline and a bit behind the frontline, always having allies with me. "off-tank" some damage when on the front, while tear down enemy defenses, which allies can eploit, or focus on nullifying enemy ranged attacks, protecting allies and regenerate, when standing behind.

--- Weakness ---
its obvious, Veiled Light, while annoying, poses in itself an easily avoidable danger. shikai lacks lethalty, and bankai lacks speed. as it keeps a great focus on "defense" anything, that can break my defenses (constant physical damage or brute force) will shatter my strategy, stripping me from any reliable tactic. in bankai, the spectre makes a big target. if destroyed through a powerful snipe or worn down by a fast opponent, who could dish out damage faster than i could repair my spectre, in one blow i would loose 60% of my energy (in addition to what i used up for repairs). i could resummon the spectre partially or regenerate a while, but it harbors risks, the first option would use up all of my energy, having it invested in a big purple target, the later on needing time i might not have. in these scenarios i might want to restrict my spectre, expose myself a bit, but beeing more mobile and harder to hit. it gives me a fighting chance, especially against opponents with tremendous fire power, but against faster opponents i'm still on the receiving end.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
This zanpakotu see like none i have ever seen. If you wear a soul reaper then i sure this would be your weapon. I'm almost jelus. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakotu: Sunēkukingu (Snake King)

Sealed: A katana with a blue scale pattern on the handle. The guard is in the shape of a snake biting its tail. The blade is white with a blue edge.

Release Phrase: “Bite, Sunēkukingu!”

Shiki: The blade turns into a blue snake shaped wipe. The handle is the end of the tail.

Passive powers: Koiru (Coil) The user lets go of Sunēkukingu and uses his spirit energy to full him. When Sunēkukingu is let go by his master, he wraps around him keeping about three inches away from his skin. Now when his master is attacked Sunēkukingu moves his body to either guard or counter attack. Also Sunēkukingu has the power to generate small amounts of water. Koiru is best used when the master is outnumbered and can’t stop all the attacks. However Sunēkukingu can only be away from his masters hold for up to an hour. Also Sunēkukingu has the power to expand up to fifty feet. “This power make him ack like a real snake to put it plainly.”

Attacks: Hebi kiba (Snake fang) The user takes Sunēkukingu and lashes him at the target. Before hitting the target Sunēkukingu opens his mouth and releases a small, yet powerful, blast of water. This attacks power comes from the force of the masters swing. The stronger the swing the stronger the attack.
Shi no koiru (Death Coil) The user lashes with Sunēkukingu and uses him to coil around the target. Now Sunēkukingu uses his hidden spicks that are in between his scales. This attack is used to trap the target while the master uses another attack. The spicks are barred and only someone with great strength can break Sunēkukingu’s hold. Also Shi no koiru drains small amounts of spirit energy and uses it to give power to his master.

Hebi no su (Snake nest) The user pulls Sunēkukingu back and waits for the target to get close. When the target is close (about five-ten feet) the user lashes Sunēkukingu at the target. Sunēkukingu now wraps around the target by a few inches and opens his spicks. Now Sunēkukingu uses his powers to form a water sphere around the target. Now the master flicks Sunēkukingu around. The head of Sunēkukingu goes through the sphere, using Hebi kiba as he does so. When finish the master pulls Sunēkukingu back and the sphere fades away. This attacks power comes from both the force of the swings and the masters spirit energy. If the target has enough power they can break free.

Bankai: Sebunshīzusunēkukingu (Seven Seas Snake King) Sunēkukingu now turns into a giant snake made out of pure water, the eyes of the snake are bright red. (Around 200-350 feet) He can grow larger by absorbing nearby water, but it takes lager amounts of spirit energy and focus to use him.
Passive powers: Ōshankoiru (Ocean Coil) The user lets go of Sunekukingu and he wraps around the user again (Staying about three feet away from his body). This form of Koiru is much more powerful and can block over four times the number of attacks.

Attacks: Mizūmi hebi no kiba (Lake Snake Fangs) The user lashes Sunēkukingu at the target. Sunēkukingu now opens his mouth and release a large blue blast of spirit energy. This attack can be used repeatedly. This attacks power comes from the master spirit energy. Also the master can control the attacks mass, the smaller the mass the more powerful it is, also the faster it is.
Shikai koiru (Dead Sea Coil) The user lashes Sunēkukingu at the target and wraps around him. Sunēkukingu swallows the target and forms a sphere of water to trap it. Now Sunēkukingu now drains the target of his spirit energy. The more spirit energy the target uses the stronger Sunēkukingu’s grip around them.

Umi hebi no su (Sea Snake Nest) The master lashes Sunēkukingu at the target and he splits into smaller snacks each around the same size as the shiki. Now the number of snakes vary from 10-1000. The number of snakes depends on both the masters will and how much water Sunēkukingu has. If the water is normal around 300 smaller snakes can be made. Now the master uses the smaller snakes to strick at the target. Each snake is formed out of highly pressurized water, each can cut threw bullet proof steel with ease. Now if the target has stronger spirit energy then the soul reapers. Then they can easily block the snakes. But the master can reform the snakes just as easily.

Manifest: Sunēkukingu takes the form of a man wearing a blue kimono. He has blue eyes and no hair. His arms and legs are covered by blue scales. He also has a tail. He care little of the world or it's people and prefers to spend time with his master. He does however has a weakness when it comes to parties. Other then that he tends to be alone, even around other zanpakotu.

Inner world: Sunēkukingu’s inner world is a maelstrom. The maelstrom goes on forever. The sky can be seen threw the top and a nest of stones can be seen at the bottom. Sunēkukingu spends his time siting on those stones, waiting to be called. When his master comes to visit they normally train or at times play a few games of cards. When Sunēkukingu is in his inner world he looks like a giant blue sea snake with red/gold eyes.

This is a zanpakotu I based form my love of snakes and a bit of myself.
Sinwalker7 commented…
I forgot to add this. Sunekukingu can not be evaporated. Also if he is completly fozen in bankai then he reverts to shiki. But if there is water nearby then his master can reform the bankai, but this takes madami spirit energy. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakotu: Fokkusu-en (Fox flame)

Sealed: A katana with and spiral guard and a red handle.

Release phrase: “Play, Fokkusu-en!”

Shiki: The katana turns into a metal ring with four karmas on it. The is a cross shaped handle in the center of the ring.

Passive powers: Can generate blue flames and always returns to masters hand.

Attack: Fokkusuhoīru (Fox wheel) The user throws Fokkusu-en at the target. As Fokkusu-en flys he creats a large fire ball around him, making him look like a “wheel of fire”. This attack gets it power from the master speed and force of the throw.

Fokkusu wana (Fox trap) The user takes Fokkusu-en and aims him, flat at the target. He calls the attack and a spinning tornado of flame is fired at the target. This flame cannot change directions and burns for as long as the user full it with his spirit energy.

Bankai: Nainteiru Fokkusu-en (Nine tailed, Fox flame) The user takes Fokkusu-en and spins him over his head while calling bankai. The karmas now grow out into eight smaller rings, each with four karmas attached. Eight chains connect the eight rings to the center ring. The chains are around twenty feet long.

Passive powers: Same as shiki only stronger.

Attacks: Same as shiki only three times as powerful and no longer needs to throw Fokkusu-en and the fallowing.

Naintēru no tamashī no honō(Nine tail soul flame) The user places Fokkusu-en in front of him and uses his spirit energy to keep him in the air. The other eight rings now line themselves around in a perfect circle. Each ring now gets covered in bright blue flames and start to spin. All the rings now form a very large fire wheel and fly’s at the target. Without the master to throw them, their speed is equal to a captain’s flash step. When the center ring is on top of the target, it traps them in a sphere of flame. The other eight rings now close in shrinking the sphere and making the flames hotter and faster. Soon the target is completely burned by the flames. Warring this attack takes all the users spirit energy to use and is used only as last resort. This move can also lead to the users death depending on his physical state.

Inner world: Fokkusu-en’s inner world is a bamboo forest the goes on forever. Fokkusu-en is in the form of a White and red nine tailed fox. Normally he is running around playing with a colorful ball.

Manifest: Fokkusu-en takes the form of a kid in a white fox fur coat that covers his body, other than his head. He likes to run around and play rather then sit around and work like his master.

This is one I made when I started thinking about fox's. It's not my most detailed one so I don't care too much about what you guys say about it. I may or may not update it later.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas nickmccain59 said…
zanpakuto's name/shikai name- Honō フェニックスファイヤー (Phoenix Fire)
[release command] - 再生 (Rebirth)
[bankai name] - ホーク神フレーミング (Flaming Hawk God)
=description= The Bankai User's body is engulfed in flame, as the user and the blade itself are turned to black ash. As the opponent thinks they have won, the wielding shinigami rises up, Blue and White Flames at the temperature of 5000 Degree's Celsius. The Shinigami is now coated in a thin white flame and has blue flame wings. The blade is now 2 blades, and is generally blow torches with thin black blades in the middle.

Shikai appearance- It looks like a basic white katana with a small phoenix at the bottom.
[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
1. Phoenix Tears- If the user is injured and the blade comes into contact with water it will do a small healing process for small to medium injuries.
2. Flame Slash- When hit with the sword, injuries will stream fire, closing them immediately.
3. Bloody repair- If the blade is broken, the user can slash themselves and repair the blade with their blood.
[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
1. Mystic Flame- When slashing, the sword throws a flame slash.
2. Explosion Impact- When it hits, the cool metal and white flame clash, creating an explosion.
3. Flame Reset- If fire is shot, or aims at the user, the bankai will absorb it, and possibly send it back.

User- Gotei 13 Captain; 1st Division Kunshu; succeeded Shunsui
Sinwalker7 commented…
Not bad for a apoy tape. Not bad at all. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Senato said…
Soooooooo time to pool some creativity into a new zanpakuto, kinda had this one in my head for a while so here we go:

Name: Ningyōtsukai (Puppeteer)

Sealed form: In its sealed form Ningyōtsukai is the same as your average zanpakuto with its only defining feature being the multitude of colourful strings hanging from its hilt.

Release command: Gū suru (Entertain)

Shikai appearance: Two boxes, roughly as tall as an average person rise out of the ground on either side of the wielder, the sword disappears and the wielder now has two black gloves on (with almost invisible strings attached to them), out of the boxes come two human-sized puppets, one with the face of comedy and another with the face of tragedy. Each puppet wields a sword which resembles the sealed form of Ningyōtsukai.

Shikai Abilities:
Yasashī kao (A friendly face) The puppet with the mask of comedy changes itself to resemble the person whom the enemy thinks most fondly of.
Higeki no kioku (A tragic memory) The puppet with the mask of tragedy changes itself to resemble the person whom the enemy associates with the most saddening thoughts/memories
Saiken (Reconstruction) Should the either of the comedy or tragedy puppets be destroyed, the parts can either be used individually or can reconstruct themselves back into the comedy or tragedy puppets.

Bankai name: Ningyōtsukai, kesshō seinō (Puppeteer, Final performance)

Bankai appearance: A third and final box rises up behind the wielder, it is larger than the other two. The wielder now wears a black tuxedo with a top hat and the black gloves turn white.

Bankai Abilities:
Shi no ningyō (Death's puppet) The third box contains the body of a previously defeated enemy, which the wielder can control just like the other puppets, the puppeted body is able to use kido up to the lever which it had mastered and is able to release its zanpakuto, both shikai and bankai. Since the body is already dead, it can not be 'killed' the only way to defeat it is to completely destroy it's existence. Only one body can be stored in the box, and the wielder can swap the current body with that of the person he's just killed if he so desires.
Kako o hōmon (Visit the past) The comedy and tragedy puppets disappear and change the area around the wielder and the enemy to resemble any past moments from either of their memories that the wielder decides to show. (This would normally be used before or just after Shi no ningyō)
Sekai no butai (The world stage) Using the strings from one of their hands, the wielder can manipulate non-living objects in the world around him. (This can be used during Kako o hōmon)

Although Shi no ningyō may seem a little overpowered if for example the wielder captures the body of an extremely powerful opponent, though for that to happen the wielder has to first kill that person for use in his bankai, and should that body he is using be destroyed and there are no other bodies nearby the wielder is left to use the comedy and tragedy puppets.
Ryuuikari commented…
I do like this zanpakuto very much, another very creative entry. And again I think it's well balanced even with the Shi no Ningyō technique since, as you said, the wielder would actually need to kill them first. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
Not bad. This zanpakotu adds a new madami playful way to kill someone. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Senato commented…
(Sorry for replying really late but,) An important thing to note, is that during bankai, the body is not being reanimated, it is in all senses dead. Instead the body is being used as a puppet. But i understand your point, though this was the only exaggerated form of puppetry... sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Name: Kimari Monku (Cliché)
Sealed appearance: While sealed it takes the form of a regular katana with a gold cross-guard, golden hilt-wrapping and a golden sheathe.
Release command: Extinguish creativity

Shikai appearance: In shikai it takes the form of a large black scythe with a red blade edge and dark hellfire spouting from the base of the scythe.

Shikai special abilities: Kimari Monku has extremely powerful offensive abilities allowing it to cut through most materials with ease. It is easily one of the strongest shikai in Soul Society.

Shikai technique(s):

Honō no Kami (God of Fire): A technique that allows the wielder to completely control and manipulate any fire within their vicinity regardless of whose fire it is.

Taiyōga Jigokushō (Sun Fang, Hell-Piercer): At the instant of the slash, Kimari Monku, absorbing some of the wielder’s spiritual energy, releases the highly condensed spiritual energy at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack, which flies forward. The technique completely destroys anything it hits regardless of their power. The attack looks like a Getsuga Tenshō except it is dark red with a black outline.

Bankai name: Sōzōtekidenai Toriosaeha (Uncreative Overpowered Blade)
Bankai appearance: In bankai the black scythe lengthens and it is now engulfed in black hell flames. The wielder’s clothing becomes like Ichigo’s bankai clothing except it is engulfed in black hell flames so it looks like a combination of Ichigo’s bankai clothing and Ichigo’s second Fullbring appearance.

Bankai special abilities: Sōzōtekidenai Toriosaeha is the most powerful zanpakutō in existence. Its scythe blade can cut through anything with relative ease and its release multiplies the wielder’s speed exponentially.

Bankai technique(s):

Akumashin no Gōka (Devil God of Hellfire): Enables the wielder to generate and manipulate the black flames of hell that far exceed the temperatures of the core of the sun and cannot be extinguished by any means.

Jigokumon (Hell Gate): The wielder summons a large barrier made up of burning bones that is impenetrable and cannot be broken through by any means.

Raikuro no Mori (Lance of Black Thunder): Using their spiritual power, the wielder creates a javelin-like weapon which looks like Ulquiorra’s Lanza del Relámpago except it is black with a red outline. They can use this weapon as a projectile or as a physical bladed weapon. When thrown it produces an incredibly destructive explosion, that completely destroys everything, on impact.
Senato commented…
Is it me, or does that bankai name sum up a large amount of the zanpakuto that people post here? xD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Ryuuikari commented…
This is probably the worst zanpakuto that I have ever created. Apart from it's shikai and bankai names I can't really find anything I like about it. But then I look back at the reason why I made it and laugh XD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
blackpanther666 commented…
Lol! I feel the same way, Ryuu. This does, as Senato pointed out, sum up the bulk of Zanpakuto posted on here... overpowered and cliche. Haha. Good job! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GruntSquad92 said…
"Arms Conductor"

--- General ---
release command: "sound"

type: kido
range: medium
reiiatsu colours: saphire blue with pink-red outline
spirit of the blade: ?

spirit realm: ?

--- Shikai ---
a pair of fine gloves, white.

battle plan (passive): elegant motions drawn into the air summons a glowing circle to the feet of the wielder with an radius of 10 metres, written mathematical formulas, geometric figures, multiple lines and circles seem to merge the artistic visual with its practical purpose, computing distances, angles and energy. this circle always has the wielder in its center. should the wielder been knocked away or moved otherwise, the circle will simply follow him, always below his feet, parallel to the ground, with him as the center.

conducting: executed via motions. reiiutsu made manifest, transparent weapons wielded by silhouttes of soldiers, though what they do is "orchestrated" by the wielder. enough power will break those weapons. they will disappear like fragments of glass, the soldiers, beeing not physically there, simply vanish like shadows. the summoning and each motion of these weapons will make a distinct sound, like the graceful ring when a blade is beeing swung. weapons will disappear should they leave the immediate space above the circle. with each additional weapon already summoned and in motion, the energy cost for each additional movement ordered for weapons to execute will increase. dispersing weapons to safe, "recycle" and economize energy is absolutely necessary.
- marching footsoldier, wielding a spear (maybe thrown)
- vigilant protector, wielding a shield

--- Bankai ---
"Symphonous Choir, Arms Conductor"
both, fine garbs of western militant officers in the 19th century and those of an actual choirmaster.

battle plan (passive): basics are same as before. two additional layers are added, making the circle wider, now having a radius of 30 metres. additionally, weapons that are positioned on the innermost layer will get a boost in speed, weapons on the outer rim will have a decrease in precision.

conducting: steep boost in energy efficiency, which allows for far more summons and motions to be executed at the same time. variants:
- marching footsoldier, wielding a spear
- vigilant protector, wielding a shield
- charging knight, wielding a lance or halbert, donning armor
- a company of archers, unleashing a rain of arrows
- thunderous artillery, catapulting a giant boulder (that may leave the circle)

symphony of blades: all 3 layers shatter, 2 new circles appear on the height of shoulder and tigh, having a radius of 2 metres. a circle at the feet having a radius of 1 metre. formulas, geometric figures and angles now describe important tactical informations centred around one-on-one combat, like the circle down below having several predetermined patterns describing footwork that change accordingly to how the choreographed battle dance has progressed already. the space between the upper two circle will occupy twelve levitated blades, creating a circular formation around the wielder.

--- Style ---
Imagine an old musician, conducting a choir of weapons and soldiers. he dances amidst the carnage of the battlefield. his decisions dictates the overall dynamic of the battlefield, the eye of the storm. equipped with a calm mind and sharp wits he orchestrates a concophony of summonings and tactical formations, leading them into battle and will not hesitate to engage in a honourful duel.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
The person who would use this zanpakotu. Turely understands the "muisc" of war. I pag-ibig it! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 2polestar said…
Name: Kaga (flower bud). A hybrid defense/offense CQC blade.

Sealed form: a short (6-in) tanto with a circular guard. The hilt is wrapped in pale green cloth.

Release command: It’s spring: / to my heart’s content / I gaze at the treetops / shrouded in haze / and budding. Sake (bloom).

Shikai abilities:
Kaki (flowering season). Kaki has three stages: sakidashi (beginning to bloom), hanabiraki (in half bloom), and sakimadare (blooming in full profusion). The sword changes appearance and length at these three different stages. Sakidashi is the default level unlocked upon releasing shikai.
As the fight progresses, the user’s speed and power increase (charge) as thus:
Sakidashi: 1x. Hanabiraki: 2x. Sakimadare: 4x.
Speed and power increase on a continuous level between stages, i.e. halfway between sakidashi
And hanabiraki, the user would have 1.5x speed and power. At each stage, the wielder gets access to an attack. Think of this as one ‘charge’ per stage. At 4x, the wielder would have a 1x, 2x, 4x charge (so three charges, three attacks).

Using a charge of the equal level as the user’s current stage resets power and speed back to 1x. Using a charge of a lower level does not drop the user back to 1x. Using a charge in between levels (e.g. at 1.4x, 3.1x) drops the wielder back to the highest charge stage only if the charge is consumed at a speed/power increase that is half or less of the total charge between the two stages.

To explain more clearly, reaching 4x and using the 4x attack would knock the wielder back down to 1x. Reaching 4x and using the 1x or the 2x attack (or both) would keep the user at 4x. Reaching an equivalent increase in speed and power of >3.0x and using the 1x attack would keep the user at >3.0x. Using the 2x attack would keep the wielder at the 2x level. Reaching an increase of 2.9x and using the 2x attack would drop the wielder back to 1x.

The attack: each charge can be consumed to decrease one opponent’s movement and attack speed by 10%, 20%, or 30% (1x, 2x, 4x levels). Charges of the same level do not stack. Thus, the user could decrease the opponent’s speed + movement by 30% (1x and 2x) while maintaining a str, speed self-buff at level 4; or, could decrease the opponent’s speed + movement by 60% while dropping back down to 1x. This wears off upon re-sealing, failure of the wielder’s will, or release of bankai.
Attack command: shibome (wither)

Shikai form: Shikai form changes with progression of Kaki.
Upon initial release, nothing appears to change except for the faint engraving of buds all along the blade’s length. The blade continuously lengthens from a tanto in sakidashi to a wakizashi and then a katana in sakimadare. As the user increases str/speed, the buds along the blade open into blossoms, and the blade itself takes on a reddish-pink hue. The amount of blossoms and the intensity of the hue increase with increasing charge.

So, at hanabiraki (2x), the sword would be a wakizashi, and half the buds along the blade would be blossoms, and the blade itself would be a middling pink color. At sakimadare, all the buds are blossoms, and the blade has a strong red-pink color.

Bankai name: Zanka (last flower in bloom)

Bankai form: The blade shape does not change. All colors on it and on the wielder (eyes, hair, clothing, reiatsu) become saturated. User must be in sakimadare in order to release bankai.

Bankai abilities:
Kirinonai kaki (endless flowering season): sakimadare (4x) is now the base (and only) level. The 30% debuff needs to be reapplied. Additionally, reiatsu increases by an extra 4x on top of whatever power release there is with bankai (wiki says 5-10x?)

Hanamochi (maintaining the quality of a (cut) flower): Activated. The wielder has the ability to delay the consequences of injuries from bladed weapons. As a result, all injuries inflicted on the wielder over the course of hanamochi will be inflicted simultaneously upon release of the skill. Maintaining hanamochi requires reiatsu. This reiatsu demand increases according to length spent with hanamochi activated, as well as with increasing number and severity of wounds.

Hanamochi can be used to delay fatal wounds. As hanamochi would eventually be released by reiatsu exhaustion, or as the user would eventually be killed by total consumption of his/her own spirit energy in maintaining the ability, hanamochi can delay decapitations, disembowelments, etc. It cannot prevent sealing of spirit energy by impaling the hakusui/souketsu.

Shinibana (a blooming cut flower): When hanamochi is released, the total amount of reiatsu used to maintain the ability is directed into an attack.
Sinwalker7 commented…
Veryintersting. Their are not many plant tape zanpakotu so this one is rare. And the idea of a "blooming bud" is very unqiue. I like keep your ideas...growing lol sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakotu: Boido (Void)

Sealed: A katana with a spiral handle and a square guard. The sheath is also in a spiral.

Release phrase: “Swallow them all, Boido.”

Shiki: The sheath and the blade turn into a black “void” and then disperses, leaving only the handle.

Passive powers: When Boido is in shiki it floats around the soul reaper but can’t be seen until it opens.
Boido can swallow any enemy attack as long as it is energy based and not a physical strike. Boido stays in a perimeter of six feet of his master.

Attacks: The attacks don’t have names. Frist, when the soul reaper is attacked Boido opens and swallows the attack. Then when the master wants it, he can make Boido open and release the attack it swallowed in any direction. These are Boido’s only attacks in shiki form. Also, Boido can’t sallow people in Shiki.

Bonkai: Endoresuboido (Endless Void)The master calls bonkai after releasing shiki.

Passive powers: Now Boido has more then one “void” and can appear in many places at once. And now they can move up to fifty yards away from their master in any direction. It takes a large amount of focus to control all the voids. The number of voids can very depending on the masters spirit energy and focus. The more voids the more spirit energy.

Attacks: Same as shiki but now can swallow living things as well. When an enemy is in side of Boido, they find them self’s in a place of complete nothingness. They can’t speak for there is no air. They can’t see for there is no light. They can’t feel for there is nothing to feel and so on. Anyone trapped inside Boido will feel time move over a thousand times faster, making seconds feel like years. However if the one that is trapped release as extremely large amount of their sprit energy they can escape. The amount they release have to be greater then the master’s otherwise it’s a wasted effort. Now when the master moves inside Boido, he simplay moves to another “void” and can appear anywhere theirs is one. This allows him to move faster then a flash step.

Inner world: Boido’s inner world is like the inside of his bonkai, only you can talk in it. Boido does not have a form in his inner world because he IS the inner world.

Manifest: Boido takes the form of a caped man. The cape covers everything, and when the cape is removed they only see a void.

Not my best for it only has one power and one swallow everything into it's endless void.
Inuyasha138 commented…
I think iv'e seen this before in the anime lol sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakotu: Tsuki no megami (Moon goddess)

Sealed: A light blue handle with a moon and wave design on a round guard. The blade is sliver.

Release phrase: “Light the waters with your smile, Tsuki no megami.”

Shiki: The master takes Tsuki no megami and the sheath and spins them. The grow together to form a blue bladed scythe. The blade is thin and has three spicks on top close to the handle. The handle is also a light blue color with a watery patter carved into it.

Passive powers: Tsuki no megami no shukufuku (Moon goddess’s blessing) The soul reaper takes Tsuki no megami and cuts up to the sky. When this is done a small amount a spirit engery is released into the sky and falls down as rain. This rain heals all people in a area of about twenty yards. Ōshan no chi (Ocean’s blood) This one only effects the master. The masters blood now can regenerate and wounds inflected on the master. However it takes time and a large amount of spirit energy to use this. Also the power of this zanpakotu is at it’s highest at a full moon. When the moon is not full the zanpaotus power is only around 75%. And finally nearby water can be used to lower the amout of spirit energy to use the attacks.

Attacks: Tsuki no megami no te (Moon goddess’s hand) The master takes Tsuki no megami and aims her at nearby water or spins her. While spinning water forms around the blade. Now the master swings Tsuki and release a blade of water. This attack can be controlled by the master so it can move in any discretion at any time.

Saisho no hikari no kawanonagare (Frist light rivers flow) Tauki no megmai takes nearby water and also generates a large amount of water and forces it at the target. This attack is used in hits from many desecrations at once. This is normally used to trap an enemy or at least slow them down.

Daini no hikari ga mizūmi ni jōshō (Second light rising lake) The master forms a small ring of water around a target and then releases a large amount of water straight up. This forms a piller of water trapping the enemy inside. Now the master can used Tsuki no megami no te to form blades of water inside the pillar to cut the enemy inside.

Bankai: Eien tsuki no megami wa, emi o ukabete (Forever smiling, Moon goddess.) The master calls bankai and a blue chain forms at the bottom of the scythe. At the end of the chain is a round blade called a “moon”. This “moon” acts like the real one and shines depending on the moon’s phase. It is mostly used to tell the time, but under certain times it can be used to invoke a full moon at any time.
Passive powers: Same as shiki only more powerful.

Attacks: Dai san hikari-numa misuto (Third light swamp mist) Tsuki no megmai covers the master and the surrounding area in mist. This mist is used to hide the master. It also can use the small amounts of water in the air to attack enemies without having to revile himself. Also this mist can be used to heal and hide allies. However the more he heals the more spirit energy he loses.

Shi hikari no umi no hansha (Fourth light sea refection). Tsuki no megmai calls water from a area of around fifty yards. The master surrounds the area with water forming a ‘sea’ under his feet. This allows him to increase the power of all his earlier attacks. And at the ame time lower the amount of spirit emery need by 50%. This is normally used right before the next attack.

Saigo no Kōdzuki no megami umi (Final light, Moon goddess ocean.” This attack is the most powerful and can only be used at a full moon or when the “moon” on the end of the chain is full of light. Tsuki no megmai pulls all the surrounding water into the blade of the scythe. When all the water is drained the master pulls back Tsuki no megmai and gets ready to swing. Once swung all the water the was drained turns into spirit energy and flies at the target. This blade can not be stopped and it can move depending on the masters will. Only some one with equle or stronger spirit energy can take a full charge Saigo no Kōdzuki no megami umi an survive.

Turns out I have a thing for water zanpokotu
Ryuuikari commented…
I see you used some of my ideas in your zanpakuto :P sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
I was bored and thought about moon and water sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Ryuuikari commented…
Exactly !! XD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas CommandoMario said…
Zanpakutō- Kaiosei (海王星, Neptune)
Appearance:When sealed, my Zanpakutō takes the form of a basic katana with a light blue and white intricate pattern on the hilt, a snowflake-shaped tsuba, and on the blade are characters that spell out “Koriō” (氷王, Ice King)

Release Command- Freeze

Shikai Appearance: Upon release, Kaiosei changes to form a Daishō pair of a katana and a wakizashi, making my Zanpakutō one of only four dual-wield type Zanpakutō in the Soul Society. The katana’s blade changes to a clear blue color, and the tsuba retains its snowflake shape while the wakizashi has a star-shaped tsuba and a navy blue blade.

Shikai 1st Ability- Toketsunami (凍結波, Freezing Wave)- An attack that is comparable to the Getsuga Tenshō due to its shape (a crescent moon), I gather icy spiritual energy in my Zanpakutō’s blade, and I launches it at my opponent in an arc shape. The attack takes the form of a crescent, which not only cuts, but freezes anything in its path as it gains energy by freezing water in the atmosphere, adding to its size. The speed, size and range depend on the amount of spiritual pressure put into the blade, as well as the amount of water it freezes along its trajectory.

Shikai 2nd Ability- Hikiba (氷牙, Ice Fang)- One of my two favorite techniques in my arsenal. Using this technique, I can launch a large blast of energy, shaped like a wolf’s jaw, that freezes whatever it touches as it moves through the air.

Shikai 3rd Ability- Kotta Yaju (凍った野獣, Frozen Beast)- By using my energy and the water in the air, I can attack physically with my sword while simultaneously creating a bestial ice wolf or part of one to save time. When the ice wolf's body makes contact with the enemy, it flash freezes the body to such a high extent that it makes the surface and internal structure brittle, able to succumb against the ripping or crushing force the ability initiates afterwards, shattering the target.

Bankai- Kaiosei Toketsu Okoku (海王星凍結王国, Neptune’s Frozen Kingdom)- To activate my Bankai, I place my swords in front of me like a cross, similar of Captain Kyōraku’s Shikai release. As I pull the wakizashi back, a rush of cold air is created as I release my Bankai. Everything within a half-mile radius is suddenly covered in ice. My Zanpakutō changes from the Daishō pair to a longsword, which has been covered in ice. The tsuba still retains its snowflake shape and the hilt remains its light blue color. I gain a pair of long ice wings, quite similar to Tōshirō's Bankai, which can serve as a shield, and I can flap the wings to unleash a massive rush of arctic air, which can disorient my opponent(s) My Bankai's techniques are labeled as "acts"

Bankai 1st Ability- Koi Ichi: Tosho (行為一: 凍傷, Act One, Frostbite)- A simple ability where I can freeze my opponent’s weapon, making it easier to shatter. Some higher-level opponents are able to channel their energy through their weapon to reinforce it, making this ability difficult against these opponents.

Bankai 2nd Ability- Koi Nii: Yukihakuhen (行二: 白円弧, Act Two: Snowflake)- After calling out the name of this technique, it does not take effect until I'm impaled by an enemy blade. Instead of bleeding from the stab wound, my body breaks down into millions of snowflakes before reforming elsewhere, although it does not heal any of my injuries.

Bankai 3rd Ability- Koi San: Zetta Reido (行三: 絶対零度, Act Three: Absolute Zero)- My last resort attack. I tap the center of my weapon, which shatters into millions of small pieces. From each piece, a pillar of ice erupts, sending ice in all directions. This is considered my last resort attack because it destroys my weapon, and it is damaging to my Zanpakutō’s spirit. After using this attack, I will be unable to use my Zanpakutō for several days as the spirit recovers and the blade is slowly re-forged.

My Zanpakutō is considered one of the strongest ice-type Zanpakutō in the Soul Society. Head to head in a battle of ice types, mine is still considered inferior to Tōshirō's Hyōrinmaru, though I am training extensively to make sure my ice type is the strongest.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Inuyasha138 said…
Zanpakto: Tetsusiga
Appearance : Looks much like the sealed Tetsusiga from Inuyasha. But has a second sword -left hand- much like a dagger.

Reveal yourself Tesusiga!
Shikai Appearance: Looks like unsealed tetsusiga bt the dagger turns to a shield with a hidden blade that can retract and extend like a elbow spike basicly. both weapons fuse to a when he goes shikai and bankai.
Bankai: Tesusiga
Bankai Appearance : Looks exactly like shikai.

shikai abilities:
-no name- (from shield) Shoots a cero like projectile much weaker. Grows bigger and more powerfull the more spiritual energy you put into it and how long its charged for.

Wind Scar : much like Getsuga Tensho but can be released even when swords are not at hand -look at the third one-

Passive Move: can move swords with mind .

bankai abilities:
Back Lash Wave: Uses others attack against them. Or can absorb there attack then powers up its attack.

Meido Zangesuha: Cuts through time and space creating a 'pocket dimension' then teleprts oppenent into it warps out and the oppenent is stuck there the it destroys the pocket dimension intern destroying the oppenent with it. Can be block if the oppenentcan use a more powerfull attack

Ive had this idea for a few days but its not to developed.
Sinwalker7 commented…
It's a good sword...but i would like one of your blades and not one from an anime. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Inuyasha138 commented…
Sorry my imagination is limited :/ sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Inuyasha138 commented…
Atleast the moves are not exactly as the anime :P sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Sinwalker7 said…
Zanpakotu: Kontorōru (Control)

Sealed: A straight blade katana with a black handle. The sheath of the blade is purple.

Release command: “Reach out and grabbed them, Kontorōru.”

Shiki: Kontorōru does not change shape, but it does release a invisible aura that only the user can see. The aura takes the form of a hand and it “reaches out and grabs” the enemy’s mind.

Passive powers: Kontorōru protect it user form mind attacks. If the attack has a stronger spirit energy the Kontorōru can’t protect it’s user for long.

Attacks: Maindogurippu (Mind Grip) The user uses the invisible aura to “grab” the enemy’s mind. Once the enemy is caught, the user can control the enemy’s thoughts. This can rage anywhere from making them happy or making them see their nightmares.

Bodigurippu (Body Grip) This is similar to Maindogurippu but when the user “grabs” the enemy’s mind then the user can control the enemy’s movements. This makes the enemy into a living puppet to dance to the users will.

Bankai: Kontorōru o kanryō (Complete control) The user brings the blade up so the point is at eye level and calls bankai. Now there is ten invisible auras that the user can control. Also they can now use Maindogurippu and Bodigurippu at the same time there by taking “complete control” of the enemy. And now he can control more than one enemy at a time.

Weakness: The power of all of these attacks comes from the users focus, so if the user losses focus then he can’t control his enemy. And the enemy can avoid the auras, but this is not easy to do. Mainly because the auras release a very small amount of spirit energy so they are really hard to scene. The enemy can break Kontorōru’s hold if they have greater control over themselves. Basically if the enemy has inner peace then they can break free.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bleachknight1 said…
Zanpakuto: Kage Kama(Shadow Scythe)

Sealed: Takes the form of two black trench knives with pointed knuckles for personal combat

Release Command: "Let the two blades of death combine and become one, let the shadow of their union swallow my enemies in darkness! Kage Kama!"

Shikai: Kage Kama takes the form of a large black scythe with a sharpened pommel. It has a chain running up the users arm for distance attacks.

Abilities: Shadoujanpu(Shadow Jump) This ability allows the user to almost instantly teleport to any shadow that Kage Kama has touched.

Bankai: Kage Kama: Karitori(Shadow Scythe: Death) The blade still remains as a scythe and the only change to it is that a lantern is attached to it. The user, however, is shrouded in a long, black hooded robe with eyes of glowing black fire.

Ability 1: Shadoujanpu(Shadow Jump) The ability remains the same, except whenever the scythe touches a shadow of a person with reiatsu, it absorbs their energy for as long as it touches their shadow. It has no limit to how much energy it can absorb at a time. The amount of energy absorbed is shown as a growing black fire in the lantern.

Ability 2: Shadousurēbu(Shadow Slave) If the enemy is either killed, knocked unconsious or just doesn't have the strength to resist, the user can touch the opponents shadow and absorb it, the shadow then takes the form of a black band on the hilt of the scythe. People under Shadousurēbu affect have a blank stare and, obviously, don't cast a shadow. This ability is negated if the user willingly gives it back, knocked out, killed, our simply if the victim offers enough resistance and gives if back

Ability 2: Shibō ikari( Deaths Fury) The bankai's ultimate attack, The user takes the flame from the lantern and fires it like a Cero. Anything the blast touches is covered in black fire which affects everyone but the user.

Ability 3: Shi no Keshin( Death Incarnate) The user touches their own shadow with the scythe and the shadow forms into a manifestation of the Zanpakuto spirit. The spirit has the same abilities of the user and it's strength depends of the amount of spirit energy the user currently has absorbed.

Manifestation: Kage Kama takes the form of a skeleton with glowing black eyes, it wears the same type of clothing as the user would in bankai.

Spirit World: The world of Kage Kama is one of a desert wasteland, with bits of foliage burning with black fire. The sand itself is black and above is a cloudy sky with a black full moon.

Weakness: When I first came up with this zanpakuto, I thought of it belonging to a member of the Onmitsukido, so most of the time if they are skilled they shouldn't even have to use shikai, as they use stealth most of the time. Also, most of it's abilities are based towards stealth and not fighting, with the exception of Shibō ikari. Finally even Shibō ikari can be easily negated if the enemy figures out the technique and keeps his shadow out of harms way.

But overall, if your one stealthy mother fucker, Kage Kama is the weapon for you.
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Sinwalker7 commented…
Not bad, might need madami detail but not bad. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Bleachknight1 commented…
Thats a good point about the detail, i added an other ability for shikai and bankai and described the Zanpakuto spirit and it's spirit world sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Bleachknight1 commented…
Oh lol opps my bad i fixed it sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Inuyasha138 said…
Shikai-Sealed name: Kara-Kame
Release: Blow um to pieces

Zanpakto Appearance: A duel blade one blade 6 feet one blade 3 feet. They both look like normal Zanpaktos.
Skikai Apperance: the Shorter blade grows to an equal length as the longer blade. They grow a red silk 'tail' that can be wrapped around the users arm to increase the zanpakto's power
Going Bankai: User puts blades at eye level with hilts pointing in and the blades pointing out. The blades as close as possible. After bankai the blades fuse to be one.

Bankai Appearance: A duel blade the one that WAS shorter now is a black blade with a white dot on it and the old longer one now is a silver-white blade with a black dot on it.

Passive Shikai Abilities: Healing: the user can heal there cuts and bruises or others with a cost of more spiritual energy. It also requires alot of consitration
Teleportation: User can teleport themself or others with others it requires more spirit energy. this takes alot of consintration
Destructive Shikai Abilities:
Explode-not creative- User puts swords together then spins them around in one hand creating a projectile that on impact explodes doing massive damage.

Bankai Ability:
Kamekazie: the user spins the Duel-Blade around creating a ball of energy that shoots out it goes about ten feet away then explodes, then implodes, then doing a final explosion that does damage for miles around. THIS IS AN ALL OR NOTHING ATTACK. It will also do the stuff on impact as well

It also has the two passive abilities as Shikai just slightly more powerful

Yes i know this zanpakto is REALLY over powered but the passive abilities require consitration when your doing kamekazie all your thinking abou is SHIT SHIT SHIT do you now get why i did kamekazi the way it is xD ive had this idea for a night :D
Inuyasha138 commented…
Is it good? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Inuyasha138 commented…
DANGIT i typed the wrong name :/ its Kara-Kazie sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
sa pamamagitan ng the way could you guys add what the spirit of the zanpakotu looks like? Doing this can also help you make new zanpakotu. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Senato said…
So time to end my inactivity here!

Shikai name: Kage o henkō suru (Changing Shadow)

Sealed Appearance: Its sealed form is the same as the average zanpakuto, except, the blade's colour changes through different shades of gray/black depending on how much/little light falls onto it.

Release command: Henkaku (Reform)

Shikai form: Just after release, the entire zanpakuto becomes black as the darkest shadows, the darkness within the blade seems to swirl around as if it is a liquid.

Shikai Abilities:
Henshin (Shapeshift) : The blade is able to change into any form at the will of its weilder, though it is not able to give itself different powers. (Example: It can take the form of a fire blade, but it will not be able to inflict burns, etc)

Gōdō (Fusion) : The blade warps into shadows and fuses with the wielder's body, thus allowing the wielder to use Henshin on their own body parts and allows the wielder to completely reform into a shadow. (Note: If the wielder is stabbed while in shadow form they will still take damage)

Yoru no tsuyo-sa (Strength of the night) : This ability is more of a passive power, the darker it is, the stronger the blades attacks will become, reaching its apex at midnight.

Bankai: Rosuto henkō kage (Lost Changing Shadow)

Bankai form: The user's real shadow splits from their body, forming a clone of the user. Both bodies are technically the wielder and able to use all of the zanpakuto's techniques. If one of the bodies die, the other will feel immense pain and become weakened, though the wielder is not dead until both bodies are killed.

Bankai abilites:

Kage itami (Shadowed pain) : The wielder is able to inflict pain onto an enemy by striking at the enemies' shadow.

Nisshoku (Eclipse) : Pure darkness surrounds both bodies of the wielder, thus pushing their power to its apex.

Manifestation: Kage o henkō suru has the same form as its wielder, except it is completely black like a shadow, Its eyes and mouth are white spaces.

Spirit world: The spirit world of Kage o henkō suru is a dark building, the walls and floors are made out of swirling shadows, there are small Gothic style windows which let in the small amounts of light from the moon up above.
Sinwalker7 commented…
Cool sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Inuyasha138 said…
Um i don't have have any new ideas so i'm just gonna use the same one with a couple changes Shikai-Sealed name: Kara-Kazi
Release: Blow um to pieces

Zanpakto Appearance: A duel blade one blade 6 feet one blade 3 feet. They both look like normal Zanpaktos.
Skikai Apperance: the Shorter blade grows to an equal length as the longer blade. They grow a red silk 'tail' that can be wrapped around the users arm to increase the zanpakto's power
Going Bankai: User puts blades at eye level with hilts pointing in and the blades pointing out. The blades as close as possible. After bankai the blades fuse to be one.

Bankai Appearance: A duel blade the one that WAS shorter now is a black blade with a white dot on it and the old longer one now is a silver-white blade with a black dot on it.

Passive Shikai Abilities: Healing: the user can heal there cuts and bruises or others with a cost of more spiritual energy. It also requires alot of consitration
Teleportation: User can teleport themself or others with others it requires more spirit energy. this takes alot of consintration
Destructive Shikai Abilities:
Explode-not creative- User puts swords together then spins them around in one hand creating a projectile that on impact explodes doing massive damage.

Bankai Ability:
Kamekazie: the user spins the Duel-Blade around creating a ball of energy that shoots out it goes about ten feet away then explodes, then implodes, then doing a final explosion that does damage for miles around. THIS IS AN ALL OR NOTHING ATTACK. It will also do the stuff on impact as well

Nuclear Kamekazi: like kamekazi but its 20 times more poweful but does leave nuclear waste it drains the user of much spirit energy and does a huge amount of damage to both the user and the person being attacked.

Manifesation: Kara-Kazi takes the form of a male. With a dark tan. He wears a Bright yin-yang symble on his chest. He wears a dark red clock .

Inner world: The inner world is a nuclear wasteland with dried plants, huge craters, and ruins, as if the user had used Kamekazie over and over again.

It also has the two passive abilities as Shikai just slightly more powerful

Yes i know this zanpakto is REALLY over powered but the passive abilities require consitration when your doing kamekazie all your thinking abou is SHIT SHIT SHIT do you now get why i did kamekazi the way it is xD
Senato commented…
Just so you know, you aren't forced to make a zanpakuto on a scheduled basis, just wait for ideas to grow and then post one, If you force yourself the quality tends to be lower than what you can achieve normally ^^ sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
Aizen07 i will say three things...1. Thank you for you commet on Mūn hikage. 2: The manfistion of Moon Shade would be a man with black and silver hair. He will de wearing a kamon with a black moon make on the back. The spirit world would be a feild with a stary sky, the moon is black. 3: When i thought about Moon Shade I thought about the dark side of the moon, the side no one sees. Then i wanted a blade that could use the dark side of people. You know the secert hates and fears we all hide. And so i made a sword that can manfest those feeling into a blade that can cut down your enemys. And I like how you noiticed my "black light" theme. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Inuyasha138 said…
Sealed/Shikai name: Yin-Yang
Release: Darken the light. Brighten the dark. Yin-Yang
This zanpakto is a double sided zanpakto they can be seperated though one blade is black the other white they both have a dot of the oppsite side. Most attacks require to be spun as they do it appears to be the symbol of Yin-Yang hense the name.

Bankai Appearance: The blade takes the same shape and colors but can't be separated.

shikai Appearance: Exactly the same.

Inner World: The inner world is a place where good and evil is always in battle. It is sometimes unstable. With explosions and hollows.(WAIT WHAAAAAAAA?)Hollows can come in the inner world with ease when evil has the power o over come good

Manifestation: This zanpakto takes the form of a half white half black entity who is always changing from good to evil.

Shikai Abilities
Passive Attacks:
Its teleportation :P
Heals the user and others with contact to the wound
Physical Attacks:
Copy Cat:
This attack does nothing but copy every move of it oppenent the user can use it as much as possible with no downside it also multiplies the attack strength. The user must spin the sword for this ability to work.

Bankai Abilities: Has the same abilities as shikai

Physical Attacks:
Dark Light Blast: The user spins the sword around and the lets go the sword floats so it stays there the user then creates a ball of light in one hand then a ball of darkness in the toher then fuse them together in front of the swordand then grabs the sword stopping the fusion creating inbalance creating a blast of energy.

I have a thing for doubled sided blades :D I like the concept of dark/light battling cause i just watched legend of korra begginnings xD
Sinwalker7 commented…
Fainally another lover of darkness and light. I've been waiting for someone who understood the blance of good and evil. And this zanpakotu is one that shows just that! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Inuyasha138 commented…
what do you think? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Inuyasha138 commented…
sorry my computer no load :/ sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Inuyasha138 commented…
I like my zanpaktu i have been devolping this for like 3 days xD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas xXhyper_wolfXx said…
name: Shadoukattā (shadow cutter)

unreleased form: regular katana with a barbed circular guard red with black outlining but is connected to four inhibitors connected to the wrists and ankles which leech small amounts of spiritual pressure from the user and reishi from it's surroundings

release phrase: Bubun kaihō (partial release)

shikai form: the guard disappears, the blade itself turns black and the sakabatou (blunt side) barbs facing the user. there is a red inner line that runs from handle to near the end of the blade and follows the barbs also.

shikai abilities: 1) the ankle inhibitors are absorbed into the blade giving the user from double to five times the base power putting some strain on the body due to the unnatural increase of power.
2) Rei shiba seigyo (reishi control) effectively grabbing all surrounding reishi in a half mile squared radius or an unknown distance in a straight line and forcing it upon any surface causing resistance against anything in its way effectively triples the user's speed in it's area of effect *note this technique is ineffective against quincys or bounts due to their mastery of reishi and can be only used for 5 seconds at a time due to the huge amount of focus it requires
3) Rei yari (reishi spear) like the gestuga tensho but in straight lines like spears which explode on contact and up to five of these can be launched in a single swing of the blade these are made of a careful of reishi and the user's spiritual pressure

bankai form name: Kyūkyoku no shadoukattā (ultimate shadow cutter)

bankai form: the same as the shikai form but gold with red instead of black

bankai abilities: 1) the wrist inhibitors are absorbed into the blade giving the user from quadrupedal to 25 times their base power. due to the massive amount of power forced into the user's body if the bankai is used for more than 5 minutes the user and his zanpakto will explode covering a 10 mile radius *note this can be done on a smaller level but uses a huge amount of spirit energy and can potentially damage the user's body and soul itself.
2) the rest are the same as shikai

manifestation: a human wearing a completely black shikakusho with a hood which he normally keeps up but with it down he is pale with black hair spiky and red highlights and orange eyes which glow through the dark ofhis hood when it's up. Shadoukattā wants to overthrow the user and take control of his body in order to simply decimate the world and the soul society, so the user and Shadoukattā do battle once every 3 years for control in their inner world.

inner world: only darkness with a bare island in the centre where Shadoukattā sits and meditates quietly while random debris floats around the rest of the world some engulfed in black fire with red outline
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DemonMirajane said…
Hyouketsu Ryujin (Frozen Dragon God)
shikai release command: Seikai o Toketsu
Shikai- is a katana with frozen blades and frozen hilt
Shikai Abilities: 1) freezes places where the enemy has been cut.
2) makes a wave of ice form on slash - size depends on slash
3) Kori no Tsuga - user pierces the enemy with a sharp beam of ice while stabing them
Bankai release command/name: Tensai Hyouketsu Ryujin ( Lit. : Genius Frozen Dragon God)
Bankai form: User is covered in a armor of ice , sword is fully made of ice and is fairly large, and user is given a pair of dragonoid wings of ice
Bankai Abilities: 1) Speed, Strength and all stats are higher, ice freezes more and user emits ice/frost in the surrounding of the user
2) user manipulates ice in any way
3) all attacks are given an ice effect and user is able to shoot or slice ice anytime in Bankai
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Inuyasha138 said…
Improvements of Yin-Yang
Sealed/Shikai name: Yin-Yang
Release: Darken the light. Brighten the dark. Yin-Yang
This zanpakto is a double sided zanpakto they can be seperated. The true colors depend on the form of the sword. Most attacks require to be spun as they do it appears to be the symbol of Yin-Yang hense the name.

Shikai/Bankai/Sealed Forms: this zanpaktu has 3 forms. The 3 forms are the Light form, where both sides of the blade are Yin (the good part of Yin-Yang). The second form is the Dark form, its like the light form but instead of it being yin its yang (the evil part). The third form is the balanced form. To get a specific form you must be good or evil to get the balanced form you must be neither good nor evil.

Bankai Appearance: The blade takes the same shape and colors but can't be separated.

shikai Appearance: Exactly the same.

Inner World: The inner world is a place where good and evil is always in battle. It is sometimes unstable. With explosions and hollows.(WAIT WHAAAAAAAA?)Hollows can come in the inner world with ease when evil has the power o over come good

Manifestation: This zanpakto takes the form of a half white half black entity who is always changing from good to evil.

Yin Shikai Abilities
Passive Attacks:
Its teleportation :P
Heals the user and others with contact to the wound
Copy Cat:
This attack does nothing but copy every move of it oppenent the user can use it as much as possible with no downside it also multiplies the attack strength. The user must spin the sword for this ability to work.
Yin Bankai Abilities: Has the same abilities as shikai
Light walk:
goes at high speeds cannot be used in shadows though
Light Blaster:
this ability 'fuses' the zanpaktu to the users arm creating a metroid style arm cannon. The user then charges up the aac then shoots it creating a beam of light.
Bankai Physical Attacks:

Dark Blast: The user spins the sword around and the lets go the sword floats so it stays there the user then creates a ball of light in one hand then a ball of darkness in the toher then fuse them together in front of the sword and then grabs the sword stopping the fusion creating inbalance creating a blast of energy.
Yang shikai Abilities
Darkness blaster:
this ability 'fuses' the zanpaktu to the users arm creating a metroid style arm cannon. The user then charges up the blaster creating a cero like projectile.

Darkness Barrier:
Creates a shadow wall that follows the user. On contact to anything it destroys it instantly.

Shadow Walk:
Like the flash step but. . . the user warps from shadow to shadow.
Yang Bankai Abilities:
Has all the same abilities but stronger

Balanced form Abilities:
has all the abilities above.
Dark Light Blast: The user spins the sword around and the lets go the sword floats so it stays there the user then creates a ball of light in one hand then a ball of darkness in the toher then fuse them together in front of the sword and then grabs the sword stopping the fusion creating inbalance creating a blast of energy.

This is my ultement zanpakto I would use this in every fight MUWAHAHHAHA
Inuyasha138 commented…
Hope you like it :D sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
Good, very good. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas rap1532 said…
Zanpakto/Shikai: Trickster

Release: Sly

Description: The Trickster is a lethal short blade. Short, thin, and double bladed. Its size allows the wielder to move the blade quickly to confuse the opponent and deliver a killing blow.

Bankai: Parasis

Description: The Bankai form is a handle with blades coming from opposite sides forming a beautiful blade like staff.

Shikai abilities:

"Feed on Death": This ability causes the blade to absorb the life force of any living creator other than its user to heal the user.

"Become the Parasite": This turns the blade into a parasitic state. This state allows the blade to absorb any type of spirit energy (mostly attacks such as kidous.) being directed at it to amplify its power. However this state can't last forever and must be feeding off spirit energy to continue this ability.

Bankai abilities:

"Shatter the Mind": This allows the user to look into the opponents mind and memories and destroy their resolve. A fine way to avoid or get through a battle quickly.

"Refine With Life": Any type of energy that was absorbed in the "Parasite" state can by stored and given to the user to amplify their power. It also gives the user life force and an insane amount of spirit energy.

"Reach Out (Branch)": When the blade is stabbed into the ground and branch is call out, massive tendrils rise from the ground and wraps around the opponent. The tendrils then begin to suck all energy from both the opponent and his/her zanpakot's destroying both. Although this leaves a massive weak spot to the man or women using Sly. If the opponent fires any type of energy at the blade while "Branch" is being used, it will confuse the blade and grab the person using Branch and begin to suck energy from him/her.
Inuyasha138 commented…
Plz madami detail but good sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Name: Oto no Kaiki (Sonic Regression)
Sealed appearance: In its sealed form it resembles a wakizashi with a silver k-shaped tsuba, grey hilt-wrapping and a dark grey sheathe.
Shikai release: The wielder brings the blade to their lips and makes a “shhh” sound to release Oto no Kaiki.

Shikai appearance: It’s appearance doesn’t change in shikai.

Shikai special abilities: Oto no Kaiki has the ability to completely silence the wielder’s immediate vicinity via its single shikai technique.

Shikai technique(s):

Oto no Aki (Fall of Sound): As soon as this technique is activated the wielder’s immediate vicinity is silenced completely. Any and all types of sound are nullified including speech, ambient noises, ultrasonic noises, sound-based attacks etc; this applies to the wielder as well. Despite this, techniques that solely utilize vibrations (but not directly sound) can still function albeit at reduced power. This technique will stay active for as long as Oto no Kaiki is in a released state or until the wielder wills it to stop. It can be used in both shikai and bankai.

Bankai name: Musei Shin’en (Silent Abyss)
Bankai appearance: In bankai Musei Shin’en blade lengthens to the length of a regular katana blade and becomes double-edged (while still retaining its slight curve). The wielder now wears a link over the lower half of their face.

Bankai special abilities: Musei Shin’en has the ability to create vacuum-like areas via its bankai techniques. Musei Shin’en also gifts the wielder the ability to function normally within a vacuum or vacuum-like areas.

Bankai technique(s):

Mu Kuiki (Nothing Zone): As soon as this technique is activated all atmospheric constituents are completely removed from the wielder’s immediate vicinity creating a perfect vacuum. This technique will stay active for as long as Musei Shin’en is in a released state or until the wielder wills the technique to stop. After the technique has been ended, the atmospheric constituents immediately return to the vicinity. This technique consumes a surprisingly large amount of spiritual energy to perform (since all that matter has to be forcefully removed); the larger the vicinity the more spiritual energy is used.

Mu Kyūtai (Nothing Sphere): This technique enables the wielder to fire football (soccer ball) sized hollow orbs of translucent energy at a target; they are relatively slow moving in comparison to other projectile attacks like Bala or Heilig Pfeil but are still generally fast. Upon contact with an organism the orb instantaneously expands, enveloping the victim inside. The internal conditions of the orb are a perfect vacuum (so it is completely devoid of anything) with the internal pressure and internal gravity gradually increasing once a victim is inside (internal pressure increases by one atmosphere per second, internal gravity increases by one link per second); hypoxia, asphyxiation and/or crushing will ensue for those incapable of quick enough escape, although if one can react quick enough escape isn’t too difficult. Those that escape after considerable time inside the sphere may suffer from barotrauma. The wielder can fire multiple orbs in rapid succession.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
The master of this sword must pag-ibig the sound of silce. This is one blade unlike any other. I pag-ibig it! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Inuyasha138 commented…
I think you should add its manefestion and inner world sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Ryuuikari commented…
I *never* create a manifestation or an inner world when I make a zanpakuto, because I don't make a Shinigami to go with it. And because I don't see the point :P sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
blackpanther666 commented…
Nice one, Ryuu. This is an interesting blade. Of course, you always create unique Zanpakuto, so it isn't exactly surprising. I like the 'football' sized orbs of energy. XDDD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Inuyasha138 said…
Sealed Name: The Fall Of Light
Shikai Name: The Rise of Darkness

Release: Darkness will rise for the sake of good

Sealed Appearance: This zanpakto looks like a blade of light the longer the zanpakto is in its sealed form is gets darker and darker until the blade appears to be no more than a shadow with a hilt.
The hilt is black or white depending like the blade.

Shikai Appearance: The shikai is like the sealed but is a shadow and looks like it is not there until the user says Appear. When it is in its appeared form the user can say disappear and it will disappear.

Shikai Hidden abilities:
Disappear: The user can make themselves invisible

Appear: This is the opposite of Disappear

Room Of Darkness: This ability creates a room block of all light it also gives the user night vision. This will help the user kill there target while staying hidden. THe room can be larger the more spirit energy put in it.

Bankai Appearance: The bankai takes the form of a dark colored blade like ichigo's bankai but the user gains clothes of pure darkness that boosts the users spirit energy times 10.

Bankai abilities:

Darkness Blast: The projectile looks like a cero but its not a cero its a blast of dark energy that will turn any persons personality to the opposite form.

Death Ball: creates a ball of dark energy that grows in size and power as the user anger grows. It also explodes on contact.

Inner World: The inner world looks like a shadow realm there is no light only darkness. Anything other than the user can't enter if the do the darkness will corrupt them and kill them.

Manifestation: The manifestation takes the form of a shadow. Its still a being it just is not there in reality it can talk touch and hear everything around it. It can even posses other beings and move freely from body to body
blackpanther666 commented…
This needs a bit madami work, but it has the foundations of a decent blade coming along, it's also an interesting idea. sa pamamagitan ng the way, if you want to translate the name of your Zanpakuto to Japanese, then visit this site: It's excellent for finding Japanese words to fit with a good name for a weapon. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Inuyasha138 commented…
Thanks :P I tried making one today I my iPad but screw iPad tabs :/ sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Inuyasha138 commented…
On* sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
blackpanther666 commented…
Oh, I see. I can imagine that would have been particularly annoying. Ah well, keep at it... I'm sure you'll some madami epic masterpieces on this forum. Once this one has been perfected, it will be an incredible blade, I think. XD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas BloodEaltz said…
Zanpakuto/shikai: Byōki o tabete (Eating disease)
Release command: Kuchihateru (Rot away)

Note:It's the strongest poisen Zanpankuto

Spirit form: It's globe af black liquid with a skull mask, He is very cunning but also very wise
He likes to steal sake and blames it on Ikkaku and Renji

Appearance: transformed into a 2 metre long rusted-looking black hammer decoreted with a crimson skull and white glowing eyes on both sides, it's so heavy only 3 shinigamis can wield it: Kenpachi, Yamamoto-Genryūsai and me because I am the rightful owner; other can only wield it with my permission


Shōgekiha (shoke wave): produces what destroys everything that comes into her away

Saikin osen (bacterial contamination): a big globe of bacteria forms and is unleashed on the enemy who begins to see illusions and lose slowly his reiatsu

Sabita kugi (rusty nail): the hammer hits ground whereupon nails from it shot

Bankai: Byōki no mokushiroku-shin (Apocalyptic god of diseases)

Appearance:A giant pool of a black liquid with body parts and tentacles in it whith them it attacks also, everyone who touches it begins to rot


Shitai no parēdo (corpse parade): armed zombies of animals and humans alike attacks the enemy
with a thought from the owner owner the corpse detonate

Dokugasu to sansei (Poison gas and acid): bubbles forms in the liquid when they exlode an acid shots out, even when they don't hit produce they a gas what steals the enemy tons of reiatsu and heals the wielder

Sekainoowari (Worlds End):Byōki pulls the enemy into itself tortures him physically and mentally
wielder and enemy lose a very large part of their reiatsu

And here a little bit about my bleach charakter:

Her name is Yori Shimizu,she is very young something between Tōshirō and Yachiru,she has very lang purple hair and is blind but thanks to Byōki she con see raiatsu so she can live with it; She is very tolerant and like Kenpachi has she very much reiastu and thus they met; Kenpachi and Yachiru thought she was Ichigo and ran into her,they took her to the shinigami academy,after 3 years she passed it and become in one try the 3.lieutenant of the 5th DivisionAfter 1.year of training she masterd her bankai and become lastly Captain of the 8th Division,AsCaptain she trains underlings very hard,she doesn't realy like rules so she often comes into fightswith Soifon
Ryuuikari commented…
One madami overpowered blade to add to the collection... Also unless for some strange reason Muramasa decides to come back to life, the spirit form of your zanpakuto would not manifest outside of its inner world for any reason whatsoever (so there's no way it could steal anything from anyone)... *sigh* To improve this blade, madami detail and either add some limitations or tone down the power of its techniques... sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
blackpanther666 commented…
I agree with Ryuu. This needs madami technical detail, less of the overpowering and a heck load madami clarification as to the realistical implications of most of the abilities. Also, it is certainly not the strongest poison Zanpakuto... my Waraitake would chomp down on it. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
been thinking for putting some some cool blades form my fanfiction notes from Old bleach Rp's of two blade's I never got to work on =(.
blackpanther666 commented…
I'll await them, Wolf. What happened to you? Haven't seen you in ages, man. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Darkrage said…
sorry to pop in but can i join? i want to use a chartaer i've been working on and wanted to try him out, do you mind?
blackpanther666 commented…
You don't have to ask, however, this pagtitip. is for Zanpakutous, not characters. If you want to create a character, there are a variety of other forums on this club that you can do that. See 'Create Your Own Shinigami' sa pamamagitan ng The3rdL, 'Create Your Own Arrancar' sa pamamagitan ng crazieone106 and 'Create A Shinigami Captain' sa pamamagitan ng unohana. Please don't post characters on here... I've been a part of this pagtitip. for almost two years, reviewed a lot of Zanpakutous and created at least 25 of my own... it always bugged me when people posted characters on here, when it is specifically for Zanpakuto. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bleach0123 said…

Zanpaktou #2 (Dual Bladed): Dansu no Shindo
Release Command: Shatter and Vibrate
Shikai Form: A dual bladed zanpaktou with an extra edge at the tip instead of a point. The extra edge is 3.2 inches wide. The both zanpaktou can be connected at the back of the handle, allowing it to have the function of a spinning weapon; a double headed voulge.
The sonic vibrations it produces surpasses even the Seele Schneider, at 10 million rpm.

Ability #1 Setsudan Kikoeru:
The user waves Dansu no Shindo from the left to the right or right to left and creates ultrasonic sound wave vibrations for offensive purposes in the form a "(" or ")" shaped wave. The longer the distance, the wider it gets. When first fired, it's size starts off at the exact same length as the blade itself. In Bankai mode it takes the form of a tsunami made of sonic waves. One hit of this (Bankai mode) will wipe out any protruding thing into a perfectly flat surface.

Ability #2 Shirudo no Shokyo:
Dansu no Shindo focuses sound waves with reishi (or my spiritual pressure)together to form a vibrating shield that disintegrates any attack (both projectile and physical). It can also be used offensively, having the shield surround its target and gradually getting smaller and smaller, trapping the target(s) and eventually eviscerating it/him/her/them. Beings with captain level or above spiritual pressure and energy will cause evisceration to occur a bit more slowly. It can take the form of any shape and size and can be even used inward or outward. When focused outward on the blades of my Zanpaktou, it prevents the opponent's weapon from getting a clean hit on the blade or cause the blade to vibrate in the opponents wound or cut, damaging them even more. When used offensively, teleportation (or the teleportation Kidou spell) can be used to evade it. While it is IMPOSSIBLE to break from the inside when used inward, it will be easily broken (with a single shot/swing) from the outside. If used outward, it can only be broken from the inside. Being invisible will also prevent the target from being trapped with this technique. When used to trap something/one, the user must first point at them with the sword. If you are pointed at even once, I will be able to trap my target even when it is out of sight unless in a different dimension.
If used inward on the OPPONENTS weapon, it will cause it to vibrate at tremendous speed, forcing the opponent to grip it harder. When this happens, the friction will create heat, causing the opponent to drop it. If they do not grip it tighter, they will most likely drop it.

Ability #3 Jigoku Handan no Himei:
This is the most powerful ranged attack.
A beam of extremely compacted sound waves of both high and low frequency are forced together and shoots out continuously forward from the hilt. Most opponents will think it is a whip, but it is not. The vibrations from the waves will deteriorate anything it comes in contact, including other shields, weapons, and attacks. It can be used as a sweeping beam to take out multiple opponents. Only a single beam can be formed per blade (once again this Zanpaktou is dual bladed). It takes 3 whole seconds to generate this attack. Anything that is hit (besides a dimension/etc) will instantly be broken off due to the vibrations. The power of this attack is equal to an Espada Level Gran Rey Cero and Cero Oscuras combined.
In Bankai mode, an immense amount of spiritual pressure is released and the wielder stabs the Zanpaktou downwards into the fabric of space and turns it 90 degrees (right or left), then sonic waves begins to rush towards the sky in a large circular beam. Sonic waves (similar to Shirudo no Shokyo) will be emitted in every direction, gradually eroding and disintegrating anything (even air, reishi, reiatsu, attacks, zanpaktou, etc) outside the beam. Anything and everything caught in the ripples of the super sonic waves will be unable to move as the waves will hold them in place. The beam itself also has defensive purposes as it acts like armor, deflecting any and every attack upwards. This attack requires distance from the opponent (@ least 3 ft away). Those inside the beam will not be affected for it is a personal dimension that is shut off from the rest of the universe. This means even the Garganta, Senkaimon, and even teleportation cannot be used to enter this divine domain. The more obstacles that in the surroundings, the more powerful the attack. This occurs because the sound waves will bounce back and forth, left and right, up and down, in different directions simultaneously, making it unavoidable. It's power effects anything within 35 miles. If anything is caught in between at least two sonic waves, they will die with no trace of the corpse.

Ability #4 Nemuri no Kanakirigoe:
The wielder holds Dansu no Shindo together in the form of a cross and then scratches the blades together as if he was playing the violin which releases a high pitched noise. All those who can hear this noise will be affect by this technique. The noise this technique creates is similar to the noise a cat makes when scratching a chalk board.
By changing the frequency of the emitting sound waves, Dansu no Shindo can dispel or disable one's abilities for a period of time, or hypnotize them (their mind will be conscious.

Ability #5 Hijō ni Memai:
Focuses super sonic waves into the opponents ear, causing extreme dizziness, even unconciousness, cause them to fall asleep(temporarily), or using the sound waves to turn the opponent(s) brain to goo. This leaves the opponent wide open and vulnerable to all attacks and/or seals.

Ability #6 Supairarushureddā:
This ability is very similar to Jigoku Handan no Himei (in Bankai mode), but its shape is more funnel-like. It creates spinning sound wave vibrations that are highly compacted together. Since it is spinning, it takes that of the color blue. It acts like a vacuum or black hole, sucking in anything toward the tornado of spinning sound waves. Once something touches the sonic vacuum, it is completely shredded. This technique sucks in anything, even light. It also uses a very high frequency and absorbs the surrounding sound as well making it very quiet when used. It's range is of 6 miles. If used over 30 minutes, space will begin to distort.

Ability #7 Rimoto Buredo:
This allows Dansu no Shindo's two blades to become detached from the hilt. This will allow the 2 blades to fight for its wielder. It can be controlled mentally so all the wielder has to do is command it mentally. This ability allows the blades to levitate in the air under any condition and even if the opponent attacks the blades, it will not affect the wielder. The blades will never break. It is as if the there are 2 extra soldiers that cannot be injure, scratched, and killed. This attack can be used from any distance, perfect for sneak attacks. The wielder can disconnect/connect the blades at anytime, even when the opponent strikes the blades so the opponent will think that Dansu no Shindo is broken. But once he pays attention to something else, the blades will attack. Kido can also be fired from the blades. This technique can be used in conjunction with Bakuhatsu Shini (Bankai only), Hijo ni Memai, Nemuri no Kanakirigoe, Jigoku handan no himei, Shirudo no Shokyo, & Setsudan Kikoeru.

Bankai: Funka Shindo (Transforms back to a single, but a much wider bladed Zanpaktou with a the extra edge at 7.9 inches now)
Since its wider, it can be used as a shield, to swung like a bat to slap opponents, or hammer opponents and other objects.

Retains all abilities listed above but with 2x more power but with the same speed.

Ability #8 Bakuhatsu Shini:
The wielder cuts the target normally, but if the same spot is cut/jabbed/stabbed/even touched again from any direction in anyway, it will cause the target to explode with extreme heat caused by the vibrations of the blade at 400,000 degrees Celsius with the power of a supernova. If the target is a living thing, it will cause every cell in their body to explode simultaneously in the same manner spoken above. The bigger the target, the bigger the explosion. This is the most powerful physical attack.

Ability #9 Disutōshondoraibu:
This ability causes any projectile attack to fade by making ultrasonic waves move back and fourth to distort space around the user. It distorts space long enough just to counter the attack.

Since its abilities are based on sound waves, all its abilities hits (not counting cool down/charging time of attack) the opponent at the speed of sound.
The sonic waves are in the color of a greenish yellow.
Ryuuikari commented…
I'm assuming the sole weakness of this zanpakuto is vacuums and the use of vacuums ? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Bleach0123 commented…
Yup. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bleach0123 said…
Sealed Form: A regular Katana

Shikai: Kanetsu
Release Command: Disassemble, Kanetsu!
Form: Stays the same, but its blade is now transparent with a visible silver outline.

Ability #1 Koware Yasui: Anything it cuts will become fragile, except for the user. Anything that is already fragile will be made even more fragile. This ability can be used on the same target many times until the target is brittle enough to be shattered by gravity (its own weight) even if it isn't dropped or attacked. This ability will not work on space, time, liquids with low density and gases.

Bankai: Moroi Kikan
Form: Same as above, but is now 3 inches longer.

Ability #2 Garasu no Haretsu: This ability causes the Moroi Kikan's blade to shatter into dust. The dust is extremely lightweight as it can float into the air. Since its glass powder now, it is no longer visible. Once the opponent(s) inhales the glass powder unknowingly/knowingly, the powder will reconstruct itself as glass blades inside the opponent's internal organs. Another option of this ability is for the powder to reach the bloodstreams and stop the blood circulation. This ability can used in conjunction with Toketa Suna to cause an extremely painful and burning death.

Ability #3 Toketa Suna: This ability causes melted, liquid glass the to form spontaneously. The amount of glass produced is limitless and can turn into solid form at the user's will. This technique can be used to burn, trap, shatter, etc opponents. The wielder has full control over the liquid glass's properties such as temperature, density, speed, shape, size, movement, and pressure.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Inuyasha138 commented…
Nice sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Bleach0123 commented…
XD tyty sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
(N.b. This blade was given inspiration by my plan to create a Zanpakuto that dealed with magic to a certain degree... I got the idea from Final Fantasy VIII, actually... the magic in that game is interesting, so I figured I would use that magic to influence how I created this Zanpakuto)

Name: Tejinashise Yari ('Magician's Blade')

Release command: Recreate thy bonds and weavings of energy,

Bankai: Tatsujin Za No Bakuryou ('Staff of the Master-magi')

Sealed appearance: The weapon is somewhat smaller than a usual katana, or nodachi, but is still slightly larger than a wakizake, or a dagger-styled blade. In fact, it measures about 0.94 meters. The hilt is lime-green and metallic red/burgundy. The guard is not made of steel, but an ornamental brass, which takes on a golden, but slightly red tinted, sheen, giving off a nice, polished look. The blade itself is, of course, typical steel and has no differing qualities from any other blade.

Shikai description: When Shikai is released, the wielder is able to bend energy to their will, in order to release it in a form that could be called 'magic', which is surprisingly similar to Hado and Bakudo. However, neither of these two arts are affected by the reiatsu of Tejinashise Yari - in other words, using Kido at the same time as utilising the power of the blade does not have any different effect than the wielder would expect... there is no augmentation, powering up, of the Kido... they are completely different entities and act as such. The type of magic used is called Gadoshi 'Way of the Dragon-master' (I know this is obviously well made up, but it sounds cool, so I don't care. xD), which allows the user a few different choices to use.

Shikai abilities:

Sojen Kibaku: ('Exploding Shards') The user's energy appears around their personage and shimmers for about 15 seconds, after which, it seems to slowly disappear, then swiftly forms into fragments, or shards, of reiatsu from the wielder and pelts down upon the opponent, each fragment exploding upon contact. The amount of fragments depends on the intensity and strength of the user's reiatsu. They are also subject on strength to speed ratio, that being the varying levels of strength in different Shinigami, which is directly correlated with how fast the attack is... basically, the higher the strength of the Shinigami, means the shards will be subject to that Shinigami's strength and be flung faster and harder. If the shards can be disrupted all at once, then it is possible for the opponent to completely avoid the attack. Avoiding the attack is difficult for a Shinigami of lower reiatsu, however, and they will not be able to generate enough reiatsu to stop all of the shards - in that, it really comes down to the stronger will in battle and how well the magic will work.

Gasu Dokuso ('Toxin Gas') This is a status altering type of magic, where the health of the user is affected drastically. This gas is directly pumped from the blood/reiatsu of the user, and then converted into a large cloud of gas, containing a dangerous toxin called mexotoxin(Er, yeah, this toxin doesn't ACTUALLY exist, I just made it up, so it would sound epic. Haha!). This toxin causes the user to lose concentration and feel like they can't keep their eyes open. In reality, it is slowly killing them, but is hampered by the reiatsu of the user, which generally helps the user's immune system to combat the toxin, neutralising it and keeping the Shinigami from dying. The strength of the user's reiatsu helps the toxins, which are actually pieces of the user's reiatsu and still subject to his overall reiatsu, to establish control of the user's immune system and slowly destroy that, too. Again, the overall defense for the opponent, lies in controlling their energy and sustaining their reiatsu to a level that can withstand the opponent.

Shikai appearance: The blade has lengthened slightly, bringing the length to approximately 1.07 meters, while the hilt has changed to a brown, one that appears to have a slight woody grain to it - the hilt has actually lengthened a lot, causing the whole weapon to become approximately 1.47 meters, making the hilt 40 centimeters long, and replacing the guard with a long rod, which sticks out of either side of the point in the sword, where the hilt and blade meet - on the end of each end of the rod, are a small pin-shaped piece of metal, which give the sword a medieval look.

Bankai abilities:

Gadoshi: (Way of the Dragon-master) This type of magic is purely offensively based, primarily relying on balls of exploding energy, but can be shaped, by the user, to take on different organic forms, ones that often crop up in nature. A few examples are: elemental, exploding weapons, swords made of different kinds of substances (could be diamond, elemental, stronger metals, or anything else that could be potentially be shaped into blade form, because, obviously gases and liquids would not take such a form), animals and many others, depending on the will of the user, the strength of their reiatsu, their personality and their soul. The user of this blade has to have an extra sensitive aptitude for manipulation and sensing of energy, because, if they can, then they influence their opponent, even by forcing their will upon them, or increasing their reiatsu to levels that could even create stress on the bond between Zanpakuto and Master... however, this takes a large amount of reiatsu and incredible concentration, even belying the levels of Captain-class Shinigami. The beauty of this Way, is the amazing sense of control, when wielding their power and seeming mould energy with their minds* and even hands, to a certain extent. However, the less amount of skill, the less proficiency and usefulness the Way of the Dragon-master will allow the user to experience - in the hands of an unskilled Shinigami, this blade is a nightmare to the user himself... to the skilled user, this blade is a nightmare to that wielder's enemies.

Kazashi: (Way of the Armadillo-master) This deals with defensive style magic, which are set to protect the user from attacks from their opponent. This magic essentially allows the user to form energy around themselves and utilise their skill in manipulating energy, as well as the shaping of that energy and their understanding of it. In the hands of a skilled user, they can create any kind of barrier, barriers that ignore difficulties in sensing energy and allow more control than Kido, which is not bonded to the user. Because the Zanpakuto and user are one, their energies intertwine and are perfectly in sync with each other (this is, of course, assuming the Shinigami and Zanpakuto are bonded well together) and allow massive control over the energy of the magic, allowing it to almost become an extension of the user's body.

Novashi: (Way of the Snake-master) This kind of magic is known as status altering magic and is similar to the ability, Gasu Dokuso, from their Shikai. The user can create different gases and spells from the opponent's reiatsu, causing further damage. This includes the attack, Gasu Dokuso. The trick with this is having the chemical knowledge to shape their reiatsu and create different kinds of chemicals from it. Even in this form, the effectiveness of the magic depends on the strength and will of the user, as well as the same, in defense, from the opponent.

Bankai appearance: The Shikai disappears and forms a long staff, made from an otherworldly looking metal, which forms strange bunches, similar to the laboratory-made metal bismuth. In fact, the metal appears to have been shaped in oddly unsymmetrical and asymmetrical bunches, as well as forming branches, somewhat similar to silver. The pole measures 1.5 meters high. The top of the staff has two pieces of metal, facing outwards on an angle, **with a large jewel fastened in between. It is this jewel that augments the user's reiatsu in Bankai and forms magic from their energy.

(*) This directly relates to this point, an is a result of said point (**)

(**) This point is what causes this point here and allows the transfiguration of reiatsu into magic/energy (*)

^ I don't blame the people who don't understand this bit above... I'm already confused as to my original point for it. Haha. Oh well, I can try and explain if anyone wishes to ask. XD
Ryuuikari commented…
Ahhhh now that is refreshing, what a great zanpakuto XD it's detailed enough that I can literally see the blade in my hands ! I particularly like how the power of this blade relies heavily on the relative skill of its wielder. If you hadn't mentioned that it was made up I would've been searching for mexotoxin for ages ! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
blackpanther666 commented…
Cheers man. I had the idea for this one since the blade that Whiteflame created for a character on the Clan War. It was a Zanpakuto with a similar idea behind it. I'm glad you like it, dude. I don't make many Zanpakutous these days, but I think I may have to make a few madami from now on, just so this pagtitip. stays a bit madami alive. XD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Inuyasha138 said…
Zanpaktou Sealed/Shikai: do-muzude- (doomsday)

Sealed Form: The zanpaktou takes the form of a scythe. The blade of the scythe is deep black. The hilt is a pure energy chain wrapped around a metal pole thing. This blade takes two hands to wield

Shikai Form: The shikai is the same as the sealed except that the scythe is smaller to a point where it can be wielded with one hand.

Shikai Abilities: The Cry Of a Zombie (sorry couldn't figure which Zapanese Word for cry to use :/)
This ability calls a soul reaper or any entity back to life but as a mindless zombie controlled by the user. The user controls movement, spiritual energy, and zanpaktou abilities because it revives there zanpaktou if its a soul reaper.

banshi ( certain death)
This is an attack that you swipe at the opponent's head it creates a wave of energy behind it creating a shock wave so anyone behind will have gotten knocked back.

Zanpaktou Bankai: do-muzude- mokushiroku(doomsday the apocalypse)

Bankai Abilities: It has all of the same abilities just 5x stonger
meiun (doom): it creates a large projectile that will explode on contact

Manefestation: The zanpaktou takes the form of a giant praying mantis that can talk and hear
Inner World: The inner world looks like an apocalypse happened.

Did I do good :P?
Inuyasha138 commented…
Oops forgot the release command well here: Unleash The Apocalypse sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Ryuuikari commented…
Sorry can you explain the Banshi technique to me again, I didn't get it :P also could you explain what changes when your shikai techniques get "five times stronger" please :) and finally what does the Meiun technique look like (colours, shape etc.) and just how powerful is it ? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Ryuuikari commented…
Quite a dangerous zanpakuto you got here xP sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Watcher13 said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai : Penpujin "Whirlwind Blade"
Release : Iki "Breath"

It gets the name "Whirlwind Blade" because it is a large shuriken with four blades similar to Ichigo's shikai. The blades are white with black edges. In the center is a red circular holeto use as a grip. The grip is perfectly smoothened to be spun in the hand of the owner.

Bankai : Senpujin o Fukusei "Duplicating Whirlwind Blade"

Now the blades are red with white edges and the hole is black. The edges are also now serrated.

Shikai ablities :
Kuki Taiho "Air Cannon" : When spun in the owner's hand it generates a small vortex that can then be shot out like a cannon.
Tsuinsutoraiki "Twin Strike" : When thrown even if it misses its mark it will return for a second and faster strike like a boomerang.
Kaze no Supurinto "Wind Sprint" : When Senpujin is not in hand the owner gains speed greater then that of hurricane's wind.

Bankai ablities :

Kaze no Surasshu "Wind Slash" : When thrown Senpujin o Fukusei spins so fast it creates a wind current that can cut. This also increases the attack range of the blades with the wind current by two feet that can not be blocked.
Jufuku "Duplication" : When thrown Senpujin o Fukusei can duplicate into six identical copies each capable of that of the original.
Fudo "Wind Tunnel" : Similar to Wind Sprint, but slower, and creates a shield of wind when moving.

I find that this is the perfect zanpakuto for me. Feel free to comment.
Ryuuikari commented…
This reminds me of a zanpakuto I made a while back, but didn't post on the forum... I might post it later now :) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Sinwalker7 commented…
uy everyone what did i miss? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Senato said…
I wanted to try something new in making a zanpakuto and this is the spawn of that idea...

Zanpakuto: Shi no kokyū (Death's Breath)

Release: Shi o hiroge (Spread Death)

Sealed form: Shi no kokyū comes in the form of four katanas, two have white handles and two have black handles. The blades themselves are silver in colour.

Shikai form: Shi no kokyū has two shikai forms; the two blades with white handles become two hand-held fans which are sharp as blades. The two blades with black handles form a chain scythe (Though it is more like a serrated diamond shaped blade with the back corned cut off and is replaced by a small handle) who's chain can lengthen and shorten itself at the wielder's will. The wielder can only use one of these two weapons at a time (Each one has its own abilities). Releasing one while another is release will cause the other to reseal itself.

Shikai Abilities:

1. Hori no kaze (Carving Wind) The Wielder swings their fans creating strong wind currents which fly towards their target, these wind's can cut through most materials.

2. Sutoraikingugasuto (Striking Gust) The Wielder throws one of the two blades of the chain scythe forward and surrounds it in a strong whirlwind, increasing its force and distance. The increase is dependent on how much spiritual power the wielder presses into the ability.

Bankai: Shi no saigo no kokyū (Death's Final Breath)

Bankai form: Shi no kokyū melds together into one weapon; a 2-meter long staff with fans on each end. The center can be split in half, though is still connected by a chain, which like the chain scythe can extend and retract at the wielder's will.

Bankai Abilities:

1. Kyozetsu no kaze (Wind of Rejection) By spinning the staff in a circular motion, the wielder creates a barrier of wind which can deflect kido-type attacks, this barrier has no effect on physical attacks.

2. Kaze no shukufuku (Blessing of the Wind) Shi no saigo no kokyū summons the winds to it, directly boosting the strength of physical strikes as well as increasing the speed of the wielder, the increase is dependent on how much spiritual power the wielder presses into the ability.
crazieone106 commented…
Very interesting. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
alphonse33 commented…
its a nice idea definitely one of the most interesting Zanpakuto i have seen. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas TheGrandmaster said…
I love doing this stuff! :D

Name: Ten no Ryu (Heavenly Dragon)

Release Command: "Scream and darken the skies. Roar and breathe fire"

Sealed Form: Ten no Ryu in its sealed form exists as a daisho i.e. a katana and a wakizashi (like Captain Kyoraku's zanpakuto). The hilts of both the swords are both coloured royal blue and the guards are an Ouroboros (a dragon eating its own tail)

Shikai Form: Ten no Ryu's shikai form is one of a double ended sword-staff. Both blades are straight and single-edged at 80cm and handle of 60cm giving the whole thing a length of just over 2m. If it was viewed vertically, the top blade would be a deep black while the bottom half would be scorched and smoky but can be spontanously ignited so that it becomes a blade of fire

Shikai Special Abilities:

Ryu no Yari (Spear of the Dragon): The wielder can gather spiritual energy at the 'black' blade and then thrust or throw (the weapon itself is not actually thrown but rather the gathered spiritual power) the weapon like a spear or javelin, creating black (chinese) dragons that run through the opponent (like Hitsugaya's ice dragons but more violent)

Oni on Yari (Spear of the Demon): This technique is the same as the previous but when discharged it just resembles a fiery spear

It's third shikai ability is quite different. It can transform one of the two blades into a shield while the remaining 'blade' becomes a spear. Essentially, the wielder can transform half of his offensive power into a defensive or maybe transform all of it into defensive, leaving him with just a shield. There's no change in spiritual power or anything like that, just tactical usage.

Bankai: Oni no Kuroitenryuu (Black Heavenly Dragon of the Demon)

Bankai Form: The staff splits and becomes a European broadsword and a nodachi respectively. The wielder himself is set on fire until his body becomes ashes and reforms as a human-dragon hybrid with a visible fire burning inside the body.

Bankai Special Abilities:

In bankai form the wielder can spontanously produce fire and black, dragons to attack. The two swords can't be changed into a shield however. The wielder can however negate the effects of other zanpakuto's to varying degrees. For example, to negate the effects of Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu or Tousen's Bankai, it would require the wielder to sacrifice as much as two-thirds of his power. This also has to be applied before battle as it is a lengthy process therefore the wielder can only use this against zanpakuto he has already faced.

Jigoku no Ryunomai (Dance of the Hell Dragon): This is a frenetic sword dance that raises spiritual pressure exponentially by increasing the intensity of the flame inside the user's body. The user can, however, feel the pain of being burnt even though he is not actually being harmed. Given that, the technique is psychologically traumatizing for both user and observer as the dance is so violent and grotesque to look upon that it can cause weaker-willed opponents to opponents to collapse in fear.

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Zanpakotu: Odoru ryū

Release phrase: “Twirl… Odoru ryū.”

Sealed: The zanpakotu takes the form of a katana with a straight blade. The handle is a dark blue color and so is the guard. There is a small round bead that is in a small hole in the handle. On the bead is a small painted dragon. The bead is attached to the handle by a string on both ends allowing it to spin.

Shiki: The bead in the handle starts to spin as air compresses around the blade. The bead continues to spin as the blade stays in shiki.

Passive powers: Controls air and all of its characteristics.

Attacks: Saisho no dansu fuyu no yuki (First Dance Winter Snow) Using the surrounding air and moister, Odoru ryū can form ice and snow. This attack is used to form barrios of ice to guard and is rarely used for attacking. This attack is strongest at cold places. If in a very hot place, say a desert, it will take a large amount of sprit energy to use.

Dai dansu aki no burīzu (Second Dance Fall Breeze) Using both hot and cold air, Odoru ryū forms blades of energy in the shape of leaves. These blades move according to the masters will. This attack is used to strike form many directions at once. This move is best used in somewhat wet places or right after rainfall.

Dai san no dansu haru no arashi (Third Dance Spring Storm) Using hot air, Odoru ryū forms imbalances in air pressure causing a storm to form. Now as the storm reaches its full size, Odoru ryū uses the pressure to bring down lightning. This move is full blown attack, no defense. It is best used during a storm, but if no storm is happening then the master must use a large amount of sprit energy to form one.

Dai shi dansu natsu bureizu (Fourth Dance Summer Blaze) Using hot air and any new by flame, Odoru ryū forms a wall of flame, the flames move to the masters will. This move can be both aggressive and defensive. It is best used during hot times.

Bankai: 4 Yama no danshingudoragon (Dancing dragon of four mountains) The four winds form around the blade and master forming a small tornado of conflicting colors.

Passive powers: Same as shiki.

Attacks: Yottsu mitsuke kegawa (Four Winds Furry) Using all the attacks form shiki, Odoru ryū forms a typhoon around the blade. Then the master throws all the attacks at the enemy, as it flies it turns into a chinese dragon. The attack will fallow the target until it hits. Once the enemy is trapped inside, he/she is hit with all the conflicting powers at once. This is the strongest attack of the zanpakotu and uses all of the masters spirit energy.
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It has been awhile scene i made a new zanpakotu. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Dragons <3 sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas